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Extreamly Ugly   
 Nice!  Though I am a strong proponent of $0.99 start price auctions for Hermes and think you may have gotten more...  http://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-HERMES-Tie-Navy-Blue-Hippos-in-Swamp-5195-IA-Soie-France-Novelty-Creatures-/171626103460?rd=1  I paid more than you for it though... $2.99.  =)
Have been traveling for work (Sri Lanka, Dubai, Palma) so no thrifting for me.  Did stop by the Dubai Mall though:                  110% Not thrift prices.
lol.    https://www.liketwice.com/ralph-lauren-black-label-grey-pleated-shorts-9054612871/    Literally the first thing I clicked on.  
Fit:     L.L. Bean Vintage Made in USA Flannel - Thrift PRL Blanket-lined Jacket - Discount Fur (Rabbit?) Lined Leather Gloves - Thrift D&G Cords - (Heavy) Discount Sebago Tweed and Leather Boat Chukka sorta things - Discount Overalls - Missing =(
 Why ya gotta do me like that. 
So I don't have time for the rest tonight, but this one was pretty cool in my opinion and I couldn't wait:   Vintage DB PRL.  (What is this stance called?)  Tailoring label on the pants for hemming + pockets basted shut + immaculate (minus a bit of rack wear) makes me lean towards NWOT for this one (though I know that is a much debated subject).             Cashmere Blend      
Here's a weird one and point of warning for those who may be selling Pantherellas (2x new in pack): Received this from a buyer (after an earlier exchange, the content of which will be fairly evident):   After offering him the option of putting in the dryer to shrink (tongue-in-cheek), I proposed and agreed to refund half his money, he will ship the larger pair back and I will keep them for myself; luckily I'm a 13.   So check your Pantherella 2-packs!
 Congrats!  Now don't go and kill yourself...  (Seriously though; be smart and don't get too comfortable.) It's a different animal, but I've been pining after one of these for several years now: 
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