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it's very likely that I would join in the SC coz what i vote for are now leading, about the suit, they are all fall behind :(, just wanna know whether there will be size 44 to offer? 
thanks for your effort! 
i'm open to both way but prefer to officially kickoff in January 
thanks for the update, please count me in the GMTO.   thanks!
Hi, I would like to join in, would you mind to give me some more information about the gmto, i.e. payment method and expect delivery time? thanks
really thanks for your update! 
would someone please tell me that whether the GMTO had finished or not? I did give my vote at the very beginning......but miss this post for a while! shit! 
I wonder is there any chance to provide size 34 for the sport jacket or 36S is really a good idea! support! 
  Just received the S.C MTO model 645, the shoes are fabulous! thanks Gabriel! 
I'm talking about those non EU retailer!
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