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Selling a pair of Ralph Lauren (Crockett & Jones) Marlow Shell Cordovan plain toe bluchers (RL Marlow PTB) in size 8D.  These are in excellent condition as shown in the photos and is a beautiful brown shade of shell cordovan.   I measure at 8.5D Brannock and these fit me just right (not too tight), but if you wear size 8D Brannock these should work fine as well.  In comparison, I wear Alden Barrie in 8D, and these fit a bit more snug.   I cannot locate the original box...
Very nice, I don't have any heavy selvedge denim, so please share how the break in is.  Did you size up 1-2 for the heavier denim?
All is see is rosewood cc Galways 
my upper body is similar measurements (20" chest though; I need to hit the weights), and i take classic small, but slim medium is very similar (same chest measurement) so it should be good.  I take slim small in J.Crew the BEST way to check is to take the actual measurements of your J.Crew small shirt that fits well.  Lay it on the ground, and take the chest measurement (pit to pit), etc. and compare to Gustin's size chart
Looks really nice!  Is there a store that carries Burgol Pomade in the US that I could order from?
What exactlyWhat exactly is heather gorse (zug) leather?  And any benefits to it over county calf?
Randy the Cobbler (in Arizona) would probably do a good job with this type of conversion, but he's booked until March: http://randythecobbler.com/ I sized it TTS and it worked well for me, but it's common to go TTS but size up in width
 now the fun part begins where you can fund shirts & know the sizing will be good :)
Thanks guys!  this buttondown was ran early 2015 with a April/May 2015 delivery.  Link: https://www.weargustin.com/store/1505   Really a great fabric and one of the lower priced shirts too at $76.  Hopefully Gustin can do more runs of it
One of my favorite Gustin button downs. #155 Stone Magenta Twill
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