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I knew that I would see some Aloha shirts during my recent holiday in Hawaii, but I didn't think that I would see this many at a local Savers!
Has anyone had any success finding quality items thrifting in Honolulu? I did some research and there are a few spots to visit. Just hoping to find more than Hawaiian shirts and board shorts!
Thanks for the info. Here are some pictures
Does anyone know if Red Wing shoe company ever made leather jackets? I found a bomber style jacket with a removable fur collar for $14. Tags says Red Wing with the logo but I can't seem to find any information online. Photos to follow.
Does anyone remember what last the Fairhaven was made on? Thanks
Trust me....I looked for a while trying to find the pants! I was hoping that it was a Sports coat but I can still make use of it. I did find the buttons in the inside pocket. Unfortunately, one of the cuff buttons is broken. Never even thought of looking for them in the pocket. Thanks again!
Looking for some expertise. I thrifted a brand new with tags Brooks Brothers Madison sports coat? Or is it an orphan suit jacket? It still has the basting on the shoulders and looks like it has surgeon's cuffs but no buttons or button holes. Is this normal? I am not too familiar with Brooks Bros as I live in Canada. Sorry for the poor pics. Any help would greatly be appreciated.
I own Walnut and Bourbon Daltons and love them both equally. I wear them with my suits as much as I wear them with jeans. I found that they took a little longer to break in compare to my other AE's but once broken in, they feel fantastic!Congrats!
Thanks for your input.The thing is the 10d in the Walton fit me quite well. I just have to get used to the "wideness" of the shoe.
Just picked up a hand me down pair of Waltons from my dad. Is it me or are they a wider looking shoe than my Daltons and Franciscans? My feet fit perfectly (10d) but when I look down at them they seem abnormally wide. Is this due to the split reverse welt? Just curious.... Thanks!
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