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PSA: RL Marlow PTB in size 10 D on Ebay (not my listing) but they look to be in great condition at a nice Buy It Now price link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/CROCKETT-JONES-Polo-Ralph-Lauren-Cigar-Brown-SHELL-CORDOVAN-PTB-Shoes-10-D-/131496298714?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1e9dca48da Wearing mine today
I would be interested in this as well!  I love their shirts & chinos... just picked up the black slubby-nep chambray and brown duck canvas chinos from the stock sale
who makes this?  really nice!
Haha... believe me, I am struggling at this very moment... they would go perfectly with my brass eyelet snuff LWBs 
Tempted on the snuff WTBs as well, but can't really justify it at the moment (or can I...?) These Ravello NST are partially to blame haha Break in process begins...
Glad I got in on a pair earlier!  Also grabbed the Indigo cross-hatch & a belt while I was at it...   @Epaulet I emailed you about my order, but I'll stick with the Driggs fit (as originally ordered)
yenni@brickmortarseattle.com list: http://www.alden-of-carmel.com/Shoes-New_Styles_Coming_2015_350.htm
I thought about this too, and it's good to hear it's being worked on... though, this might be a very dangerous thing too
Agreed!  The Indy looks great on the Grant last
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