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I wear 9,5 Barrie & 43 in Cps so go with 42.
hi, i wear 43 in CP & 9,5 D in Barrie. hope it helps
Lovely color. Congratulations
How are you with the modified last?
They look amazing. Congrats!
Totally agree with the 4 picked
Congrats!! They look great. Haven't worn mine yet.
First one is on Aberdeen, second on snap lastgo tts for both , 1/2 size up from Barrie
cigar Shell boot from Frans boone
Alden Cigar Shell Cordovan boots on the Barrie last , size 9 d, with commando sole. extremely good condition, worn 6 times only. Purchased from Frans boone. i think this is what everyone has been waiting for. Doesn't get better than this. Shipping 50 USD shoe trees & shoe BOX not included.   Thanks for the consideration guys.
New Posts  All Forums: