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 Hard to discuss quality objectively etc etc. FWIW no issues with my Everlane suede weekender after 6 months of use once every week or two. No handles falling off, holes in the bag, nothing like that. Doubt you'll encounter catastrophic quality failures with either bag, so pick whatever you like :)
6   holes   let people mistake them for something "much less high end" while you smile on the inside
What's the best way to fill out ebay shipping options?
something like 70-80 bucks
  [[SPOILER]]  First and likely only Rick leather. @nicelynice summed it up pretty nicely in either the rick or the leather jacket thread when he talked about rick leathers being super relaxed and easy to wear with any number of things. Only thing that bothers me now is wishing I had it in oiled calf, so, anyone hoarding a small mid or high neck intarsia in oiled calf pls fess up.
Yeah, I wasn't really doubting the authenticity, just the treatment, and I wasn't sure why some jackets get straps and others none.
 Recently purchased a lamb high neck advertised as hammered lamb from FW09. A couple things seem weird, though: 1) Tag says RU 6761 LG - is hammered 100% LP? 2) No internal strap? :( Anyone able to help identify/clarify?    
Haha yeah it's all preference. I like a bit of stacking w/ rib cuff jackets especially since as it breaks in it'll accordion up a bit and get shorter. But whatever's comfy for you!
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