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Will keep an eye out!
When did Corneliani use these two labels? The first one has the "corneliani older" pocket tag, and the second one has the current one from this Tailored Consignment website...         Thanks for the help!
Somebody get this (ending very soon): http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ralph-Lauren-Shirt-Pristine-16-5-Collar-42-Chest-RRP-110-/222154278197?hash=item33b96d4535:g:DOsAAOSwjXRXYYb-   Not my colour, otherwise I'd be all over it.
Thanks so much! [/sarcasm]No, seriously, what kind of leather is that? It doesn't look embossed.
Guys, what do I have here? Bag: Belt:
Dibs on the 42, if 3roll2 and affordable enough :)
I own the Darcy shirt and can tell you it's very good (not the softest cotton on the body, but in other respects I very much like it).They ship quite quickly, but I have no idea on their customer service. Best give them a call(As a side note - I bought and wore it for my graduation - University of Edinburgh - where wing collar, white bow tie, dark suit were the dress code, along with academic robes, obviously. I wore morning dress).If there's interest, I can find a pic
Somebody grab these. They're C&J.   Shitty pics, but they should be good: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/172159902314?euid=5a45403f1c1a4dcbb167215f5374e66a&cp=1
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