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Does anyone know what a pair of RL woman's sunglasses with the purple label script and made in Italy would be?  Have them on hold at TJX; should have gotten a picture but forgot.       Also, anyone interested?  I thought they were pretty damned cool (if not a bit over the top), but they are still rather expensive at $79.99.  95 Merino, 5 Cashmere.  Two XL's and a medium.        
Will x-post with some better pictures of exterior, but for now:   
Seeking education:   Haven't been able to find this tag online yet..  Only other tag is a thread-bare postage stamp sized one in the inner pocket, loosely sewn on which I can make out "Brooks Bros," "42R," an encircled "S"," and numbers something like "8886"                  Great shape except some liner stitching needs to be redone and missing a cuff button (all buttons seem of fairly poor quality actually, with tin/steel backs).  
 Double Triple entendre....  
I'd be interested in 1-2 doz if there's additional revived interest.  Was just looking on amazon and ebay at the dismal options.  
Sold.  $350 on eBay.  
 BTW, these wouldn't be considered a driving shoe with this heel, right?  Just a loafer?  Anything more specific?  Or would they?   
VV Cotton and Cash   VV NWOT Chinos   NWT Bill's FU   BB FF's   Convinced them to let me pull the jackets off of these (One a beautiful J. Press DB but with mothies =\ ) (Likely NA)   Tod's NIB Discount prices at Thrift (Hate it when they look things up...) (NA)     Bally driving loafers barely worn    EZ Soft - My size, NA   Been Had plaid harrington 
Flippy Brag:  [[SPOILER]]
These guys seem pretty unknown (http://www.achillepinto.com/tessuti-accessori/cravatte-sciarpe-foulard-0000113.html) but good quality:   [[SPOILER]]
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