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Should I size up on the sweater for the shoulders? I know the pictures aren't great. The top is L, pods are M, feel like it'd be weird to wear XL top with M pods.  [[SPOILER]]
Do we have a SWD jewelry thread? Feel like there should be one.   Edit: There is one but it was hirsched, I don't wanna bump it out of respect.
I'm not exactly sure what IQ is, but if it's something like natural talent, then sure, people talented at math will learn it faster. I was merely making the point, drunkenly, that students with a rigorous grade school math education, such as those in China, will handle advanced material much better than those who don't study geometry until high school, like in the US. This might lead to the perception that the better prepared students are in some ways more talented at...
Mildly interesting, I went and got a pair of HS vibramed a week ago, the shoesmith recognized them immediately and said he had an elderly customer who ordered a pair of brogues from them years back when they were still doing custom orders. This is in a rural New England town where the biggest mall in ~50 miles has only an H&M.   I was also told that HS apparently accepted custom ordered sneakers years ago, until someone requested a pair so complicated and time-consuming...
Project No.8 (not sure if they're still carrying) Schwittenberg Brown's Neighbour Acolyth (outdated) Other/shop Eth0s (in-store, have to ask) ssense Cruvoir   A whole bunch of Japanese stockists, lift, etc, but they only carry up to size 4.
I forgot where I saw this, but a Japanese store did a whole shoot with navy achilles for one of the recent seasons and everything was styled really well. You'll need boots for winter and foul weather. Chelsea/side zips would be the safest.
Anything minimally designed should be fine, imo footwear doesn't matter much for Schneider. I think Greg/gdl mentioned that one of the models from the FW16 lookbook used his own pair of loafers. If you wanna be absolutely safe and fashionable at the same time, I think a pair of navy, or maybe black achilles would work with almost everything. For dressier shoes, a pair of black loafers or plain derbies would work. I think the goal should be to draw as little attention to...
I picked up the Vasari trouser and they are pretty nice. The pattern is almost the same as the charcoal Burheads from two years ago. Waist is slightly elastic, good fit with a slight taper.  
 Dries/COS/HS Better shot of sweater:   [[SPOILER]]
COS mid-season sale:   http://www.cosstores.com/us/Men_Sale/All_Sale
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