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Rosewood Galways on 202 today Thank you for the info @MrVenneri! I am a fan of Saphir products as well and should have the items you mentioned. Looking to give my chestnut utah Dovers some TLC & maybe darken a tad @coldinboston those Galways look great! Nice to see some actual photos of that makeup. 72 last looks like a great last for more casual Galways
Very nice @MrVenneri!  What products did you use for utah calf?
10K turkey trot yesterday with my wife, son (10 years old) and pushing my daughter in the jogging stroller.  Helped justify those 2 plates of food I stuffed my face with yesterday.  Hope you all had a great thanksgiving!
Sadly, true story. They fit pretty well with thicker socks (which I wore thin socks today) and top buckle is on the second to last hole; ideally would be between the first & second hole. Length wise they feel fine though
@Epaulet are the returned waffle knit cardigan's going to be for sale?  Might be interested in grabbing one
Mahogany westminsters today. Can't go wrong with doak Dovers! Nice pickups Allen
Looks like coffee suede to me, but I could be wrong
PSA, Lots of nice EG makeups in Mr. Porter's 30% off sale   link: https://www.mrporter.com/mens/list/shop_now?custom_list=shop_now&designerFilter=Edward_Green&dScroll=1808
New Posts  All Forums: