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Wow... What a coat! What coat is it?
paging @SpooPoker : http://www.oxfam.org.uk/shop/mens-clothing/accessories/bnib-gino-ferrari-red-silk-tie-with-jacquard-prancing-horses-with-yellow-box-hd_100446382   :D
LOVE the paisley neats :)
^I believe so, yes.
So, some (shitty) pics of the aforementioned Moncler:  [[SPOILER]] Pointing to genuine:-Real fur, down (burn test)-Factory typo (NUE DOUNE)-Real leather-good material-good quality of manufacture-some things that just "feel right" - i.e. there are buttonholes to button in the fur collar, and the ones at both ends ar just slightly smaller than the rest (to prevent accidental unbuttoning)-The zippers, apart from the main one, are Lampo-All tags, etc in correct places-all...
I'll take some when I get home...It's that one, yes - it's supposed to say NEU DOUNE and says NUE DOUNE, iirc. There is also this - the main zipper is YKK, and not Lampo, but I found a webpage saying that older models could have YKK... (The other zippers such as the one to remove the fur are Lampo, though).
Does anyone know anything about real/fake Monclers? Specifically - would you think someone would fake a Moncler and go to such lengths as to use real fur (and a fair amount of it), real down, do good stitching, use good waterproof materials etc.   It's a jacket my girlfriend bought (for fairly cheap, so even if fake it's a decent deal), and the thing is it's supposed to be pre-2008, so it has no certilogo to check authenticity and be sure about it.   We've read all...
Do you lot know Oxfam online? It's the UK version of online charity shops... Check it out. I found a lot of interesting stuff there, and they quite often don't know what they're selling... Scored two grenadines recently for around 5 pounds each. :) An interesting piece right here (price isn't amazing, though...): http://www.oxfam.org.uk/shop/mens-clothing/suits-and-tailoring/ozwald-boateng-size-medium-40-chest-reg-length-navy-blue-smartstylish-wool-desi-hd_100443563
Probably, I know nothing about that sort of thing    I thought that the question was about tailored SCs.
These could be kids or more likely, womens. I know Church's makes some of their models for both. Quote:Originally Posted by ridethecliche  Are more casual sc's/jackets supposed to be worn longer? Thrifted a cord sc a while ago that comes down a little past my wrists and I wondered if the 'rules' are different for casual vs formal jackets. I know chore coats are longer for instance but that's swd stuff.No, casual or not, they should be the same.
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