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wife and I ran a half marathon (13.1) yesterday, kept a 8 min pace until hills starting showing up around mile 8, but still finished with a PR
Been avoiding this EFF, but i'm sure i'll be kicking myself when I see what everyone ordered.  On a hold on shirts until my two Individualized MTO's arrive.   Those Chelsea boots look great @CanadaCal, and I agree, the GYW shape + Chelsea would be killer
Selling a pair of Epaulet NY unfinished horsehide sport trainers (size 8.5). Probably worn 8-10 times total and treated with Lexol leather conditioner once. Hardly any wear on the soles. Retail for $250 new Price includes shipping CONUS, otherwise message me for a quote Thanks for looking! JR
Measurements: 2. Summer red selvedge chambray (back = 29.75", sleeves = 26", shoulder = 17.75", chest = 21.5") 3. Wine Oxford (back = 29", sleeves = 26.5", shoulder = 17.5", chest = 21.5") 4. Hunter green Oxford (back = 29", sleeves = 25.75", shoulder = 17.5", chest = 21.5") 5. Navy gingham (back = 29", sleeves = 26.5", shoulder = 17.5", chest = 21.5") 6. Black white gingham flannel (back = 29.25", sleeves = 26.25", shoulder = 17.5", chest = 21.5") 7. Orange eucalyptus...
8 miles today, after taking 4 days off. Felt good
Was in NYC over the weekend with my wife and passed by the AoM store on our way to lunch on Monday. Didn't stop in, but was cool to see the store in person
I believe these are claimed already, but any chance you could post pics still??? :)
 Thanks gents!  "Finished" hem, so no material to let out unfortunately.  And yeah, these are definitely wool pants so probably not ideal for CA. haha
Chestnut Utah Dovers on 202
Saddle tennis sneakers for the airport
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