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Highly recommend the snuff suede blouson!  It's a beautiful jacket and great fit Speaking of suede jackets, for my treadmill run this morning I watched Seinfeld and it was the suede jacket episode.  Any recommendations on what to treat the suede with for the rain/snow? Nano protector? 
lol, i had her stand on our couch for a better angle and told her to "get my chin, jacket & legs"... I'd say she's a natural :) Also, fit wise, it is a tad snug around the waist which I need to work on. haha
Southwick EFF, REDA mini Milano check Fit pic by my 5 yr old daughter (Ben L style with the shorts. Lol)
Southwick EFF delivered..!  The work day can please end now.
What a special makeup!  Congrats on picking that up, & I can't wait to see more pics outside in daylight
Damn son, lots of EG's on your mind lately huh? Haha... i'd say this, the hazel or edwardian Newmarkets, and rosewood Galways would make for a great boot rotation ;)
Ahh, too bad you're not a 8UK, I have a doak/mink suede 82 Galway that I might be selling; since I was able to acquire the doak/walnut cc pair I was after I bought my pair directly from EG, otherwise Brooks Brothers (when on sale & in stock) is another option
Selling these Gustin olive selvedge chinos - Size 31 slim.  Probably worn out 1-2 times and are unhemmed & never soaked/washed.  Will include actual photos later today   Product link: https://www.weargustin.com/store/1244 (retail $145 + shipping)   Price includes shipping CONUS, otherwise message me for an int'l shipping quote   Thanks for looking! JR
Another killer EG makeup that Steve got in, one of the best loafers i've seen  
 So, when will be the big reveal???  Curious to see what you had made :)
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