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How is the fit on this jacket? Too boxy?   Thanks.
Are there any long coats (preferably wool) that are worth it for around 300 dollars?   [Devoa Pictured for Reference]  
If you are a size 48 and decide not to buy this, then something is wrong with you.   $175 TOJ COLLARED MOTO
What a fucking DEAL. I wish shoulders were 17 inches. Whoever gets this is incredibly lucky.   So upset right now.
 Ask and you shall receive. 
Thanks for the Ervell suggestion, stuff looks great! When it comes to the belt I certainly agree. I need to find something that fits this aesthetic. Thanks again to everyone who commented. Back to lurkin for a little while.
I'm here to improve, so I appreciate every word.   Thanks for the feedback.
  First fit pic. Ultra plebe.
pm sent! Thanks!
PMed you.
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