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on me, yes. I've quite serious upper back pain problem and I think they addressed the body buildup issue of my back
put it this way, i can find some shortcoming or flaw for the suit and I already found them, however, so far none of these are critical, or simple say, just some very minor issues, i.e. the upper button of the fly is set a bit too close to the waistband and takes me 2 or 3 more seconds to fasten...etc
The length is done exactly according to my request
Yes, full canvassed, hk dollar 5700 and it took me 11 days with one fitting
Finally got my 2-piece suit from Michael, fresco 555, hope it will be the first of many to come. Sorry for the photo quality as it's taken by my iphone and also for my posture as i didn't stand upright, therefore the lower button seems is not set in the middle of my body. I like the way and craftsmanship of how they handle the shoulder, my tribute to Ng sifu and Michael. For sure I will let Michael to handle my linen/silk cloth from Dieworkwear......  
Thanks a lot ! patience is a virtue!
Same here🙋🏿
I'm going to meet Michael this afternoon, likely with order a 2 pieces of fresco chalk strip or 520, will post the pics of the suit later on
Will someone here consider to raise a GMTO on this? A shell cordovan Dover ?
I saw there are hopsack handrolled ties at exquisite trimmings but all sold out already, can anyone tell me where I might buy these ties?
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