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The common and cheap choice are chuck taylors. Anything with a stable base will work, so no running shoes or sneakers with cushioning. I wouldn't get romaleos or powerlifts unless you're putting up weight that can cause serious injuries.
You don't need weightlifting shoes unless you're serious about power or olympic lifting, and more so for olympic lifts. You can get by with chucks or anything that has a firm and flat sole for squatting.
Odds on Arsene leaving after this season? I don't see it happening as Arsenal will most likely finish strong and make people forget what happened. There are also no available top managers.
Looking forward to the CL matchups though they don't seem as exciting as last year's. Napoli might be able to pull off something given their recent form.
really nice to have the lower lining and concealed buttons back on the new merino, if only the flap pockets were replaced also.
Do we have a SF fantasy league going?
The waist isn't a huge deal, I'm more concerned about the rest of the pant. I have an idea of how they're supposed to fit and I'm not sure if I would get the same with sizing down. I'm usually a 34, deciding between M and L.
Should I size down on the narrow trousers? Thinking of getting one of the pairs on sale.
I like headporter tankers.
I recommend going bespoke for laptops through xotic, prostar, mythlogic, etc. You get better value and can pick what you want.
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