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I mean I'm familiar with the site, just never follow ed through with buying the stuff.
Is yoox good? I mean in terms of quality of brands.
Thanks man, yeah I bought the jacket too big, and got it tailored and it's just poopy. [[SPOILER]]
How's this jacket?
Http:// I GOT INTO HONORS COLLEGE :slick: :fire: :slick: :fire: :slick: :fire:
What do y'all think of this fit?
It's pronounced jay-Meister. But name is Jamie lol. So either of the teo
How's this anyways
Seeing as how much effort you guys spend helping me, I will write an essay in return.The reason I hate typing here is because the site fucks with my ipad keyboard and makes it lag.Fucking shit.Okay, so here's my method when I revamp my style, I did it for KTT, and I've done it a few times for hypebeast, but I will adapt to STYLEFORUM as well. [[SPOILER]] Whatever this list is irrelevant as fuck.Point is that I'm wearing the pieces I already own that you guys may like. If...
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