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For this season's arc'teryx veilance, I'm guessing only the Patrol and Sinter IS coats can withstand snowstorms? And is there any ungodly chance they'll go on sale during Black Friday? Thanks
not sure, I make sure to arch my back and keep my feet tucked and push off slightly but I'm definitely just pushing the weights up and forward when I unrack. Just wanna know what muscle group is weak exactly and how I should work on it.
I've heard conflicting advice on this but how should I fix arm shaking during bench? Even when I'm holding up 50% of my max my arms shake. I was told to do general back and arm exercises but what specifically?
so like when was the last time there was someone as destructive to fg% fantasy wise as 2014 kobe? Does he approach D12 level?
 just curious how thick/warm it is, but doubt I'd be able to find still.
Is this still available anywhere? Has anyone picked it up and can comment? Thanks  
looks way too big
He kindly provided the measurements for size L already but the same for XL would be nice. I asked because it seems the homespun fits slightly slimmer than the SS14 Bedford despite having thicker fabric. Either way thanks for the great customer service.
It's worth it only if you want a common point of conversation with NYTimes book review types since apparently everyone read it. It's sad to say that her best book is her first book but I really liked The Secret History. Also I like her suits.
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