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lol, i should hand-write that on it
@joshgustin could you offer the slub t-shirts with a pocket???  I would fund that for sure.  I have too many regular crewnecks as is.
Looking forward to the Cromwell Tattersall, it just looked like too good of a classic shirt/colors to not have in my wardrobe; easily paired with chinos/trousers and jeans And your last suggestion is the reason I went ahead and placed an order for the Peaches & Cream Tattersall as well.  I don't have anything in that color and looks perfect for S/S; plus I was a fan of 112 during high school
#33 Ultramarine Plaid today... Currenting being funded and I highly recommend it (excuse, the bogus work certificate in the background lol) 👍
@Epaulet I went ahead and ordered Cromwell Ivory Multi Tattersall from the Individualized MTO.  I will be receiving my last MTO order tomorrow, which I'll verify the fit.  Would I be able to make changes (if needed) to this order I just placed?  Also, when is this current Individualized MTO ending?
Emailed them this morning and got a response just now. Looks like it was a fabric mix up at the factory.They gave me full store credit with the option of taking a refund instead; plus access to the in-stock site. As a kind gesture they said to keep the shirt for supporting their business. 👍
I don't really care about them copying so much either as long as it's a good product, but I also think there's some value to buying from a company with a history/track-record like Alden which similar to the Filson bag, in the used market might be comparable price to what Gustin will price at. I wonder if they will use Horween CXL leather.  I also don't like the "mustard" color but the natural CXL looks nice.  If Horween, then I would think the price would be $300+ since...
 I would say they look like Alden plain toe "Indy" boots... see here: http://www.theshoemart.com/alden-mens_5_eyelet_plain_toe_boot_trubalance_last_natural_chromexcel/pvc-ald-mxsb-86042h_ald_m_5_eyelet_plain_toe_boot_trubalance_last.html The side stitching is what caught my eye in comparison to the Alden Indy boot
Anyone have a Peaches and Cream Soft Tattersall in the wild?  Saw that in the EFF and was tempted by this fabric last time.
Bought a pair of Grey Silk jeans on eBay - brand new, sold due to sizing, and even Buy It Now was below campaign cost... surprisingly this is only my 2nd Gustin jean, but I'm pretty stoked to get them; I have been looking for a grey/charcoal jean option     I also stopped by the post office today and picked up 4 Gustin packages (shirts) - white & red summer chambrays, ultramarine plaid, and what was supposed to be #217 Indigo Dye orange plaid (but definitely was...
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