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2 outfits, 1 post, and now i'm questioning my whole wardrobe   Bondage strap coat is really good!
 Stockist? or is this y!jp @el Bert 
Welcome! Your fits on IG are really good, def keep posting.
@conceptionist those pants 
When it's time to go to the airport u gotta have pockets on deck to hold all your 100ml containers
It is currently _hot_ in Thailand [[SPOILER]]
Congrats @basil rathbone! Every entry was worthy of winning, and you all looked monsoon season ready. Thanks for participating to all those involved. I'm not sure if SWD is all challenged out or if my challenge was just shitty. your thoughts?
Gonna bump this as its been the better part of a week now! Voooote.
The rainwear challenge is over! Thanks to everyone who braved the rain and anonymous internet judgments to provide STYLEFORVM with the glorious content it relies on to survive.Check out all the entries below and vote for your favorite. Poll will close a week from now.
Rainwear challenge is closing at 2359EST - 10 hours from now! Get it in. http://www.styleforum.net/t/522554/5-2-2016-5-20-2016-sw-d-challenge-rainwear/30#post_8452744
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