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Anyone own an Aspesi field jacket?  Love this style have various others looking at purchasing one.  Thoughts on fit function etc.
Great question, I definitely think attire is directly correlated to your skill level. I play a lot of golf and nothing is worse than seeing someone completely decked out and they can barely hit the ball. So to that end, depending on weather, assuming nice fall weather, a nice polo under a half zip sweater or sweater vest, nice shorts or flat front pants.  Colors should be muted nothing crazy.  So I would wear (me personally) a navy polo and dark tan pants or shorts, ankle...
I just purchased and wore a pair of the Futureworks and they are awesome.
Both are def cool, the first looks more like a riding jacket. add to this and respond to the other...grew up in CO and lived in Denver for many years and have lived visited many other metro areas larger and smaller.  I would take exception, everyone entitled to opinion for sure.  Without going into all the details, there are a ton of great restaurants shops general things to do.  Denver definitely has its own culture just like any large city.  I will say if you like Mexican/Southwest food tons of great places.  Ask the...
No idea about vintage of jacket, but pretty cool.
Ok you guys are killing me, I have been eying the Isa bomber as well and after the one dude bought and returned I was turned off. You say 'softshell' is it really that?  By the material do you think it is water and wind proof?  I can't really tell by the pics on the Isa site.  Does it have any technical merit or is it just a simple spring jacket?
Been away for a the merino conversation...I am wearing my IB zip hoodie now pretty much wear it constantly.  No real signs of wear but have only had it for one season.  I also have a few Ibex pieces.  The problem with Ibex is their colors and design can seem a bit granola, whereas the IB, Isaora and Outlier are slicker.   The Isaora Tac Shell is stupid sick...if I didn't have so many jackets as it is I would try it.   Looking forward to the merino comparison...
The Outlier merinosuede most def looks awesome but $250 for the sweatshirt...try Icebreaker...still pricey but good stuff.
Has anyone picked up an Isaora IO merino shirt (long or short) hoodie or insulated shirt?  Curious about sizing, etc.
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