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Hoping to trade for something very similar to these but in a size 13.  Barrie Ltd. Made in USA 11.5 Suede Chukkas with Crepe sole.  Great construction.  Excellent condition.  Also, if anyone knows the maker, I'd be pleased to know that too!          
Gucci, Gucci nwob, Gucci
One place, one donor, multiple days.     POP     POP   I left two sets of Gucci loafers on the rack.  Super cheap, but one pair made in brazil and not great shape, the other vintagey and not great shape, especially toe wear.  Not horrible though...       2x HF in great windowpanes   2x Samuelsohn Velvet.     Boatloads of Peter Millar Chinos in 36x30.  If anyones that size, get in touch.  The chinos are well worn but there was also HF,...
Got the following from a seller, regarding this item: http://www.ebay.com/itm/172168952332?euid=e72fd86ba819492b8d34833823453f34&cp=1&exe=11473&ext=27979&sojTags=exe=exe,ext=ext   I can't tell if he's trying to be reasonable or is being passive agressive to get what he wants.  It's the same jacket, as you might have guessed.  How solid is ebay on the 'color doesn't need to be exactly as shown' thing?  Will that save me here?  Maybe he even is aware of that and hoping I'm...
Local consignment shop. They know what's up but still priced these somewhat low. There are about 30 more that I will likely go back for and try to haggle a bit. I almost choked when they brought the bag out from the back. Apparently a Wall Street guy whose kids are finally out of the house who up and moved to vt with his dogs.
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 Hah well I spent about 20 minutes the other day staring at and scrutinizing a Hermes look-alike (it all looked good except no signature, logo, or any identifiers except I found matching patterns online) before deciding no-go and I was kind of hoping that would be my first... but I'll take this too.  Thanks!
Thanks Spoo!
Anyone know what I've got here?  It seems like a high quality piece--what seems like silk decoration, linen/cotton body, porcelain buttons. @barrelntrigger?      Most recent J. Press I've found I think: [[SPOILER]]  Fun Reyn Spooner bathing suit, Vintage Brooks button down, Sugoi cycling jersey (all for self), and VV hat  Awesome Barrie Ltd. Suede Chukkas  Can anyone give me a pass / fail on this?  Looks fairly good to me, but my first scarf and some inconsistencies in the...
 I picked up a Tyrwhitt shirt for myself which was supposed to be a 16.5x34/5.  French cuffs.  Didn't try it on and assumed it would be fine.  In reality, the sleeves are long enough only when unfolded.  Folded they are mid forearm.  It's extremely confusing.  I'd sympathize with the buyer in this case, especially knowing that.   Edit: @Shoeluv
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