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New season of Bojack is really really good.
I counted exactly one black person in the audience during Ted Cruz's speech.
She didn't age as well as Gloria Steinem. She had few allies. Selling philosophy books is hard. She has a point most of the time.   My view is that I wish her writing's better because she's interesting but her books are difficult to get through. But unlike Gloria Steinem, who shames girls into liking Hillary for feminist reasons, she's unabashedly critical of Hillary for feminist reasons. So, polemic but not a hack.
 Don't wanna argue about religion, but Paglia made her career on intolerance. She's just a nice jewish woman who shits on everybody.
 True, but,  I don't think that was implied. I'm not a statistician, and I can see how the study can be interpreted as that the shooting set is drawn from the arrest set. All of these arguments are sound. But there's the police reports lie counter-argument that no study's safe from, and also, I think that common sense would suggest that there has to be proof of a gigantic conspiracy, across the twelve or so PDs they sampled from, to invalidate just how under-represented...
 1.) I honestly thought that was extremely obvious, but yes, another topic. 2.) I'd like to think it's a learned reasoning, perhaps based on the history of morality, I'll just campaign for the fact that less people in the US die from terrorist attacks than from getting struck by lightning.
 To be fair, he's also had ayaan hirsi and reza aslan on the show, not that they're equals. Rula Jebreal seems like she's always more angry than necessary and takes longer than necessary to make a point so she was talked over. I think Maher also had on some super liberal Muslims, Canadian activism woman who was against Hijabs and some English dude who was once a radical but converted back, Maher was nice to them as long as they agreed with him. Anyways, maybe it's the...
Well, I agree with Paglia: http://www.salon.com/2015/07/29/camille_paglia_takes_on_jon_stewart_trump_sanders_liberals_think_of_themselves_as_very_open_minded_but_that%E2%80%99s_simply_not_true/ 
Right, I forgot, he's not only against Islam but all religions, he's the /r/atheism incarnate.
I try to skip the monologues. I guess it's impossible to not become an insufferable prig after having your own show for so long. His guests are good, but I never took him seriously due to his hilariously unsophisticated stance on Muslims, and the fact he seems way more concerned with celebrity compared to other comedy news hosts.
New Posts  All Forums: