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  New Nintendo consoles looks good, basically a mobile + console that uses cartridges.
Anyone watching Insecure on HBO? Pretty good start.   Atlanta's getting better and better, highly recommended even if you don't like Donald Glover, or in some cases, shows about black people, or just black people.
I used to remove the lining from the Merino but keep the hood and wear that buttoned up during fall, it was impractical to wear it buttoned with the lining. I'm wondering if the wool Fresco jacket has the same problem. Really wish there's a long coat based on the Fresco.   Why does no one want this Satire jacket? It's been sitting there for months.   https://www.notre-shop.com/collections/stephan-schneider/products/saltire-jacket-in-night
Kinda wish the Conservation and Memory had hidden buttons like the Merino.
The Bauer injury lol, could possibly ruin the entire series for CLE if they lose tonight and Kluber has to pitch game 4.
Pretty sure the first blazer is Night? The tag on the second blazer says so.
Any thoughts on the wool pleated trousers?
I don't see how the Bon Iver album is good, listened to it all the way through a few times and it gets worse with each listen, bunch of weird electronic sounds including auto tune, some smooth jazz near the end. All the song titles are in weird characters, like he's too above the game to use the regular alphabet now.
I hope they did some math beforehand cuz this doesn't seem very profitable.
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