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What I've been wearing for the last week at my school library, perfect collegecore stealth:   AA/RO Intarsia/Qlo x PL cargos/Nike    
The last New Yorker fashion article I remember was a nice piece on Balmain, otherwise nothing sticks out even though they have "fashion" issues.
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 Rick looks good
I hate the Gustin ad where it says something like "we don't use celebrities or fancy ads, we just make the highest quality american denim, etc." Way more annoying regular ads.
On the topic of real winter gear, are there any cheap-ish, clean looking, preferably black, no fur, solidly made parkas that aren't from traditional outdoor wear brands like Columbia, REI, Northface, etc? Not feeling the +J ones and also heard uniqlo down isn't very warm. Basically looking for a beater parka to go along with beater combat boots.
i get body image issues all the time from looking at ervell and japanese measurements.
who's the model?
I was looking for the exact same kind of boots for winter and ended up getting buttero combat boots that I'm planning to use suede protector on. Also have a pair of bean boots like every other New Englander for when it gets bad.
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