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Some ethrifts:   Had to take the bullet on an Oleg Cassini along with this:     Furthering my Sulka obsession.  First two on left NA.         Discount store for self:   Wore these to family Christmas party one night and to SantaCon the next:   BB Red Fleece.  An XL red gingham and S green gingham were there as well if any are interested, though not super cheap.     True thrifts:               NA:    
 Yeah, this thing's got some padded shoulders like whoa. 
For those interested in a super cheap and easily broken down photo set-up (repost):           (2) 3x 5500K lamp trees (Walmart) (2) 1x 5500K clamp lamp (Walmart) Window Shade (Home Depot)   Is it perfectly white?  No.  But it's sure a lot less hassle.  
I remember.  And I thank you for educating me.  =D
lol    I politely (in my opinion) educated them: http://www.jpressonline.com/pressidential-1/ 
 I've got a similar question though I fairly well shot myself in the foot and brought it about when I sent a message fishing for feedback... Message: "It's [h]ear and as expected - unfortunately the fit is not exactly what I'd hoped - I see you don't take returns - no chance of relaxing that policy?" [sic]  Item:  http://www.ebay.com/itm/171561530966?ssPageName=STRK:MESOX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1559.l2649 It is a very boxy fit so I know exactly why it's "not exactly what (he'd)...
 There is another thread for this.  Alternately, if you want, put the things you're looking for in your signature as many do. (See Snoogz above ^^)
Secret Santa came in today!  @330CK, Can I assume that this is you?? Every time I moved, something new popped out of the box:  [[SPOILER]]
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