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If I'm getting minor bruises on my sternum from power cleaning, what does that say about my form? That I'm not resting the weight properly?
is it ok to not wear socks with leather insoles? ok as in odor/effect on material, etc, not look.
looks like red wing and trickers, dont know model
I got the regular straight selvedge and don't really like it, top is fine but the rest is way too loose and flappy, it's regular straight I know but I don't like the fit. Construction and fabric is great for the price.
Got a pair of JB406s, it's got a nice weird guy like fit that's good for people with big thighs who still want a strong taper. Love the texture and construction. Thanks Kevin and Jay!      
 I pretty much wore my navy one everyday during spring, it's a very relaxed blazer and if you're walking into a class where everyone's wearing sweatpants, just put the collar up and you'll look even more relaxed.
It was going for around $200 on bureau even with the exchange rate, a day later they were all gone.
Watched Jim Jarmusch's Only Lovers Left Alive. So there's this scene where a centuries old vampire is going through all the books she's packing for a trip to see her vampire husband. Among the texts are Endgame, Don Quixote, and then the camera shows Infinite Jest packed in the same suitcase and I lol'd and couldn't take the movie seriously anymore. Apparently in the bourgeois intellectual's wet dream, which is what the film really is, immortal vampire geniuses do nothing...
Are there steps you can take to protect yourself as a seller via SF sales? Paypal payment.
my brookline runs slightly slimmer than the bedford. But I've noticed some retailers measure from the side seam to side seam for p2p, and others give the true side to side measurement, sometimes there's a significant difference depending on the cut. My large bedford is 22" side to side but 21.5" seam to seam. I have a 42" chest and it fits fine. I don't think waist should matter too much since EG jackets are cut loose at the hem anyway.
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