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even if you size correctly you'll need to be in good shape to wear it correctly, and it definitely fits bigger
pupal yes only if you're slim enough
doesn't he only make 53cm p2ps max or something?
6ft/185lb, 2k should be like a 600 deficit.
trying to lose, been eating at a deficit for a long time now but due to vacation, cheating, etc, my body has looked about the same for the past couple of months. I try not to go by weight as I assume muscle gain balances out fat loss. So I go by mirror and I just ordered calipers, I would guess I'm 15-18% bf. Using the "lightly active" multiplier, I think I'm around 2600 maintenance. So I aim for 2k, a bit more carbs during lift days. Lifting progress has been consistent...
 pretty sure no allergies. I eat oatmeal/cereal for breakfast and rice/quinoa for dinner, that's my entire carb intake which rarely gets past 150g a day at 2k calories. Was wondering if I should just stick to quinoa and get fiber from fruits/veggies. Or maybe eat more carbs or something. I guess I'm just weirded out by how slow my progress is despite counting calories. May be genetics. Pretty sure I'm not doing anything really wrong and I don't have any hidden diet...
i quoted someone so it's that person who holds those opinions instead of me, please calm down
 wheat-free diet, BS or worth a try? I've no problems with blood sugar
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