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Sure, appreciate the feedback. Suggestions for other footwear? I think clean stans would work, but I don't have a pair of those. PS sell me your +J overcoat if I don't manage to get from the reissue
   I have the clothes to put together a Schneider lookbook type of shot, with a hidden placket buttoned to the top, slim but not skinny bottoms, and minimal shoes, and I think it would look good and you'd probably agree. Lately, though, I've been trying to get away from really formulaic, perfectly thematically cohesive fits, or at least the ones that SF likes to propagate. I don't pretend to believe that mixing sportswear with relaxed tailoring is new in the fashion world...
MERINO  [[SPOILER]]  So very satisfied with this coat. The 1000gr melton somehow manages to be incredibly sharp and drape beautifully, as seen from the back. The IV also manages to be a perfect fit, despite my weirdo smedium measurements. Will be posting more photos in the Schneider thread later, probably, with fabric closeups etc. It'll probably make more than a couple appearances in WAYWT this winter, as well Shoutouts to @gdl203 and @conceptual 4est for the handwritten...
So many great fits. Glad to see Fall back on SF.   [[SPOILER]]
Light grey pics incoming...
In most cases I'd rather tell people I'm covered in the hair of 20 cats than the sheddings of a $400 cardigan.
1) asians come in more than one hex code 2) the idea of coordinating your clothes with your skin tone has always seemed weird to me. 3) the sweater is nice
Intergalactic small arms dealer
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