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Yea i think the newer stuff is tts, though i mightve sized wrong for my pods, but L for prisoners is definitely correct for me, im 34, L in isoara
I took large for prisoner and pods from 15ss
Cruvoir has a bunch of pieces up for pre-order, including most of the items in the photos posted above.
What do you mean by technique? I almost failed the reps and was well rested
on pc yea, got it from GoG, the only one that I remember was my stamina not regenerating outside of combat, but if I'd meditated it'd be fine.
I played it upon release and it was pretty smooth, only stamina occasionally not regening, etc, nothing game breaking. There's been 5 patches since so most of the bugs should be fixed.
i fking took a week and a half off and then weighed myself three days after lifting again and lost 5 lbs, most of it gains cuz I lost a couple of reps off of every lift. Wasn't really trying to lose weight fuck
some shitty pictures of leather ramones with fleece pods and prisoners  [[SPOILER]]
Any opinions on the amor trousers? Thinking about getting the black ones on SP but im hesitant about the color
Does anyone know what the leather code LN stands for? It's for the mollino here: http://www.mrporter.com/en-us/mens/rick_owens/funnel-collar-leather-jacket/565352 From the pictures the leather looks better than washed or blistered lamb
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