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Jesus I don't think I've posted since the new page... I've got some reading to do.  But first:   (All new / Discount) BB M&M   Eton Wool   Pringle Knit   Cool Zegna               And these two true thift:     Rive Gauche
Have been super busy with work lately and wasn't happy with my listings so haven't done much lately.  Over the last week though i refreshed and improved my HTML/CSS skills and spent hours on what I thought was a great looking template...  only to try it in ie and have it not work.  Okay, just an ie issue...  shouldn't matter much... well, I'll try firefox... same.  Shoot, that's harder to stomach.  Wait, what about incognito mode in chrome...  FFFFFF.  Finally put together...
 98% sure that is the (formerly) waterproof lining deteriorating.  You can see the mess it's made of the inner hood best I think.  If you put it on, chances are your arms will come out with the stuff all over them.  Probably a write-off--apologies!
 Any size 13's?   
weat_wall - Added to the blacklist.  Charge-back initiated 3 weeks after a pair of AE shoes were delivered. A doctor in Louisiana.  
 Any thoughts?  Sorry, just has me stumped... =(
 He's required to accurately describe the item and if it clearly says "Peyton Manning," well....  =)
 Yeah, thanks.  Usually if I mess with it a bit it sorts itself out, but not in this case.  And the next item had no issues...  Oh well!
Anyone have any ideas on why the eBay brand selector is only going to the C's for brand name?  "Cheap Monday", specifically?  If I just type in my brand directly, will it figure it out and put it into that category?
Wearing a basically new Johnstons of Elgin cashmere sweater I found a while back to work (R&D Engineer dealing with composites/messy resin).  Got curious and just decided to Google Johnstons because I knew that they were good but didn't know quite how good.  I'm wearing a $500 sweater to work.  Woops.  
New Posts  All Forums: