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does this print look phallic?  
 the dream is still alive engrish sounding names: won hundred, N.Hoolywoodawful name all around: brooklyn we go hardunpronounceable name: Arc'teryx Veilancegood names: lad musician, undercover
wolf vs. goat is also a terrible name. SF's indie connect is impressive, so like.. anyone know if st. vincent's gay?
 Not at all I don't think, off the top of my head: Kazu Makino from Blond Redhead, Toko Yasuda from Enon, the girl from Asobi Seksu, all Japanese though I think.  No but A Kind of Guise can mean "a type of mask," which is a good and even somewhat poetic name for a fashion label, it can also mean, as others have pointed out, "a kind of guys" which is a cheesy double entendre, so it's like saying, we're a serious brand but also playful and cheesy.
 Their asian girl is pretty cool, saw them live years go, didn't like anything past the second album though. They caught a good time of when that lo-fi sound was popular with pitchfork sheeps. A kind of guise is a great name wtf? In what way can it be bad?
I like that because the Uniqlo MoMA line is curated by MoMA, they picked a bunch of artists who probably would've been ok with their paintings printed on a tshirt. I don't have any other graphic tees besides those and sometimes I feel pretty cool wearing a Basquiat African head on my chest cuz it shows I'm bout dat life. But on the other hand something feels off, don't know what exactly. It's interesting that highbrow fashion often draws inspiration from not very highbrow...
Ida is the only one I've seen but My Summer of Love made Emily Blunt.
Watched Pawel Pawlikowski's Ida, impressive film. About a teenage nun in 1960's Poland who leaves her convent for the first time, and along with her aunt, try to locate the grave of Ida's mother, who died years ago while hiding from the Nazis. The action and subtext of the film are very clear and direct despite little dialogue. An art film critics can praise without reservation.     also saw Chantal Akerman's La Folie Almayer.     Akerman is a very interesting...
Should I be soaking the black 018s as well? Not looking to make the color lighter. They're also not nearly as stiff as the 008s pre-soak.
 this girls a good actress, also half egyptian/half german, pretty hawt, mom's Nastassja Kinski.
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