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@John-Galt i'm a true 7/40 and these are 8/41. 7/40 also woulda fit me.
@kindofyoung Yeah it's like final form jellaba   More inspo:  
New challenge is up! Theme is 'rainwear', so get out your wellies. http://www.styleforum.net/t/522554/5-2-2016-5-20-2016-sw-d-challenge-rainwear
Many thanks to Rais for running one of the most entertaining SWD challenges to date. I have the dubious honor of carrying on the Challenge tradition, and I chose to take inspiration from the season...   Imagine: April showers came last month and for some of us it seems they never left. It's now May and the spring air is supposed to be filled with the scent of tulips in bloom and the sound of squirrels emerging from a long winter's hibernation. Instead, it's thick, wet and...
@el Bert really like the last photo
@brad-t yeah those pants are perfect. Glad things are looking up.
Casual futurism
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