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The trip today was fruitless... Well, it is what it is.Anyway, here's today's follow-up to yesterday's post: Accessories & generally interesting/odd stuff Ties:  [[SPOILER]]  Handkerchiefs [[SPOILER]]  Formalwear [[SPOILER]]  Misc. [[SPOILER]]
Snoogz & Spoo - Thanks for the kind words!   It is sort of menacing to put together the first post after seeing parades of Kiton, Brioni and the like in this thread...  But, different country, different thrifts, I guess. It only makes sense. I'll try some thrift-fits sometime...   Also - I'm going out on my weekly thrift-prowl tomorrow. Wish me luck. :D
Hello all!I've been keeping track of this thread for some time, and, since some of the knowledge gained here helped me find some things, I've decided to share my meager finds. These (mostly) come from charity shops around Edinburgh, Scotland (where I study - I come from Slovenia), and are all for me. I'm not doing this for profit, just in order to build some sort of wardrobe that I'll need after my studies are done. (I apologise for taking the pics with a potato... Also,...
Hello all!Does anyone have any information on this label? It's slightly damaged - or, at least the white thread is, the label is not torn or anything. I am asking because I have no idea even of what it actually says, and there is no information on the internet that could help me...What would the collective knowledge of the vintege thread say about the decade? My tailor and I reckon it's late 30s - early 40s. It's from a evening dress suit I acquired. More photos in the...
That's for evening dress (white tie), not morning dress.Otherwise quite interesting :D
Thanks for the quick reply!What's the quality, then? The fully canvassed stuff similar to Belvest Mainline, and the half-canvas to their silver label?
Quick question - Any idea which maker's tag is this? It's from a suit by Gieves&Hawkes RTW, made in Italy (curiously)...  [[SPOILER]] What is the overall quality of these G&H RTW suits, anyways?I've seen quite a few in thrifts around here (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Hello all!I bought these Cole Haan Collection shoes, they seemed a fairly good deal - I paid 66GBP.They are suede brogues, with a dainite sole, and a few "made in England" tags scattered around the shoe (it says insole made in England, and there is a tag on the heel). I doubt this means the whole shoe was made in England... Or does it? Does anyone have any input on this?What is the overall quality of this line? And for this price - is it a good deal?  [[SPOILER]]
Cross-post from  the state of black tie thread, could you help with identifying the age of this suit? I bought this in a charity shop here, in Edinburgh, where I study. It seems quite to very old to me, but I'm far from sure. One clue to its age is the fact that it's a 3-piece. And that the company by which it was made stopped work in 1985, I think.It's fully canvased, ad made of a heavy, very soft, and breathable barathea wool fabric (too old to be synthetic. And much too...
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