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 Most casually dressed men cringe at the thought of dressing too professional 100% of the time. Blazers and sport coats offer the comfort and style that gives way for an effortless look. Three things that make blazers essential items are for their style, quality, and tailoring.   The blazer jacket does NOT have to be a simple black, navy, or tweed. They can be picked up at top retailers like Asos or Brooks Brothers with different patterns and designs. Just aim for what...
Such a great etiquette. Very dapper.
If you live in Seattle you can also shop in Vancouver, CA. Very near
Delicate wash with cold water.
I second that.. Tailors are known to target specifically tourists.
Not sure, because I don't have a pair myself, but try them on. After walking in them a few minutes, you should be able to tell if something feels off.
Viberg does make a few limited edition boots, this may be one of them. Sometimes you won't find the same styles at all the locations.
Alligator and crocodile shoes are fine, just as long as they aren't too shiny.
The classical dark charcoal grey color is timeless IMHO..Given the cut is fitted..
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