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so I dont have to chop the chicken breasts up, just throw them in along with stock, spices, cook on low for like 6-7 hours then add vegetables near the end?
 got a detailed recipe? Thanks
Got a 6 quart crockpot, I googled recipes for hours but everything looked either too complicated with too many ingredients or too high sodium/carbs. What's something relatively simple I can make in bulk, as in enough macros to last me 3-4 days? A whole chicken with a bunch of soup vegetables? I read chuck steak has too much fat and hard to calculate macros. I don't wanna buy stock cuz of high sodium.
is this... an ok looking MA-1/G-1? I don't really like shearling collars but I like Isaora and the combination of tech fabrics and traditoinal design.  
I think I will watch that one as well and finish Jeanne Dielman. She made a lot of films but her oeurve seems daunting and impenetrable. Just really heartbreaking to see an artist and auteur pass on in this manner.    Some films I bookmarked in the recent months and plan to watch, hopefully in the next weeks:   Café Lumière - Hou Hsiao-Hsien Tu Dors Nicole - Stéphane Lafleur Winter Sleep - Nuri Bilge Ceylan Vive l'Amour - Tsai Ming-liang Phoenix - Christian Petzold
 This is so sad to read, hope it wasn't what happened: 
Bored by the archetypal hero plot (against a really complex socialeconomic backstory) and the protagonist actor, direction was good.   To clarify, Oscar Issac is a boring fucking actor, he showed a bit of flair in Llewyn Davis then just typical Hollywood lead man BS in rest of his films. I liked him in Ex Machina but not in anything since.
The girl in Show Me a Hero is cute, otherwise I was bored.   Best film I saw in the past few months was Queen of the Earth. Not a lot of good films in general though.
Sage looks really nice
I think the all CAPS thing should be analyzed more
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