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 Two things: 1) Maticliously --> meticulously ("The Difference," bullet number four) and 2) The links on the top of the page seem to have 'dead spots' in them where you cannot click through to the page.  (In chrome at least). 
 Dreamed I found NOS Aldens buried in the attic last night...  
 "Stories and Testimonials: "Elephant trainer Michael Hackenberger of the Bowmanville (Ontario) Zoo, had his Tilley Hat snatched from his head and eaten by an elephant. Three times. Michael later would find and pick up his Hat, wash it thoroughly, and wear it. He had declined to accept a new Tilley Hat in order that we may have his well-traveled Tilley for our museum. (We were secretly pleased!)" Alex Tilley, Ontario"
That's obviously wrong.  It wouldn't have faded.  Duh.  
Any thoughts on this thing?  $35 BIN Sz. 40 Pea Coat in Suede.  Looks like it may have some fading issues, but the biggest potential issue is it made by Startown which is a subsidiary of (gasp) London Fog.  But looks like it has potential kind of for $35..  (Anyone interested, go for it, btw; I lay no claim.)  
 Jesus, from 0.99 auction to $500 buy it now... Anyway, left sleeve, picture two--is it missing a button or is it just unbuttoned?  Might want to give that some attention either way. 
Brioni Size EU 50 80% Wool, 20% Silk New with Tags   Measurements: Chest (pit to pit): 52cm/20.5" Waist (just above waist band with all buttons closed): 44cm/17.3" Shoulder (Seam to seam): 43cm/16.9" Sleeve (Shoulder seam to cuff): 64.5cm/25.4" Back Length (collar seam to bottom of back): 66.5cm/26.2" *All measurements taken with garment in a relaxed/unstretched state.  There is a fair amount of natural stretch/elasticity in this weave of fabric....
Some Bill's shirts available at cost or (preferably) trade for something similar but a bit less loud!   Pink Gingham XL  [[SPOILER]]   Bill's Paisley Shirt - Tailored Fit - Med - Very nice shirt; nice quality and details.   [[SPOILER]]
Yup, 32.   edit: @Koala-T 
Wish they were a 34...  Anyone want them for cost and shipping? Picked up a couple funky Bill's shirts that I'll put up later too.    
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