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Pvoytko, they look great after the DM Balsam - I love the 8111s' colour. I was about to buy some RW oil, but I'm not a fan of the heavy darkening effect.
No I don't think it would. They are VERY long and narrow in D fitting. In order to get a comfortable width, you would need to size up at least 1 size, and they will be ridiculously long.Wait and get them in an EE - and probably in a smaller size than the 8.5 you were measured as.
Hi all. Long-time lurker, first time poster. This thread has been a useful resource for me as I'd been hankering after some IRs for a long time, and recently got some 8111s shipped over from the US. I live in the UK. I went through some similar dilemmas to others here after reading all the advice about sizing down, not sizing down, are they narrow and long, are they true to size etc. etc.   It occurs to me that not many people are mentioning their foot shape, which is...
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