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I'm in! both plain toe or cap toe are fine with me, for leather of top part, either suede or calf is ok! 
it's like, Michael poses a threat to a bunch of people by his good value for money policy......
Thanks! but your are the master  
Oh I ordered almost the same but a rubber sole instead
what's the model number of this shoes? is it a 633 with inc078?
@jackster145  Finally it's here, the canvas EB bottom boots, and I already put it on and pursuit the pokemon  My gratitude to Skoaktiebolaget team and jackster145 to make it real! 
with due respect, it's a bit late to talk about summer jacket i guess, i already got it done before the summer, as you can see from other shops such as nmwa, they are now holding the pre-order for the fall/winter. 
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