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Check classified sites. there are a few Korean ones with English versions.. CL is also good.. Korean style clothes are decently tailored. Many brands specialize in pants, jackets, and coats like www.perfectpeacoat.com/mens-store/pea-coats-c-46.html
@Metra A trick that you can do to have dress shirts fit perfectly is buy the shirt size 1 size up so that it fits your shoulder width perfectly..then have the waist tailored to your build. It will look oh so dapper!
Sign up to their newsletter.. Or simply use Ebay/Amazon..sort the listings by ending soonest and buy from a reputable seller...
i second that!
well it is just a random thought sections. Personally fashion  itself has to be random to be creative
2 words. oxford loafers. Well boots (now that it's winter)!!!
@mimo ..lol, atleast he has his briefcase with him
that is a really good briefcase..  Nice elegant color too!
For some reason, cardigans (especially thick cardigan sweaters) have a really warm and "holiday-like" look.
@Jamo767 I found that "slim fit" pea coats in particular are good because they have more a more detailed cutting and tailoring. Look at some of the coats at Macys.com or http://www.perfectpeacoat.com/mens-store/pea-coats-c-46.html that say "slim fit".
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