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No virgils this season or did Haven not pick up any?
Saw this in the Rick Owens thread:  ORLY? When your 52 fits like a 46, I interpret that as saying stay away from barbells.
The founder of Fear of God seems pretty interesting though. His father was a pro baseball player and he used to work for the Dodgers. He says he built Matt Kemp's (lol) "brand," w/e that is now.
I will make sure to give the coat its proper due before I ask about it next time.
Please elaborate on how my questions indicate a dislike for the coat. If I said instead, w0wz0rs I love the low pockets!!!11, is this an intended design??? Would you have interpreted my question differently?
So I got this coat...  [[SPOILER]]  and I've a few questions. The pockets are really low, intended? Don't think I could size down. There's lining everywhere except for the arms, which are just thin pieces of wool. Why? Do you guys' arms ever get cold? I can't seem to button up the front with the hood liner attached without the front getting really bulky, the hood lining doesn't really stack when I piece them together. Is this coat only intended to be buttoned without the...
slim tapered jeans with PBJ fabric pls
eluther nice blog, i was foaming at the mouth over the north face purple label collection too.
When is it okay to wear a light colored outer piece, like a cardigan, blazer, etc, with a dark or darker item underneath? Like what color combinations are generally okay? Also, does dark brown/mocha/chocolate, etc, boots go with black pants? Is dark brown the most versatile color for boots overall? Assuming streetwear, and something like jeans or slim casual trousers for the pants. Thanks.
Not sure how much cheaper but somets
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