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Been trying to load the site for 30min and it hasn't worked.
Couple questions. Are all LVC 501s unsanforized except for the rinsed versions? I'm looking for a loose or regular tapered jean and found the 54 501 and 66 501 to match that fit, what is the difference between the two fits? Measurements seem to say the 54 is slightly slimmer. Are there any models that fit similar? And finally, is there much difference between the rinsed and rigid versions except the pre-wash? Thanks.
  So this cote ciel bag is roomy and looks to be well constructed, but it has some next level futuristic shape which kinda bothers me as I can't imagine it going with anything except for some tech ninja acronym outfit. Leaning towards the headporter daypack, I'm looking for utility first and foremost. Thanks for suggestions.
headporter daypack, only roomy backpack I could find that wasn't crazy expensive. Has anyone from the US tried ordering from the headporter site? It declined my credit card for some reason.  
If I'm getting minor bruises on my sternum from power cleaning, what does that say about my form? That I'm not resting the weight properly?
is it ok to not wear socks with leather insoles? ok as in odor/effect on material, etc, not look.
looks like red wing and trickers, dont know model
I got the regular straight selvedge and don't really like it, top is fine but the rest is way too loose and flappy, it's regular straight I know but I don't like the fit. Construction and fabric is great for the price.
Got a pair of JB406s, it's got a nice weird guy like fit that's good for people with big thighs who still want a strong taper. Love the texture and construction. Thanks Kevin and Jay!      
 I pretty much wore my navy one everyday during spring, it's a very relaxed blazer and if you're walking into a class where everyone's wearing sweatpants, just put the collar up and you'll look even more relaxed.
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