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Club Monaco is stocking ten c and porter - apparently both are selling through pretty well to mall types that come in and apparently impulse buy $2,000 outerwear pieces from brands they've never heard of.
 This is so good, well done.  Benes what made you stop wearing black margielas and salmon tees and graphic hoodies? And what's the coat!
in a sense the cut is slouchy but the materials are clean, at least thats hwo i see it
@conceptual 4est lapels are righteous   @orlais season/material on the rick bottoms? What's the stuff up top as well? (and fyi your IG link in your sig is broken)
more white shirts and cropped black pants @creepinatshirt     uniqlo linen uniqlo cotton mmm jute
I really can't tell if it's an evidence based graph or a joke based one
 http://www.styleforum.net/t/503474/sw-d-theory-cms-free-for-all-help-thread Reading this thread might give you some ideas about how people approach building an outfit. If you're wanting to be consistent with a style, it helps to be aware of different existing and historical styles so you can mimic or play with them. Lurking WAYWT and checking out runway shows both work pretty well for becoming more aware of what's out there!
Gonna be in San Fran for the next week  let me know if you wanna meet in front of uniqlo or something  
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