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I personally find it disappointing.
I agree, they are pretty peachy in person. It was hard to dive into transforming the color of a boot this pricy. I'm happy with the results though. Thanks!
The darkness is a result of the lighting.
Dubbed with Obenaufs LP-            
 Got one for XMas. My wife saw me gawking at it online and bought it for me. At first it seems really thick, but breaks-in well. Beautiful with denim. As far as patina goes having only had it for a month I cant comment too much. It does mark up a bit but still looks great IMHO. 
They have a higher rise/lower crotch. Looser than the eq. democratic fit jeans. They washed well with nearly no shrinkage. Recommend buy your normal size or 1" down at the most.
You cant go wrong if you can find your size.
Midnight Water Repellent Canvas Project Jacket   Worn about 6 times. In excellent near new condition.   This is a very nice jacket and I want to make it work however it is just a bit small on me.   These list for $198.00 at Taylor Stich.   I will include USPS shipping to anywhere in the CONUS.   Let me know if you have any questions.   Thanks!   gB
I know this is a stretch, but you could always contact their CS and ask their opinion. Always responsive and helpful to me.
I own 3 of their shirts all 42. I ordered the Glacier shirt in a 42 and it was noticably slimmer. I ordered a 44 to decide which one would be better. The 44 was perfect. The dnim is pretty stretchy so it does give but doesnt remain. My recomendation is to size up one. FairEnds also recommends this. Also if you intend to wear a s jacket or over anything besides a tshirt. Then may want to go 2 sizes.
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