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New without tags   From Apolis, a minimalist wool blend tie inspired by a World War II officer's uniform. Features a classic tapered silhouette and ultra soft feel.   • Wool blend tie • 60% 13.5oz indigo dyed wool, 30% cotton, 10% nylon • Dry clean • Made in USA   2.5" at widest point 57" length     Thanks for looking! JR
Thanks for the interest, and too bad it's not the right size!  Material will be similar, but Gustin is 10.75 oz and pre-washed; not sure how RgT is, but overall look is pretty similar with some differences like pockets
Spring cleaning and have the following shirts for sale: 1. Gustin charcoal Oxford (size Small, classic) - $40 2. Grayers white Oxford (size small) - $20 SOLD 3. Grayers blue plaid (size small) - $20 SOLD 4. J.Crew white plaid (size small, regular) - $20 5. J.Crew black & cream gingham (size small, regular) - $20 6. J.Crew heather grey Oxford (size small, slim) - $20 Prices include shipping CONUS, otherwise message me for shipping quote Thanks for looking! JR
leather duffels are now live, but I assume $549 is above what most were expecting.  They do look nice, but I would personally need to use the bag regularly to warrant a purchase; which I currently do not with duffels.   I would be interested in a leather messenger/briefcase if Gustin continues to venture into men's bags; assuming costs would be around $250-300.
ahh, black waffle Henley canceled due to production issues, but nice of Gustin to give a $10 credit for the inconvenience   shockingly, I have no pending orders at the moment (first time in a long time)
Thanks @Burzan!  It will chilly enough to wear some donegal tweed (Epaulet salt & pepper Driggs) :)
Rainy morning = Galways
Agreed. Though, i'm not sure if I'd be in the market for one since i have an old Filson travel bag that serves me well.  Epaulet's new bag line is intriguing though for a more formal bag.
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