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 "Made in France Adidas?!? "  < Should have gone with this. =)
Anyone have any good thoughts on age?  And why are the buttons such shit?    [[SPOILER]]
Made in France Adidas??   This guy's asking $115 (unsuccessfully for a month+) for his and they're trashedddd http://www.ebay.com/itm/ORIGINAL-VINTAGE-ADIDAS-LOVE-SET-SHOES-MADE-IN-FRANCE-GREAT-COND-6-5-/161437182093?pt=US_Women_s_Shoes&hash=item259667e88d )  J. Crew - Thought it was fun.     [[SPOILER]]   Have been thinking this was Hickey Freeman for weeks till I took this picture.. H. Freeman.  Fits me...  even thought I never thought I'd wear a DB and may still not, NA...
 I have this one   http://www.gransforsbruk.com/en/products/forest-axes/gransfors-small-forest-axe/ 
 Thanks Ken; I know the script is typical of RLPL but I wasn't sure, due to the fact that they're women's.  For example; these made in Italy with same font (at least on the lense) make no mention of PL: http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=12564126&cp=1766615.2271633&ab=ln_women_cs_sunglasses&pg=3&parentPage=family 
Not a shirt guy?  Is that you, Randy? 
Is anyone watching a pair of 9.5 loafers which are going for $16 with 3 bids right now?  Made by Cheany but not listed as such?  Want to share but don't want to blow up anyone's spot.  
Minty Schott Perfecto.  Not my style, but I can now understand the hype.       Baracuta (Tagged 46R but fits more like 38R??  Want to trade for blue in 40L-ish)       Ralph Lauren Made in Italy Sunnies   
Does anyone know what a pair of RL woman's sunglasses with the purple label script and made in Italy would be?  Have them on hold at TJX; should have gotten a picture but forgot.       Also, anyone interested?  I thought they were pretty damned cool (if not a bit over the top), but they are still rather expensive at $79.99.  95 Merino, 5 Cashmere.  Two XL's and a medium.        
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