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well, i can see there is kind of gussets on the armpit of the G1, it's great to keep the details of original design!
Finally it's here! Sorry for the poor pic quality, overall speaking, it totally meets my expectation on size and cutting! For sure its the first of many to come! Don't have the time to check with other details but the leather quality is better than I expect!
What colour you plan for? non-shinki kimeji horsehide seems great and that's ex tacky what I'm looking for since A2 is supposed best with horsehide, if you don't mind, may I join you?
a CMT for leather jacket? it's a very interesting idea, may I ask where you're going to get your leather? 
thanks! but i would rather go for the shell rather than a MTO
do you mean we have three colours to choose for the Tarnjso chukka GMTO? what should I do when placing the order if i want to pick another colour?
Once again have to thank Skoaktiebolaget of carrying SC this brand, once you got start, it's very difficult to stop. And this model fully demonstrates the implication of austerity......   
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