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This is the most effective video I have seen for how to tie a bow-tie. I watch it with the sound off. I have no idea what this man says or how he sounds. Doesn't matter, I can tie bow-ties after watching it. It lets me buy "real" ones! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEjF-MzzqaE
My name is Dana. I am a male. I currently live in the Midwest. I was an East-coaster for many years. I am older. I rock neck wear (bow ties, bolos, ties of all types, everything but the cravats). My outfits are based on the choice of neck wear. I like brown leather that is not uniform in color. I often do my own alterations. I am weird but that can be kind of interesting to read.
Sorry, I know this reply is late.   A diamond point bow-tie is a great look for dress down.   Think Scottish golfer or old-style adventurer. For formal occasions, not so good. If you are wearing a suit, I'd say wear a square bow-tie. If you are wearing a sports coat and slacks, probably ok. If the sports coat is tweed, oh hell yes!     ...Dana All statements given in this forum are humble opinions. That is what makes this such great reading (no commercial...
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