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Took a picture of my Bourbon Daltons while i was in the dentist's chair. No cavities!
Does anyone know how to date this suit from the tags? It says Givenchy Gentlemen Paris on the inside but has a "made in USA" tag in the chest pocket. The only thing that I can see that resembles a date is the "82". I love the suit but I know there is not enough fabric to turn a 40 into a 44. The pants still have their original crease in the waist which leads me to believe that this suit was worn very little if at all. Thanks for any input.
Thanks for the input. I was hoping that it was worth something! Did you try and sell on Ebay?
A question for the veteran posters. Are their other ways other than Ebay where someone could go to try and determine the value of something? I'm not looking for someone to give me a value (I read a few posts back that that's a no no) but just some guidance on where I could find some info. I found a new with tags worsted wool Givenchy DB suit which looks like it could be from the 80's. Thanks for any help!
Maiden voyage of my Bourbon Daltons with a suit.
Received my Bourbon Daltons today. It will be very hard to decide between these new boots and the Walnut Daltons I already have! I went down in half size length and up in width on these new boots and they fit just fine. I put a half sole on my Walnuts and debating whether I should just leave these the way they are. Question....is the butyl sole supposed to be water resistant and anti slip?
Hello. New to this thread and wanted to share my first 2 thrifted pieces. One is a Navy Samuelsohn Sports coat and the other is a vintage YSL tie. With a few simple alterations, I will be wearing my new found pieces. Picked up both for under 18 bucks. I passed on a couple orphaned Brooks Brothers suit jackets. Please share your thoughts.
I agree! I took that picture as soon as they came out of the box. You would think that they came polished from the factory!
Received my new Franciscan Monk Straps today. I needed a black pair of shoes that I could wear with a suit as well as jeans. These certainly fit the build! They are a tad loose but nothing that tongue pads could not remedy. For those of you that have monk straps, do you slip them on and off or do you undo the strap every time? Just wondering what the masses are doing. I also wanted to recognize the fantastic service I get from Kristle at the Jeffersonville location. She...
I emailed Allison regarding doing an MTO on some Promontory Point or Eagle County Boots and this was the response I received. Good Morning Nick, Recently we have made some changes with our custom orders, I am no longer to place orders for discontinued and retired styles. I can only produce footwear that is a part of our currently collection. I apologize for the unfortunate news, and if there is anything else I can assist you with please do not hesitate to let me...
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