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    Is this cool or too minimal and bland?
I started reading A Brief History of Neoliberalism per a friend's recommendation. I know very little about economics aside from my macro class which basically taught some form of "a rising tide lifts all boats." Halfway through the book I still don't understand why and how stagflation was so rampant in the 70s, which Harvey seems to admit was the main factor in the rise of Reagan and Thatcher, but instead focuses on a conspiracy theory of the financial elite in America...
women's is better I think, though def getting one or more coats.
ed droste is only new york poor, though that was a good piece
I'd definitely feel uncomfortable if my jacket was worth more than what my bandmates were making from an entire tour.
they make a lot less than those professions
Can the people who've received their Bless hoodcoats post some pictures?
lol @ indie keyboard band wearing CCP
I'm definitely doing that next time cuz I wanna know what it's like to make money off of selling clothes on grailed.
this was earlier today, almost failing 275lbs with constipated face while trying on romaleos for the first time. They kinda help but my feet are still moving around a bit as I'm coming up, mostly forward.  
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