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yeah those ones
uh...   [[SPOILER]]
Ugh Side zip makes them so much more practical than the SFAF1s I am sad.   cheapest ($~400) can be carried by handle, worn as a backpack, or slung like a duffle. clamshell opening. 1000 denier cordura.     OR you could go with a thousand dollar dyneema bag   Dyneema #1   Dyneema #2
US8 / EU41 - Fits TTS   Rugged reverse leather. Raccagni zip. Wear at heel. Will ship without original box. Message for shipping quote. All purchases final.
toilet paper stuffed into the breast pocket adds an air of nonchalant sprezzatura in a pinch, too
didn't think these would ever come back!  
Do you mean you have a 5 panel for sale? or you purchased on grailed?
I am still a  child  [[SPOILER]]
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