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I actually agree with Ata on this one.
available anywhere in NA?
It'll darken no matter what with wear.
 I sprayed mine with meltonian then just beat them to shit. I feel like black is pointless, natural ages.
 Korea train choo choo
Was Stillman the first American bourgeoise talking about bourgeoise things director? I know Baumbach comes from a similar place and I saw Kicking & Screaming, though it was about students. Same intellectual class but a bit poorer, like in Francis Ha. I can see that Stillman would be a natural fit for Austen. I like Rohmer a lot though the characters in his films are more distant from me.
 I thought it was pretty bad. It tried to imitate The White Ribbon in depicting the same violence, repression, religious discipline, totalitarian origins of pre WWII Europe, except for a single family instead of a village, but the scenes were just a series of disjointed incidents that did not amount to anything unlike Haneke's far more intricate plot. I didn't like the Scott Walker score either, kind of a mismatch of aesthetics. The grand reveal at the end answered a...
Finished half of the list. Favorite was Love & Friendship, tempted to watch Stillman's older films. I didn't think Toni Erdmann and Elle were as good as the reviews made them out to be. Verhoeven's direction was deliberately plain but the story just wasn't that interesting. I thought Huppert was much better in The Piano Teacher. The humor in Toni Erdmann did not translate, it was a touching story of reconciliation between father and daughter but nothing more.
 same, especially for wider legs, pleated is much better.
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