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Here's my 30% off AA code: lganzfkzs7, not sure if it can be used multiple times, I've not used it, ends 7/17.
Double post
Which alternatives may I ask? Thanks.
  or     or neither cuz not worth the price?
Watched Carlos Reygadas's Japon. For those not familiar, he's a great imitator and borrower of masters like Kiarostami, Tarkovsky, Dreyer, but does it well enough to be considered an auteur in his own right, and probably the most highly regarded Mexican filmmaker. I'm sure there's a fashion equivalent somewhere. Also who can guess where my avatar is from?
Speaking of that, has anyone actually asked a stranger what he/she is wearing?
What size did you get for the cable knit? I asked unionmade to re-measure thinking the listed numbers are too small, and they ended giving me a even narrower p2p that's 2" slimmer than the MHL sweater I own in the same size. 20.5" vs. 22" for medium.
Then I don't understand why they'd make their workshirts in fairly standard sizing but slim way the hell down for knits/jackets/outerwear? Surely one or the other must be wrong. I just like how the dude goes, yea I took a look at the measurements and am sticking by those, including the 21" length measured on the denim jacket that would fit like a girl's belly shirt.
BBJ workshirt   BBJ Denim Jacket   Customer service response when I asked them to remeasure:     Ok.. I guess I don't want it that badly... looks like they want you to wear the workshirt over the jacket.
http://store.americanapparel.net/let-s-get-acquainted_cat1710144?mpch=ads   Nvm needs promo code
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