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I have a large roster of NFL players and most of them want unique looks and I have to keep a record of who has what to make sure that I don't make 2. Most of the players are well dressed and are usually required to wear coat and tie for all road games and most just go ahead and dress for home games becuase they like it. It's a better image for kids to aspire to than sweats and hoodies.
Assuming it is a solid color 2-button center/no vent and your waist is around 33"-34", 2 1/8 to 2 1/4 yards should suffice. Add 1/4 yard for plaids/windowpanes and 1/8 yard for side vents.
I have sold 2 suits from the H&S Initial series, both to NFL players. It gives me something unique to offer clients. One had his mother's name woven in as the stripe and the oter one had his jersey number.
The cost for VBC Revenge from Gladson (their US distributor) landed is $130.00 a yard.
The two twisted silks is what I use to form the cross stitch. It can easily be performed by a tailor or seamstress on any garment with peak lapels. Heavier goods (i.e. tweeds) don't usually need it, but it is a form of preventive maintenance due to how dry cleaners tend to handle clothing. I used to sell Corneliani (best made $1000.00 suit on the market) in my retail store and they came that way from the factory, but they could have let one slip through.
I use a cross-stitch on all peak lapel garments to achieve the same effect. It is used to prevent "dog ears".
Yes I would say that Barbaris is the best bang for the buck. I charge $1998.00 for a 2 piece suit in the Revenge 130s and I believe that it is far superior in tailoring and wearing characteristics to other mills that I have to charge $2500 and up for. Again, my favorite is the Barberis 110s for year-round trousers. Every now and then I will get offers from brokers with Asian or South American goods and very cheap prices ($5-$10/yard) and I made myself some trousers out of...
My favorite fabric mill is Vitale Barberis......consistent, high performance, easily tailored, and classic patterns. I have NEVER had a problem with them and my clientel continually comes back for more and more. Currently their Revenge 130s is my best seller in suitings and the 110s Classics are my best selling trouser.
WHat is most comfortable depends on if you are going commando or not. Clients that go commando I use Bemberg lining, but it wears faster. I sew my crotch lining into the seams and use a blindstitch to secure it to the fabric.
My spelling isn't always the best.......SILESIA.....usually a poly/cotton material used mainly for pocketing, but also works a a crotch lining, sleeve interfacing, etc.
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