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http://workingtitleshop.com/   great place for EG/MH/Schneider, quick replies, helpful, CAD, and they always mark down.
apparently most of the raf pieces on grailed 100 were sold to ian connor at lower prices than what other people offered.
I don't mind if people ask how many sets I have left but I don't like when they stand next to the rack cuz it makes me feel rushed. There's a line at the weight room and the common etiquette should be to wait there and wait for a rack to open.   I do share if someone asks, but people generally know not to ask if it's squat and there's a big difference in height or weight. I've never asked to work in even when the gym is super full.
I meant to be funny but I guess it didn't come off that way. Those are very minor annoyances that I thought was pretty random and amusing. Not used to going to the gym when it's super full. You guys are some mean pollyannas.   The reasons I didn't offer to share a squat rack with the girl in yoga pants who's a foot shorter than me and squats close to the bar were because: it would've been inconvenient, and it would've been creepy. Inconvenient because of the bar and...
sorry I did miss that, I'm drunk.
cuz I would've lost my spot in the line.   can we just steer the topic to things I hate at the gym?   bros who wear sleeveless shirts and proceed to rub their scent all over the squat rack   beats headphones, seriously I see so many   people who are squatting 50lbs more than they should be and quarter squatting, more worried for than hate.   bros who only deadlift and make a huge deal about it everytime, swear to god I've never seen those people do anything...
the color is odessa I think, haven't seen it in a while.
are you...certain? I have these measurements on a notepad, took them as soon as I got it. Laid flat, etc   19" s2s 23.5" p2p 27.5" shoulder to sleeve 38" length   it was a size V merino from AW11, but the cut should be the same as the NMWA version.
It's a school gym, there are 8 squat racks for 30k students. I went during the busiest time off the day and waited for like 20min for a rack to open, as soon as it opened I jumped in, put my stuff down, went to the bathroom and got a foam roller. i had been doing the same thing for a year and a half. Some of the PLers get chalk out and do band stretches at the rack before they lift. I just do frog squats and leg swings. I don't know if that girl was in the line behind me,...
Thank you NMWA for allowing me to walk in without an appointment and decked out in tech ninja. Will most likely visit again soon to get a suit, probably ninja'd out again.
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