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only problem I have with grana scoop necks is they're too short
blistered plinth mollino?  
My lower back has been hurting, I saw a school nurse, she said to stop lifting for a few months and only walk or swim for exercise since those are the only things that won't aggravate it. She did some simple tests and said she didn't think it was a disc issue. It's like a specific spot on the right side of my lower back, feels pretty deep, my right foot/hamstring goes numb sometimes depending on how I'm sitting or lying down. It started to hurt after squats too, I haven't...
Anyone getting Metal Gear Solid 5?
Need help with the sizing of these 7 hole '73s. I'm a 10.5EE brannock, 10.5 length with wide feet, 11s in most sneakers, 44 in GATS/CPs. I've tried on 10.5s in last season's skagways and virgils and they fit well. Would a 10.5 in these fit me? And should I get these? Have been hunting for a pair of virgils for a while but these seem like a good deal.     https://www.gr@iled.com/listings/183064-visvim-7-hole-73
wrong thread oops
If you have a Galvanic from FW14, you can trade it in for either store credit, refund if you bought it from the Veilance site, or exchange it for the season's version. Arc'teryx is doing a recall due to a fabric problem.
I fasted for 20 hours today for the first time, lifted kinda hard during the last few hours. Drank some water during the fast, didn't feel much otherwise, seemed pretty easy after the initial hunger urge. I think I ate about 1k calories in one sitting after, which is about my normal limit. Tempted to try it again but not sure how healthy this is.
could someone link the reddit diet guide again? Thanks
    Is this cool or too minimal and bland?
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