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good to know, thanks
i seen a filson satchel the other day in the mall, i forgot the type but it was canvas and leather.  It had a thick leather handle with no stitching, but the leather was smooth / the same top / on both sides.  it seemed like 2 pieces stitched together but with no stitching? is it glued? is that good? am i wrong is it one piece of leather, but then how is it smoothed on both sides?   any opinions on American waxed canvas as compared to the British?  i heard the American...
The Nathan Hale Briefcase – this is brand new and still underdevelopment.  It will be out by mid June 2014.  This is a final sample with the only difference being my logo name engraved on the hasp.  This is a very unique combination lock that is built so well the internal and external components resemble a fine clock.  This lock is NOT Nickle Alloy an inferior metal.  It is made of Palladium, a pure precious metal and will also come in solid brass.  I will have more info...
  Hey JP, would you take a middle aged soul for one of these? joking aside i agree with you, if i wanted an SAB i would get an SAB no matter how much people try and put them down.  I have watched your style progress for a few years now and i have to say it is incredible.  I like what you do because it is authentic.  I actually met you at the style...
i like the slight taper on the strap but i once had a briefcase that had a curved and thicker part and it just got in the way when storing it back in the briefcase.  It didn't really add to the extra comfort so now i only get them with straight cuts
i am leaning towards the buckles on the briefcase like yours. Why no lock in the middle?
 thanks, thats good to know
very nice, i am trying to decide between one with straps that come off or the permanent ones. i like the clean look of the straps on the bag and not wrapped around the bottom, but i think i would also like to remove them. Any opinion on this?
does the canvas need some time to soften up or do they come soft? and what kind of canvas do they use? i am new to filson
 so what is the case in the pic?
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