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Anyone going to sxsw?
How do you avoid getting indigo on light suede :(
Is the dislike maybe because the clothes are nice but the fits aren't totally cohesive or directional by sf standards (e.g. ramones and giant checked pashmina scarf with traditional top and bottom proportions otherwise)? And then when they are more directional like that fit with the prorsum biker/slp/chelseas there are little things off about the fit that make people think he doesn't fully "get" the look and is kind of dressing from a recipe (or Mr. Porter flyer).
spot blown   jk someone buy before I do something irresponsible
Yesssssss finally.  
This 8)
I want to wear dries to my wedding
my god @Eddiee
http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/style-blog/wp/2015/02/13/nyfw-what-kanye-west-gets-right-about-fashion-and-what-he-gets-wrong/   probably the best-articulated critique I've read of the collection thus far for those interested
Am I missing something? I was under the impression Drew has pretty much nothing to do with the maintenance of the gallery.
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