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I used it on the Telegraph jacket/trouser workshop and it worked for me.  There could be exclusions for this leather workshop though
Sold on eBay!
Wore my J.Crew 405 Indy's yesterday, great boot for the fall!
Leathersoul Ravello SW today. One of the few unicorns i was able to catch
I saw this comparison before, and I own the walnut shell Daltons currently, but I agree the ravello wtb is the winner here hands down; and my grail wtb. I'll sell my Daltons if I ever get my hands on one
Nice to see a fellow AE Alumni here! Great first choice to jump into Alden. Beware though, that model was the one that started my Alden shell obsession so good luck to you! ;)
I believe Brick + Mortar is doing a Color 8 PTB (I think it was said to be a Dover) with antique edging; look at #41: http://brickmortarseattle.com/coming-soon.html You can contact Yenni to get the details, or if anyone here knows the makeup details & can verify
The only Carmina I currently own is the cognac shell LWB Detroit in 7UK, so I am not sure if suede or calf needs to be sized differently. I can only assume sizing would be the same
 Yep, listed on AE's website: 9591 Burgundy Genuine Shell Cordovan Nice score!
 +1, the white grain & gum sole is a killer combination... but I must resist
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