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yea I didn't think those were the original prices, I think the ethnic rider was listed at around 2k. Not sure if the attention is worth the money lost since new users will quickly find out that those deals don't really exist. 
lololol https://www.gr@iled.com/100
 Got the album, some pretty dark shit, didn't think you were into that.
the zara design looks a better than the uniqlo jacket though
Thanks, true or size down? Chest measurement looks fine for true but shoulders are really wide.
Should I get a cheap uniqloxlemaire coat? Heard it's super thin  
wtf is chris martin wearing
old Laurel Halo:      
fashion, etc.   Also, the thing I mentioned about using a towel to correct your posture really works. Put a rolled up bath towel in between your mid/lower back, wherever the concave is, and the back of your chair. Way more comfortable when sitting for long periods and prevents you from slouching.
Came across this old interview with a model turned sociologist, some pretty interesting answers: http://tmagazine.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/09/21/a-model-professor/?_r=0 
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