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I'd be interested to see the blazer and tie pics, too.
PM sent.
And if it's a true 42, then it'd be good for me.
^ me, too.
Will keep an eye out!
When did Corneliani use these two labels? The first one has the "corneliani older" pocket tag, and the second one has the current one from this Tailored Consignment website...         Thanks for the help!
Somebody get this (ending very soon): http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ralph-Lauren-Shirt-Pristine-16-5-Collar-42-Chest-RRP-110-/222154278197?hash=item33b96d4535:g:DOsAAOSwjXRXYYb-   Not my colour, otherwise I'd be all over it.
Thanks so much! [/sarcasm]No, seriously, what kind of leather is that? It doesn't look embossed.
Guys, what do I have here? Bag: Belt:
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