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Black shell cap toes on the Aberdeen last
Snuff suede plain toe bluchers Dover style from Fransboone
I love these!
  Black Shell moc toe blucher on the modified last x anatomica
Guys, I have put an unworn color 8 NST from FransBoone on B&S for anyone interested. I recently received the same model with antique edge from Leffot in a better fitting size, I went from 10 D to 10.5 C (tts).
Really stunning.Where from? And how did you size up on the Aberdeen last?
Guys Black Shell Parajumper just appeared at FransBoone. http://www.fransboonestore.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/alden-black-cordovan-parajumper-boots
Super Mike. Your B and C widths change the shoes totally my friend.
Listed below are the Alden Factory Irregular shoes available in your size.Shoe Size: 10Shoe Width: D FD-1492 FD-17835F FD-17837F FD-2635 FD-2965 Reg $ 520.00 Reg $ 539.00 Reg $ 522.00 Reg $ 524.00 Reg $ 574.00 Sale $ 375.00 Sale $ 375.00 Sale $ 375.00 Sale $ 375.00 Sale $ 375.00 Tobacco...
  Grained calf leather LHS Van last from Anatomica
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