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@derrida Man you have a closet full of these awesome tonal palettes
Good background colour synergy
Same, do it.
  Eagerly awaiting this WAYWT pose
 I don't think he feels consumers should be less concerned. He just seems to think that the traditional narrative of demanding fast-fashion brands commit to transparency isn't really applicable anymore. Instead, we need to somehow convince countries of origin that it's in their interest to prevent abuse. This makes sense to me, but it definitely isn't crystal clear from the article how best to influence that change as a consumer. He hints at it here:  ...but he did state...
Continuing the conversation on ethical clothing... http://highline.huffingtonpost.com/articles/en/the-myth-of-the-ethical-shopper
Stylistics preorder?
Chore jacket is so nice.
Fit/weather synergy UU Geller Zam Geos
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