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damn, just after the holiday sales raped my wallet
great interview. They're back on my radar now for my next pair..
Quote: Originally Posted by nomad Hey everyone, I just got a job at the new N&F pop up shop in Vancouver. The shop is going to open in early August and I'll try to keep everyone updated. Hopefully we'll be getting this bag! Nice. Is this that Time thing that dutil is advertising a party for?
Also agreed on ON Gold standard - I buy the 10lb bags and only get bored of the flavour around the time it's time to buy a new one.
seconded on the flat head bracer. Got the tan and it's progressing nicely...
Can't answer the first 2, since I'm a recent grad that's returned home to Vancouver and have no choice/expertise in those matters... I'd say 3 is pretty feasible depending on where you live - suburbs probably not so much unless you're close to a Skytrain station, but I know plenty of friends who get around exclusively via transit.
When I was in student housing and too cheap to buy a real mattress, I found an inflatable mattress to be an acceptable alternative, running about $40 CDN or so. Just a heads up you might want to check one out.
Sadly hoping that sale season continues, at least until after I find a new job.
I think it also depends on airline as well. I've taken both an underseat bag and a laptop bag before, but I've also been on flights where they were pretty strict with the 1 carry-on bag thing.
mjk bamboo!
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