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Can anyone recommend some Shanghai boutiques? The sufu guide is worthless. So far I've got:   I.T Lane Crawford AnnD Old Lyric eth0s   Not interested in denim or CM. Thanks in advance.
If I go to a store, try on a lot of stuff that was all brought to me by the same SA, walk out without buying any of it, then return the next and instakop something without trying it on because I had done so the day before; the SA is different on the second day, is this screwing over the first SA since I imagine they get bonuses or something when they close deals?
Since nov. 28, all the really good stuff is gone but there's still a bunch of ok to good stuff left.
Went to IFSoho today and tried on a bunch of Ricks, 5 zips, and MA+. It was all 30% off and most of it was between 48-52. Didn't check the price tag on everything but I imagine their retail markup is high. There was a MA+ long coat that was the nicest thing I've seen in person. There was also two versions of 5zips, one slightly thicker and more expensive than the other but impossible to tell from appearance. They also carry IS, lost&found and attachment but no jackets...
 They fit pretty much like normal flat trousers, would recommend.
Really interested to see the lookbook. With those two in particular, they seem like complete opposites in color/texture/fit. The only thing is Acne doesn't pretend they don't want thin people, EG pretends like they don't care but then makes XLs with 22" p2p.
Yea but why not just keep the Real McCoys in the BiG store, I'd guess momo, PBJ, Samurai,and maybe a few others are more popular, or is it just cuz Real McCoys make a lot of stuff besides denim? CPs are "versatile" yes, but acne clashes harshly with workwear.
 So then I'm guessing Acne and Common Projects are two of the safest picks for retailers these days? Nothing wrong with carrying brands that make money, though sometimes it can detract from otherwise well curated collections. For example Acne and/or CP at Mohawk or more obviously H.Lorenzo seem out of place. But on turning a profit, why the heck is there a Real McCoys store right next door to BiG? Also IFSoho has a ridiculous collection, puts Opening Ceremony to shame
Went by Nepenthes today. They looked pretty cleaned out for the bigger sizes. The reversible floral parka was as awesome as I imagined, but my sizing fear with the Bedford was confirmed. The FW version is just a tad slimmer enough in the chest than the SS version so that the FW Beford is a lot more awkward fitting and also impossible to layer. If I sized up then the sleeves became too long. Otherwise pretty cool space, they played the same Alice Coltrane or whoever music...
Visited NMWA today and got an Annua double-sided scarf to go with my grey merino and night algae. Was wearing sweatpants and a tech ninja parka but they were still nice to me. Tried on the Buckhorn trousers, the charcoal version had very nice fabric, a size VI measured 12.5" for thigh so a bit more generous fitting than the Burhead. There was a sz. 7 charcoal merino lying around. Cool space in a nice part of the city, Nepenthes was next street over. Was nice meeting...
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