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What type of jeans do you wear with DB's? I have slim straight but they look too baggy. I'm thinking a tapered jean would look good. I can't do skinny that's too tight.
Can anyone tell me if the leather on top around the ankle gets soft? I love the shoe but that part really bothers me.
They only have one size available in Beeswax Leather. I got the regular Beeswax and they're a dark almost chocolate brown.
I bought a pair of Beeswax Desert Boots on Amazon. The leather felt very stiff at first but after a couple hours of wearing them they have gotten softer. The only thing still bothering me is the top portion of the shoe. It hurts. The leather is still stiff and it feels like its poking the back of my leg/foot. Is this normal? Does it get better over time?
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