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Just got my Derbys-
Waiting for brunch- Dubbed Cinnamon ROs X Roy AllDucks
Think they'll have Chorded Rubber Soles?
It started with a pair of Service Boots in a 2040 last, I wear them all the time.   Now I want a pair of the Derbys. Viberg has my size but it is in the 2045 last. I really like the shape of the 2040 with the unstructured toe. How significant is the increased roundness of 2045 last with the partially structured toe? Should I wait until they have the Derbys in a narrower model?   Thanks!
I personally find it disappointing.
I agree, they are pretty peachy in person. It was hard to dive into transforming the color of a boot this pricy. I'm happy with the results though. Thanks!
The darkness is a result of the lighting.
Dubbed with Obenaufs LP-            
 Got one for XMas. My wife saw me gawking at it online and bought it for me. At first it seems really thick, but breaks-in well. Beautiful with denim. As far as patina goes having only had it for a month I cant comment too much. It does mark up a bit but still looks great IMHO. 
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