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Bought these on sale and tried them on around the house, but unfortunately a half size too big for me (I am a TTS 8.5); which these IMO would fit a 9US TTS. Comes with box, shoe bags. Size 8UK / 9US link: http://www1.bloomingdales.com/shop/product/christian-kimber-x-eidos-crosshair-moc-toe-loafers?ID=1629752
Selling an unworn pair of Epaulet NY Driggs in "Dusty Saffron" Donegal tweed Wool. This was from a EFF last year. Size 31 waist Actual measurements: Waist = 16" across Inseam = 28" with 2" fabric to work with Leg opening = 7"
Thank you, I'm happy with the results & yes, 202 chestnut utah (bought from Mr. Porter)
Applied some saphir medium brown to my chestnut Utah Dovers and galways last night to darken them a tad
I do agree that their CS does resolve customer issues well (I probably only contacted them 2-3 times over many purchases), but I think the frustration here is waiting a long period of time to only receive an out-of-spec or defective or "not what you expected" product.  So, why wait weeks to only be disappointed or to return the item?  Either way, hopefully Gustin can improve their quality issues going forward
Wearing my chestnut Utah galways. Someone should pick up @RogerP's pair, perfect shade on his
The deer bone is definitely effective for shell, but last year I transitioned my wardrobe & shoe preferences and sold off all of my shell shoes/boots
 Shameless plug, but I have a deer bone for sale, ready for anyone's "boning" pleasure EDIT: sold
Luckily for our wives it doesn't work as well for the opposite sex (or does it...)
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