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Happy Birthday to me guys! 43 today. I think I will check what Mdubs is selling for a bday gift
Congratulations. A classic.
Same here .Great experience & service. They send me pics of new arrivals monthly & I shop onlineChanged my size to a much more comfortable one
Whiskey shell from Trunk.
Brown suede cap toe boot on the Aberdeen last
New makeup by Fransboone http://www.fransboonestore.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/alden-dark-brown-coutry-calf-grain-indy-boot-on-crep-sole
Congratulations . They look great.Welcome to the club
i shop a lot online .apart from Fransboone in the Netherlands who is the best, there are Trunk clothiers, Endclothing, Kafka, Bureau Belfast all in the UK, Sir Max and Shoes & Shirts in the Netherlands, Nitty Gritty Store in Sweden, Skomaker Dagestad in Norway, and of course Anatomica in Paris for Modified last only.
Buy them. They are great. Slightly darker than snuff suede, I posted a pic a month ago comparing them to the plaza last snuff suede boot by Frans Boone .Aberdeen last us a great fit for boots.
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