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I've tried without a press cloth and it gave areas of high pressure (i.e. edge of the crease) a sheen, like how fabric gets when it's worn down :/
http://www.styleforum.net/t/261591/introduce-yourself/3960_30   So interesting seeing all the types that don't filter into SWD! What a read.
Jeans deets?
Honestly that looks great as-is. Very relaxed.
Mumble is what the cool kids use these days
Who was the designer whose collection featured a lot of creepy hands? The graphic that sticks in my mind was one of a hand with pointy nails reaching around a corner.
Right shoulder looks real weird for some reason though, looks like he's missing a shoulder or something. Seam sits way lower.
Might do maybe one $100 prix fixe but the rest would be cheaper than that. No preferences or restrictions at all. SF only as opposed to? We'll be cabbing around so not crazy mobile.
New Posts  All Forums: