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Forgot I picked up a pair of these in my size at TJX for $23.00.    
$.99 Aquascutum - recentish but a few minor flaws St. Andrews
So guys, I want to be Jon Snow for Halloween.  And I want it to be legit.  Has anyone seen any gnarly, large in size and presense fur coats that they can snag on the cheap and ship to me?  Hoping for real fur, but fake is fine if it's black.  If it's real I can dye it, so it doesn't matter.  I've been looking around here and can't find anything suitable except for the one market at $199.99.    Obviously I will pay for shipping and a six-pack!     Also looking for black...
A few recent things!  [[SPOILER]]
Woop Persols For: Anyone recognize or have any thoughts about this?  Ultra-cool coat and made in France to boot, but can't find anything about the brand, Imperial Classic Outerwear.         
@Fueco Thoughts? Looks sketch to me but I've never handled one of their soft shells before, so idk.
 Get out of Westport as quickly as you can!   FYI: http://www.ebay.com/itm/STUNNING-Charvet-Orange-and-Copper-Geometric-Tie-Iridescent-Silk-NWT-MSRP-235-/181846305042?rd=1  (Took $85 for it after a month or so)
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