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Can someone post a pic of the mocha trainers in daylight?  I'm curious how dark they look in natural light
Yeah, it was probably just initial reaction. i'm picturing it with some dark selvedge denim, and will probably change my mind on it :) Also, i really like the light weight and softness of it
I agree, I have a lot of navy/red/white pattern shirts already, so I need to add more color to my wardrobe... I am currently backing the red chambray, and might back one of the orange plaids currently up I really like the quality and fit of Gustin's button downs so it's hard for me to NOT back up an item if i like it
The indigo jacquard chambray is favorite out of the three!  it's a nice light weight chambray (3.5oz) which I forgot about, but it's perfect for this time of year, and the jacquard details is a nice touch... I missed the first go-around so I was happy to see it come around again... i'd recommend it!  The other chambray is the organic indigo selvedge chambray, which is also a nice light weight option (4.3oz), and i'm happy with that one as well the red/white/blue (faded...
Nice way to brighten up a Monday! Three packages waiting for me at home 😊
Email doesn't make mention of where they are being manufactured at.  It does mention the use of Horween leathers, and also that they sourced some italian leather from Santa Croce, Italy.
June 8th 9am PT for the Horween sneaker shoe release Still not sure about the price point but we'll find out soon
 @EP Dylan can you or someone post an image of what the New Bond collar looks like?  I do not see it on the collar diagram in the MTO.  And hot damn those shell trainers look great!  Out of my sneaker budget, but I might jump on a pair of saddle cc trainers if they ever get re-stocked @Epaulet Have a great time in Europe!
I'd be interested in knowing the details as well... makeup specs/price
This is my first Plaza-like last shoe, and I got them in my TTS 8.5D, and you're right where this M-58 fit is a little longer (got some room in the toes) but it's fine with thicker socks for me.  It's a beautiful shoe/makeup so it'd be a shame if Brooks Brothers didn't re-stock them
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