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I think I may have f'd up slightly by soaking my black somets after 2 weeks, BiG said it'd be fine but no starch came out, they do feel a tiny bit softer though.
Did some more homework, I understand non made in USA frye's are terrible but I honestly can't find any other black boots with the same silhouette:   SLP lace-ups:     Frye combat boots:     Frye distressed lace-ups, I understand these will probably be cheap and shitty but they're like 1/4 the price of the SLPs.     Also looked at Tricker Burford (too dressy), some random yoox/farfetch, etc ones, all either weird looking or too pricey. I'm wearing these...
Do any stores have a good selection of FW14 trousers yet? All I see are tops. Thinking about getting the SS tropical wool exhaust trousers still left over but wondering if they'll be warm enough to wear in winter.
New CP combat boots or used Julius? Don't really have the wardrobe for the Julius but they look cool. Any other alternatives? Durability preferred. Thanks.    
Are the combat boots the same sizing as achilles? What are the soles on the boots like? Durable? Easy to vibram? Also, what are some alternatives to the distressed combat boot? Thanks.
Wore my moth cardigan for the first time today and noticed the mohair strands getting all over everything, pretty much have to wash whatever I was wearing underneath now, does this only happen for mohair?
doubt it's ever possible for a brand like PBJ that relies on its fabrics and not so much build/construction/design to collaborate with a fast fashion company anyway. But yea dick move.
 we're super compatible on last.fm!
 Is that a loose tapered cut?
 Hmm thanks, would've preferred something like the single breasted coat with a lining for winter, just doesn't look warm enough otherwise. Not really feeling the moscow coat. Was also looking at this nude:mm military coat but wasn't sure if it's gonna be warm enough either. 
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