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@Celadon I just really like brogues, and I guess oxfords just seem a bit boring to me. You think an Oxford is the only way to go?   @add911_11 I haven't worn boots since Dr Martens in my grunge days. I'd have to educate myself on the subject. Any guidance?
@12345Michael54321 Definitely the priority is not looking decent in a suit but then wearing a pair of shoes that look like they came from Payless.
Sorry for the length... I'll wear them more with suits, and I am posting on here so that I don't jump into buying anything. I do have a limited budget, but I don't want to waste money. That's why I am posting here. I have spent all of my "adult" life so far working in athletics where my most dressed up was a team polo and slacks. I've graduated and been offered a full time position that requires that I regularly wear a suit and tie. I want to dress sharp, but have to do so...
Thanks @Gauss17
Sorry if I've posted in the wrong forum, if so please point me in the right direction.   Just looking for some insight because I am eager to learn, but truly a neophyte when it comes to haberdashery.
Hello Gents,   I'm a college senior who is just entering the world of dressing nice on a semi-regular basis. I am working in the world of sports, so most days I am wearing sweats, but I like to look sharp when I go out as well as wearing suits on gameday.   I only have 2 suits at the moment, I like them both but I need to expand so at the least I don't wear them out to soon. I have ordered several shirts from Charles Tyrwhitt that I really like, and have about 10 ties...
Hello Gents,   This is my first time posting here. I'm a college senior who is just entering the world of dressing nice on a semi-regular basis, and I am looking to purchase some brownish brogues as I am building a more adult wardrobe.   As I am still a student I don't have the funds to spend $300+ on a pair of shoes... I would like to wear them with a couple of suits for work as well as a pair of nice jeans.   So I have found the following three pair that are more...
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