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 shouldn't laugh but I did, hope she died a martyr instead of from some tremendously stupid accident.
what about 3 day/week splits, can't really go more than that.
what about if my goal is to have the best possible physique for fashion, long, lean and size 48, but also look super ripped. Still low reps and starve myself but do more arms?  This makes a lot of sense and is what I'm experiencing. Going from 1-2 day rest between squat days to 4-5 days made me peak but is probably bad for long term.
I've no hard goals except getting stronger while preferably remaining the same size in clothes. What kind of 3 split can I do besides starting strength or stronglift?
Is push/pull/legs really a good split? I'm worried that going from squatting and benching 3x a week to 1x is going backwards. Though I focus on each area more than with traditional stronglift + accessory work.
 I got a large in that shirt and it fits like shit on me, sleeves way too big for the body length. Either I'm not thin enough or my shoulders aren't wide enough.
I thought you're supposed to cut carbs instead of fat? I get something like 150g of protein, 100g of fat and anywhere from 80-200g of carbs on a 2k diet.   Btw hit two plate bench 1RM today, 1 year + 1 month after started lifting and couldn't bench 1 plate.
II is a great game, havent had time to finish it tho
i've been cutting but also getting drunk on vodka everyday for the past week and lost 3lbs while PRing on deadlift.
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