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183cm/187ish lbs cutting at 2.1k and seems too much, I've stayed at between 184 -190lbs for about 3 months now, lifts have gone up but bf same. Though I drink often, mostly straight vodka.
imo arenas don't look very good
height and 5rm stats? mirin
lol I have those sandals. I'm not that into most of the dunk and AF1 colors, would prefer something less.. streetwear ish? I like the plokhov sneakers but really not trying to spend that kind of money on something that only goes with RO.  
i wear annD hightops, looking for a nike/adidas sneaker to go with prisonner sweats but havent found any yet
i like the fur bomber, especially the fur part, probably at a good price too
i can separate rappers' fashion choices from their music. And none of those wanted to become some streetwear fashion demigod as badly as Rocky does.
 yes and before that, lo-fi, witchhouse, rapegaze, etc, this rapper/internet/fashion stuff is pretty tame compared to the rise of the blogosphere for indie music in the past decade or so.
 yes and that's why I'm very surprised that people seem to be shocked. Rocky probably thinks the fashion game is the same as the music game, both can be manipulated through carefully managing his image. And that's fine but it just means I try not to care what he wears or look to internet music blogs like Gorilla vs. Bear for musical taste. Their "calculation" is different from a regular dude thinking about what goes with what since Rocky needs to portray himself as the...
It can be argued that all great Western lit. is based on Goethe's Faust.
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