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Monk strap question for you gentlemen.  I have a pair of Westminster's E888 last, and while putting them on, I noticed that the 2nd to last hole on the buckle was a bit too loose (heel slippage) and I can't tighten them to the last hole.  So, I'm in between the first & second hole on the buckle...   Is punching an extra hole an option?  Or any advice?  The width/length feels fine, so I don't think its a sizing issue.
 Unfortunately I don't, but honestly they don't feel much slimmer at all in the thigh.  For comparison, my J.Crew Stanton 9" inseam shorts measure at 10" across the leg opening, and these Shrivets measure 9.5" across
Indigo sea canvas Shrivet in action
Thanks!  I went with 9" inseam which is just above my knee, can't quite pull off the 7" inseams of the match shorts
Picked up my three 'Shrivets' from the tailor, pretty happy with how they turned out (wish I could change into a pair; hot AF outside) 1" inside cuff
I agree with @CanadaCal, and stick with the current product lines and make them better.  Half sizes of shoes/boots is a good suggestion & should be a win for Gustin to get more buyers.  Maybe re-design the buttondowns to cut back on the large scoops many of us aren't so fond of; which they did with the new shirt designs.  Would love to see loop wheeled tees/sweatshirts or short sleeve henleys   Also, @pima1234, Gustin did do some chukkas (example:...
8UK E, and unfortunately it was a one-off MTO (never worn) that was put up for consignment
Thanks for the clarification @michaelvl!  I was just going by the title supplied by the seller, but you're right and the faux cap looks more like the Inverness without medallion. :)
x-post from the Edward Green thread Another happy customer..!  Thanks again @SpooPoker
 Such great color in your pair!  Well done & agree that Utah calf is just wonderful leather
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