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I don't mind the silver that much but I can see how they can give off a Buscemi look. I'm more disappointed that they're not as high nor sleek as I'd hoped.
Bad week for England.
Dries "Kirke" tux. Sized wrong but ordered a bigger one. If anyone wants this I'll let it go for an SF price. It's a 50 but fits slim, best for a 48. 17" shoulders, 20.75" chest.  
Sales round-up:   Dries suit, tux, shirts, knit, tie:         Velcros:     RO:     UC:     Schneider Crossword, sorry to SP for being a sales monger:     Will probably pick up this post imperial pocket square:     Still need dress shoes
These are 43s cuz my CP 44s were a tad too long and were still too narrow at first. Length fits fine, width is pretty adjustable with the straps. 44s would probably be better though.
Not as into these as I thought I'd be. They need really skinny/tapered pants or pinroll. Leather and construction seem solid though.  
I think lamb is more practical in general for jackets unless you actually ride in them.
The Heschung Arum are pre-orders for Fall. Tried on Aldens today and really did not like them. Toes are really pointy and heels are bulky, CM only shoes.
UC SS17 strong af:     http://pausemag.co.uk/2016/06/pfw-undercover-springsummer-2017-collection/
Last Derbies/PTBs post. Found two British options per MoK, both look pretty similar and have Dannite soles:   Cheany Deal     Barker Nairn     Tricker's Woodstock Espresso. These are slightly more expensive and look weird from the side but I prefer this color over black     Alden black calf PTBs       AE Leeds cost as much as the Cheany and are probably not as well made. Loake 205s use polished binder. Aldens are the most expensive.
New Posts  All Forums: