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Ski School. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1oaKKLyC80
Did anyone else make it down to the biggest rager at the White House since the Jackson administration? EPIC.
Step 1: Quote: Originally Posted by cahlersmeyer Maybe stop being gay? Step 2: Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy Fuck her.... Step 3: ?????????? Step 4: Profit.
I buy things at Trader Joe's, so probably.
Quote: Originally Posted by montecristo#4 Not to mention the tourist revenue. And $30 royal engagement ring replicas.
I wear Allen Edmonds, but tell people that they're from John Lobb, and that they're very expensive. I find this approach works best, especially if the person I'm conversing with hadn't even asked about my shoes.
Hours to find me; maybe a day or two to realize that I'm not just passed-out drunk.
I like them. They tell me which British dry goods and liquor to buy.
I think this option--incidentally the first return on a "lounge suit" google images search--would make fore a good compromise.
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