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black calfskin sw on the modified last from moulded shoe
Fransboone I assume
VeryVery very very nice.Do you guys go tts for plaza & Grant lasts?
Lovely Uncle.where are the wt from?
If I am not mistaken I bought the unlined PTB in color 8 shell cordovan with single flex sole from Trunkclothiers London about 2 yrs ago.Leffot carries a similar makeup .
Unlined color 8, Bresciani socks, Incotex pants
Chromexel loafers on the Van last from Anatomica
  Most classic Alden, the Indy boot style 403, on the Trubalance last in size 9e. Horween chromexel leather. Goodyear welded sole with rubber heel. Very good condition ,slight scuffing, worn two times only. sold without box and shoe horns.
Try Fransboone. He seems to have it in stock.
Congratulations. Very nice boots Roguls
New Posts  All Forums: