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 the boots  edit: whoops didn't see jet
Have it, like it. Hidden placket, button at the lapel, no chest pocket, functioning hidden cuff buttons. Half lined in cotton and half in cupro. Fits slim, TTS.
leatherjeansboots  leather(jeansboots)   leatherjeansboots  [[SPOILER]]
  It does a lot to improve the closed silhouette IMO if you put a lot of effort into stuffing the liner posteriorly so it's not bunching up at the front, making the area behind the buttons look bulky. Tedious? Yes. Worth it? Possibly 8)
SF/groupthink uniform sounds like a good idea for the next SWD challenge
why not both o.o
Looking for an office bag. Porter costs 2x C&C :(   MonoclexPorter   Cote&Ciel
Goddamn. What's that Rick?
"still good after all these years"
Is none of this info on their website? Only link I seem to be able to follow is the one directing me to "Line 14".
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