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Guys check my signature, I am listing a Cigar Dover plain toe blucher. Cheers.
For your consideration I am selling this pair of Aldens in Cigar Cordovan shaped on the Plaza last size 10 D. That are fully lined and are a Dover style Plain toe Blucher. They have a double leather sole and antique edges. Plaza last tends to fit true to size. I bought them 2 years ago from a fellow Styleforum member and have worn them around 10 times. Very good condition as can be seen in the pictures, with slight wear shown on the soles and a scratch on the vamp of the...
You are totally right. The picture is slightly deceiving as I haven't written the sizes.I am 10.5 C tts. The last 2 boots, Plaza and modified are 10.5 C.Barrie is 10 D while trubalance I ordered in 10 B. That explains it.
My first post of 2017. Happy New Year to everybody . Health, happiness and many more pictures! From left to right , my Indy boot collection. Cigar on Barrie with crepe sole, Color 8 on Trubalance with commando sole, Color 8 on Plaza with commando and Black shell on Modified with double water lock sole. Missing a Grant Indy.
I was at a store in Athens that carries Alden chatting to the owner ,who told me about a shell briefcase given to him from Alden 20 yrs ago.And of course I asked him to bring it for a photo to be posted on the forum.Really is extremely heavy. Don't think they make them anymore.
20 yr old Alden black shell cordovan briefcase. Very very very heavy.
Snuff suede on Plaza PTB from Yenni.
Hi, try
Whiskey cordovan straight tip boot on the Carmina website if anyone is interested.
Anatomica in Paris. Good collection of black and color 8 shell boots and shoes. Really worth visiting when in Paris and meeting Pierre and Charles. The two of them are very convincing about the modified last.
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