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I saw there are hopsack handrolled ties at exquisite trimmings but all sold out already, can anyone tell me where I might buy these ties?
Is it a new link for the new website or the existing one but redesign the webpage? For former, may I ask you for the link? Thanks
Sorry, can someone please tell me the spec of this gmto? Seems I missed something
It's here with me, finally! I love it much particularly the leather quality. just got one question, can it be resole? as it's not 100% hand welted, correct me if im wrong.   thanks!     
me too, just placed the order, colour 8 is one of my favorite colours
oops, i didn't really mean it...... actually im rather "sit back and relax" however, Skoaktiebolaget team once again demonstrates the exact meaning of "excellent customer service"
well, not really a bad thing to us as we all learn something from this issue. Also, can't agree more about the integrity of Skoaktiebolaget! 
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