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 Gwent is one of the most rewarding features of the game, doesn't take long to learn the rules and it gets really fun and addicting later on. The world is overwhelming but you don't have to do most side missions. You don't really have to worry about builds/leveling/runes either cuz most of the fights are pretty easy. You'll know when you're underleveled. The story and production are some of the best ever for the genre.  Thinking about getting a PS4 for Bloodborne and...
I meant if the same cut across line 10, 14, and different designs fit similarly. Like if I should take the same size in all cuts marked "slim" regardless of material or season.
team china switching to split jerk for rio?
Does anyone know if Margiela denim fits the same across cuts? Slim/regular, etc?
Lu failed all 3 attempts in c&j at world championships wtf
what's the leg opening for the skinny tapered?
anyone have experience with quitting smoking?
Alright so I dug up my measurements and these are the ones for the size V I sold:   19" s2s 23.5" p2p 27.5" shoulder to sleeve 38" length   which are pretty similar to Namor's VI. I remember him being an XL, so this would go with what bert said about the VI fitting more like an XL than an L, but then the measurements look similar so I'm confused. I did remember the sleeves hitting the middle of my hand, and if they were any longer they'd need hemming.   Also, are the...
 thats a real thing?
When's the black/white coming out, January? All white looks good, speckled soles is whatever, not that bad.
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