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 unless your waist is a 24, then there's no way an 11.25" thigh is anything close to too muscular to fit into skinny jeans.
They're pretty substantial for that style of shirts, great for laying but don't have to be layered, not see through in the least. Pretty sure the FW ones are thicker than the previous season's. They're cut very well, good draping.
Please buy out the remaining voidthebrand stock so they don't go out of business. The shirts are terrifically tailored and are a steal at the current prices.   http://voidthebrand.com/
Do the Figaria and Elodea size the same as the Oxalis or quilted pullover?
are you supposed to size down for drkshdw prisoner pants or any drop crotch pants?
think my legs have gone from 25.5" to like 23.5" ish just from cutting, squat has increased throughout. Fat takes up a lot more space than muscle.
upper arms will most likely be too tight but maybe you can get it tailored, otherwise just start cutting.
can size up one for a more relaxed fit. I assume the quality doesn't change much from season to season either? If so then I probably should've gotten like three of the saddle necks and made blankets out of them.
These fit the same every season right? If so then not sure why MrP says to size down.
http://www.mrporter.com/en-us/mens/margaret_howell/wool-and-cashmere-blend-melange-sweater/314857   all sizes available wtf are you guys doing
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