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Thanks! I still need to learn a lot.
Need some help: Gren or no gren?         Thanks and sorry for bad photos...
[[SPOILER]] Ah, I must have been relying on a bad source! Thanks for the info.
Traditionally, dinner jackets would have had plain, unadorned buttons - just like the ones that are currently on your jacket. Satin-covered ones are a modern "thing".
What can you do, this guy oozes class...
This Belvest is magnificent :DSize?
Well, my first foray into fits... This is (mostly) thrifted: Suit - Canali, thrift Shirt - PRL Italy, thrift Tie - John Comfort, thrift PS - no name cotton, thrifted Not pictured: C&J Hallam in dark brown - factory store (subs)   Frank comments welcome and much appreciated! And now for the bad workman blaming the tools: I have my wallet  and phone in my jacket, and keys in my right trouser pocket, which distorts the silhouette a bit... :P
^ I figured... It's almost exactly the same as the one in the OP, just the font and type of printing being different.
It looks quite similar, especially the sequence of boxes but I don't know...  It isn't exactly the same. Could it still be Zegna? Can there be slight variation in the tags? Seeing that it was for the English speaking market, they could decide to do it only in English, and change it a bit... EDIT:Just for reference, this is from the other G&H thing, and it was said to me that this is Belvest:
Does anyone know the maker of this one? It's from a Gieves & Havkes DB blazer, fully canvassed... I have seen Belvest G&H, is this theirs, too?  
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