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BTW I updated I didn't "feature" my Gustin this time but there's a couple shots with the Olive trucker and the Natural if you're looking for color references.
Use the size guide but looks like a 30 I love my Naturals
@joshgustin any plans to use moleskin in either pants or a work-shirt?
@joshgustin My Duck Canvas arrived with a 32 7/8" inseam, unlike my other Gustin's which are almost 35". Weird. I emailed team@weargustin so you can QC check it. My question is do you think they'll shrink at all in a cold soak. I find my Gustin shrinks .5"-1" cold soak/air dry.   Right now I can wear the Duck but can't cuff them. If they shrank even .25" would take away most of the break with a low profile shoe. Thinking I should return them but await your...
FOR SALE: Natural Duck Canvas jeans. 33 straight x 33 inseam. 33 in duck is comparable to 32 in denim as it won't really stretch. For some reason they came short so if you usually hem 2"these would be perfect for you. Worn just to try on. $100 total via paypal if connected to your bank account or PayPal credit. $104 if using credit card. Briandstone at hotmail dot com buy early enough and I can ship today Brian
Just want to say how cool it is @joshGustin stays on top of things here. I came for the price/quality but have stayed for the customer service. and I'm not bothered it will almost be summer when my trucker jacket comes. We get June gloom here in San Diego so it's an excuse to go eat along the coast. Wallet request would be bifold with money clip. Brian
I like that railcar sends you your material they cut off. Their stuff looks great.I dig the work apron
@joshgustin any eta on the current duck canvas trousers? I love my Naturals. Maybe my favorite Gustin's but also backed the Duck.
They're 14+ but it's also the weave and starch. Some folks are saying the heavy American or maybe it's the super heavy are soft as can be right away. Big discussion on it on the Gustin community.
@michaeljohnr I also wore the heck out of my Japan Classic. Thought they were rigid. Until I got my Okayama Standard. now the classics feel soft and light in comparison.
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