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Wish I had the funds for these. 
 Thanks! They look really good in this second picture. I think I'll pick these up as my winter/hiker boots. I'm going to replace the laces too but I don't like leather laces on my boots. I'm probably just going to go brown hiker laces or a flat styled lace like the Beckman. edit: Sizing resolved. I'm going 9.5 I'm also thinking about picking up some vintage/beat up chukkas. I'm not sure if its a good or bad idea but for some reason I really want a pair. 
I'm curious what your thoughts are on these now that you probably have some wear on them. How is the fit/sole? The grip of the lug sole looks appealing but I think it just looks a bit clunky. I was thinking of picking up a pair just as my Canadian winter boots.  I would also love to see a picture with the new laces.
 Thanks! I think I'm leaning towards the 9's now. I prefer a snug fit and its likely to pack out with some wear. Now I just have to find a deal on some Katahdins or grab some Chippewas for cheap. Ordering direct from llbean would be smart because I could return them if they are too small. 
 What Vans specifically? Sorry for the most asked question in this thread but I can't decide on Chippewa/Katahdin sizing, I've read everything and searched everywhere but still can't decide. I'm a solid 10 in vans but I have long and skinny feet. I'm not sure whether to go 9 or 9.5D. I'm worried that if I go full size they will be too small and if I go half size down I'm worried about heel slip. I was going to go for a pair of Apaches, they are way cheaper and there are...
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