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have logged about 1.5 days on the witcher 3 since release, yea it's pretty good and I usually hate the Red Dead Redemption sandbox type games.
yea the suiting wool TOJ ma-1 is much better quality and down filled compared to the RO/drkshdw ma-1. But TOJ's silhouette was awkward for me whereas the drkshdw is perfect. Just don't get the 100% nylon version drkshdw one and stick with the cotton/nylon blend version from last year. I've never handled the mainline MA-1 but I can't imagine it's worth it at 3x the price when the fit is similar.
Anyone playing Witcher 3? I was scared my laptop wouldn't be able to handle it but I'm running the game comfortably at high/medium with a 970m, game looks great so far, truly an open world environment unlike the previous one. Reminds me of third person Far Cry.
I wish we can move on
damn, dem gains
 the EG shirt in large was too slim?
it's perfect, let's move on.
man I'm so tired of seeing the phrase "has a lot of life left," a hoodie isn't a car where it'll just stop working one day. And I assume the worst that can happen to a sneaker is the sole wearing out. If something actually falls apart then it probably wasn't well constructed in the first place and not due to extended wear.
it's the only bomber with its specific cut, it fits tts. I wear mine a lot and like how it fits.
i think it's the memphis or skirted pants/pods. I have the same bomber, it's more flimsy than it looks in picture but fits the same.
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