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hey guys, can I get a confirmation that virgils fit the same as skags? I tried on last season's skagways and .5 down fit me the best, thanks.
it's like cat hair and the figaria sheds more than the pupal, really hoping it gets better after wear
get the lint roller ready
it's small compared to julius/attachment/virdianne, unless hashimoto does make a 5
i like nussbaum, probably my fav contemporary philosopher but I like her Greek stuff the best.
i like that their biggest size wouldn't fit a 15 year old me   unless it's just the usual asian thing where they dont carry anything above a slim medium. If so i wonder where all the size 5s go.
expected more philosophy less book tour talk but I think he was invited to talk about food or something, idk just expected more from a world class intellectual.
saw peter singer speak a few months ago and he wouldn't shut up about vegetarianism. PETA is crazy because it has to get people's attention to issues that deserve attention but no one cares about.
How do I search for JJVE on rakuten/Y!? And if anyone sees anything in L please holler
http://www.gr@iled.com/listings/66228-helmut-lang-ballistic-astro-moto-biker     what are the odds that one of these will appear in 48/50 in black during my lifetime
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