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High Maintenance is pretty good, HBO show about a weed dealer who delivers around Brooklyn, based on a webseries that's also good.
I'm rooting for the guy.  
Managed to grab the cargos. I'm confused at the logic of what sells out first. The black alpine jacket is gone, the khaki is still there. The cargos are all there but the khaki and grey sweatpants and woven pants are gone. I would've thought that the cargos would sell out way before the other pants. Are the stocks different for each item?
First time this happened to me:  
kindle paperwhite, earphones
Would I need a bot to get the ACG cargos tomorrow?
I think it became a different timeline when she woke up.
 Where's that from?
 I'm just irked by some of the logic of the world, such as that [[SPOILER]]
Did anyone get these Gravitypope derbies?  
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