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Think it's diesel?
    Info || Purchased from another user. Worn twice by me and washed by hand. Size || Tagged S, suitable for wide range depending on desired fit Color || Honey   Inquire for shipping quote.
The kangaroo pocket is on the inside of the sweatshirt and accessed by the zippers.   Also they let the hem splay out so you can show off all your other meticulously placed JE&C layering pieces.
PSA: @diniro just posted a ridiculous fit on instagram that is not yet in this thread. I'd share but I'd feel awful taking his thumbs.
Buy it and mail it to @solargarden
 the boots  edit: whoops didn't see jet
Have it, like it. Hidden placket, button at the lapel, no chest pocket, functioning hidden cuff buttons. Half lined in cotton and half in cupro. Fits slim, TTS.
leatherjeansboots  leather(jeansboots)   leatherjeansboots  [[SPOILER]]
  It does a lot to improve the closed silhouette IMO if you put a lot of effort into stuffing the liner posteriorly so it's not bunching up at the front, making the area behind the buttons look bulky. Tedious? Yes. Worth it? Possibly 8)
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