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dont do it. Zara's quality won't last long. invest in something better
World cup is coming up! anyone planning to buy any of the jerseys to wear at sporting events? I also think the national team jerseys, with limited ads, can be pretty decent for casual wear too.   I'm personally looking at the German and japan team, not sure long or short sleeve. but I like the French teams one which is a polo style jersey.
For those casual days?   also, name brand (i.e. RL) on it? sports team? school? or just plain solid and unbranded
if the shirt is too long, past a certain point, it'll look too sloppy untucked. I think for a Medium sized shirt the length should be 25-28 inches.that said, it seems that Uniqlo did make something in that size.. their Madras shirts were perfect..but sadly it doesn't seem to be on their online store anymore.
There's a sale at RL. buy two, get each one for $40 (regular price 1 is $70). I've been needing some checked button shirts to wear casually (untucked). go for it or go for something cheaper like Uniqlo or other suggestions?        
thanks doflamingo. after looking at their size charts, it seems all their casual shirts run on the long side and probably can't be worn untucked.
how long does Uniqlo casual button down shirts go? could they be worn untucked? or are they too long and need to be tucked?   the pictures on their site are not useful since the pictures is always of folded shirts or tucked in.   I'm deciding between ordering online at Uniqlo (about $30) or going the safe rout and buy some Ralph Lauren "Sports shirts" at a factory store which are basically plaid button down shirts that can be worn untuck (about $40) I could also try...
got a wool coat for business purposes during winter. I would like a winter jacket or coat that I will use on a every day, casual basis. Something that would go great with dark denim jeans. what do you guys recommend
what do you guy think of this nylon jacket (mesh interior).  good enough for 25F (-3C) snowy weather? or should I get a down puffer jacket instead?
New Posts  All Forums: