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This is a good idea. But since I paid over $115 dollar for an $59.99 ($74.99 inc shipping) shirt I was wondering if we could arrange some sort of compensation for my next order? (order #6061)
Yeah he didn't quite specify it. He said processing fees of some sort, and something with taxes. I think he wasn't fully aware of what they were for himself, but he wouldn't give me the shirt without me paying him so there wasn't much I could do about it.
I am Dutch myself. I never got import tax from anywhere else (moderntailor, black lapel). So I am going to stick with other suppliers.
Well, I got my order in today. I ordered the shirt on 21/02/2014, so in little over a month which is okay. However, on my order of $59.99 (the price of the shirt) I, of course, had to pay shipping costs of $15 amounting to $74.99. However, today when DHL brought the package I had to pay an extra €29,60 (which is $40.82!!) making the shirt a total of $115.81!!   This is totally ridiculous. The shirt is advertised as being $59.99, and I ended up paying almost double of...
Dear Luxire,   A month a go I made on order (#6061) and I know it takes time to make a quality product. However, I was wondering at what time I could expect the order to be fulfilled.   Thank you for your time.
 Thank you for your response. Well, sizing down is impossible as I am already on the smallest size (42 in Dutch, don't know the American sizes) and OTR they don't even have 42, only 44 and up. So I am waiting for the suggestion of some others on whether taking in the back might solve the problem. I need to order more suits as this is my first (proper) suit (I need to wear them daily from April onwards), Suit Supply doesn't seem to be a good option as they don't have my...
Hello everyone, I was wondering if I could get some feedback on as well my shirt as my suit. The shirt is a trial shirt from ModernTailor (the online MTM). The suit is from my local SuitSupply. Here come the pictures (quite a few of them):  [[SPOILER]]  Thank you for your time!
Did 10 miles today, my first long-run since my half marathon in mid-October thus a rather easy pace.
12,666.6 + 10 = 12,676.6
I want to congratulate you on how far you've come. Keep on going and you can beat Daniel Craig and make your wife adore you more than him .
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