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lol.    https://www.liketwice.com/ralph-lauren-black-label-grey-pleated-shorts-9054612871/    Literally the first thing I clicked on.  
Fit:     L.L. Bean Vintage Made in USA Flannel - Thrift PRL Blanket-lined Jacket - Discount Fur (Rabbit?) Lined Leather Gloves - Thrift D&G Cords - (Heavy) Discount Sebago Tweed and Leather Boat Chukka sorta things - Discount Overalls - Missing =(
 Why ya gotta do me like that. 
So I don't have time for the rest tonight, but this one was pretty cool in my opinion and I couldn't wait:   Vintage DB PRL.  (What is this stance called?)  Tailoring label on the pants for hemming + pockets basted shut + immaculate (minus a bit of rack wear) makes me lean towards NWOT for this one (though I know that is a much debated subject).             Cashmere Blend      
Here's a weird one and point of warning for those who may be selling Pantherellas (2x new in pack): Received this from a buyer (after an earlier exchange, the content of which will be fairly evident):   After offering him the option of putting in the dryer to shrink (tongue-in-cheek), I proposed and agreed to refund half his money, he will ship the larger pair back and I will keep them for myself; luckily I'm a 13.   So check your Pantherella 2-packs!
 Congrats!  Now don't go and kill yourself...  (Seriously though; be smart and don't get too comfortable.) It's a different animal, but I've been pining after one of these for several years now: 
It would surprise me if this is anything much better than mediocre, unfortunately.  New and newish Bauer technical gear is pretty poor.    I feel ya here though.  Except I finally found the pants after 20 minutes of rampaging.  Except there's a freaking big 'ol run in them.   
   Jesus...  that's absurd.  Okay, will hide entirely.  I read the thing that says people can still bid if you 'require immediate payment' which I don't: Is there any other peculiarity like that which is going to hang me up?  Is vacation mode + hiding safe, then?  I assume the advantage is that when you're back, your items go back into peoples' watch lists?  (And I'm sorry, I'm sure this is covered, but that'd be an hour plus of time spent research...  =[  )
Hey guys, a question about vacation mode:  I'm going to be away essentially until the start of March for work.  Should I set my items as hidden and not purchase-able or should I leave them visible?  If I leave them visible, am I immune from 'item not received' nonsense?  I would hope eBay would be decent enough that I would, but you never know...    Any thoughts or experience regarding the matter?
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