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http://www.styleforum.net/t/394373/hof-what-are-you-wearing-right-now-part-iv-starting-may-2014/20850_30#post_7904285   Guido wongolini is posting again
"Plenty of life left"
It's not the waist that really needs upsizing, it's the slimness through the thigh/calf/hem--that's what makes them look jegging-y.
All so nice, all wrong size :(
RO zipped combat boots. Purchased off grailed and worn one season by myself. Fantastic heavy RY zipper. Distressed metallic treatment for ~visual interest~. Minimal heel drag but superficial sole is starting to detach on both boots--common for rick boots and easily fixed with shoe cement at home or at the cobbler. Size 39 but accommodates my 40 foot as well. Inquire with country+ZIP for shipping quote.
RO high neck intarsia black from f/w 09 crust. RU6761 LG - Thick, full grain lamb. Excellent texture. Size small.   S2S 17" P2P 20.5" Length excluding collar: 22.5" Sleeve length inclusive of rib cuff: 29"   Condition good for a jacket this old. Some fading at areas of high wear e.g. cuffs. Lining repaired recently at my cost. Inquire with country+zip for shipping quote.
@Synthese Who's responsible for the photos?
Maybe I'll move to CO...
 Shirt is a wvg white Oxford and jeans are tapered n&fThanks! Hope you enjoy it. Post a fit!
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