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 i love these clean lines.
wow months? i wash them within 1 to 2 weeks, depending how worn they get. I'd say no more than 4 to 5 times worn. i hate loose worn jeans. i like them crisp right from the washer and hang dry. - NO dryer.
can't wait to see this made. i am seriously thinking of getting one. do you have an idea when you will be posting? i noticed on your website that you have other types of these brass handles, can i get one on another type of briefcase? i like those small thumb latch types
 i completely agree. there is a "movement" to buy local / American, i see that too, but i think that is in part do to that international manufacturing is slowly becoming expensive.
 come on for real? my wife doesn't spend that much on her hair. i think a $20 cut is more than enough, more than that i better get a happy ending, assuming its a girl of course.
that's fine. i have a good idea on what bridle leather is like but can you describe harness leather? how does it feel? how does it change over time compared to bridle?
 now that look will get you any job, rock on!
beautiful bag. Can this be made with a tan color?
sounds cool, can i see some pics because it does not sound like the leather biker jacket i know - the Fonz style
i got ripped on ebay with sneakers that did not look like the posted pics. it was a big hassle to get paypal / ebay to refund my money.
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