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Damn, that sucks.
This might be a long shot but does anyone have or know where i can get these SL black suede motorcycle chelsea boots in a sz 41.5-42? I will pay well. please let me know!!    
Those look great man. Does anyone else have these for sale in a 31?
I personally didn't size up and took my normal size (48). The jacket does have the actual "bomber" feel so it's cropped and slightly oversized but I didn't experience it to be significant. It really just depends on your body type.
Are those the SLP 15.5 light wash jeans Max?
 Max, random question but is the shirt buttoned to the very top?
Hate to change the subject here but thought i'd ask. Does anyone have those fw '13 saint laurent oversized shadow plaid flannels in black/grey or black/red they'd like to sell? Pm me if so!
I own the 16.5cm falls '13 and they fit tts...tight at first but tts after good use. For the new ones, they are 15.5cm depending on the actual size you get. That being said, unless you are a toothpick, get a size up. Even though it's 15.5 it doesn't fit like normal 15.5 MIJ denims since they have leather at the knee which makes it tighter and less stretchable (though it stretches a little overtime).
Saint Laurent Paris Oversized Grey/Red Flannel shirt from FW '13 w/ Tag Size 38 / 15 MSRP: $850 on farfetch Asking price: $600 USD
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