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Congratulations. Very nice boots Roguls
I entered the store with a 9d cap toe boot on the Grant last, they sized me up to 10,5 c with the Brannock & wouldn't give me anything else. I left with 2 pairs which felt weird in the beginning as there was plenty of space up front for my toes. But you get used to the size & understand how comfortable they are. From then on everything I buy is 10c or 10,5c. Has made a big difference for me. Modified last may seem strange at first but it really grows on you. Here in Europe...
Beautiful combination uncle. Congrats once again
i totally agree with you. Charles is very helpful. they have been working with Alden for over 20 yrs & only have Modified last. first they size you up with the Brannock device & give you the Ideal shoe to try. i bought 2 pairs when i visited them & from then on they update me with NEW  arrivals in my size, send me pics for me to choose. everyone should visit them when in Paris
Congrats. I love the Modified last. It is the most comfortable last for me
unlined color 8 cordovan ptb with cucinelli pants
Unworn loafer in Color 8 Cordovan, Van last size 9d
Anatomica with a great collection of Modified last Aldens. Worth checking out.
Unlined CXL loafer on flex soles, Van last from Anatomica
The shoes are on the Van last but not the standardVan Last sold by Alden; there are some special specifications : unlined vamp and back counter lining, flex sole system and higher tongue; thanks to all that, the penny loafers are more flexible in the front with better pleats and still have a very good back holding. This was sent to me from Anatomica. Hope it helps.
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