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Moscot Sunglasses Or super flat top sunglasses
The murdered out 510's and Cargos from Levi's commuter series, I love them. They're slim fit, have schooler technology, and a reinforced crotch. Perfeeeect. Also got the Air Jordan 7 Raptors. Thrifted a Vintage Made In USA Levi's Corduroy jacket Got my sweater back from my (ex) gf Sold a lot of crap toooo. Oh got a VVVVnice Camo Jacket. Thrifted some dope embroidered denim and supply Camo shorts And some murdered out hiking shorts
I like your sweater
Not here to troll or anything, just want to be a positive influence on this forum and the stylish denizens of the internet. Rick owens HM Custom Nike Gift Oakley Rick owens Vintage HM Polo Custom MMM In my own opinion, I've improved, but what do y'all think
I'm here forreal now.
For those who hated on the most fly Guess what? I'm Back pheasants.
I had ISS Tune in @ 9 est
YO MARGIELA DUDE WHATS THAT JACKET :hah: How do you get all that doe. Also for those of you wondering I've had a minimalist reinvention. also I will be speaking live during the KTT podcast at 9pm EST. I'll post a link momentaeily
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