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http://www.costco.com/Kirkland-Signature-Men's-Crew-Neck-Tee-6-pack-White.product.100057726.html   TTS
Did prices go up this season?   Recommendations for high socks? Checked out basic adidas/nike ones but they all had too many logos and graphics.
I've the seed for Raf Simons: Redux if anyone wants to look at it without paying however much they go for.
No...it probably deals with race better, or in more interesting ways than any other show. The writing's very sophisticated even if the subject and setting are deliberately lowbrow.   And gender, too; all the stuff that less talented TV writers wish to say interesting things about.
Vice Principals is pretty good, very racially/culturally enlightened.
I'm playing this video game called Deus Ex and they tried to tie their cyberpunk plot to BLM and it was cute.  
don't get the raf parka, it's some random dude's face on a parka
thinking about joining a school boxing club, they told me it's 90% running, I've lost a lot of mass and bit of strength, not sure about goals but just trying to fit into undercover size 4.
is it me or is the "Nike" single pretty bad
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