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Some Auctions ending this evening with still quite low prices:   VINTAGE Harris Tweed Jacket Deansgate Yale Co-Op Size 44R Mens Sport Coat Blazer (Bid $12.50)     POLO Ralph Lauren Cotton Khaki Casual Sports Coat Blazer Jacket Mens Size 42L (Bid $12.50)     BRIONI 100% Cashmere SUIT Charcoal Black Pinstripe US 42 EU 52 Jacket Pants (Bid $38.00)     Classic GANT Mens Knit Wool Cardigan Button Sweater Size XL Extra Large Vintage (Bid...
Some BIN Highlights:     J. Press Shaggy Dog Tweed Sports Coat Jacket Shetland Wool Elbow Patches Size 40     Luciano Barbera Collezione Sartoriale Sport Coat Jacket Overcheck EU48 US 38 40     Barrie Ltd Booters Suede Chukkas CUSTOM GRADE Crepe Sole Chukka Boots Mens 11.5     Gorgeous Gloverall Black Wool Duffle Coat ENGLAND Men's M Medium Tartan Lined     STUN OXXFORD BESPOKE Grey Sport Coat Golden Fleece Linen Silk Half Lined...
Gant Cardigan   Polo Cash Cardigan - One of the softest cashmeres I've felt surprisingly   Womens   $695 J. Hilburn Storm System -   PRL Khaki     Brioni Full Cashmere Suit, but some damage unfortuantely...
Hi Guys, I've got a question about a 2Pc Brioni Cash Suit with a number of tiny holes.  Any thoughts on what I should start BIN at for this guy?  Or do you think just send it to auction and let the market decide?  I generally like to avoid that for suits as the sizing can often hard to match to multiple buyers looking at one time..    [[SPOILER]]
Some Ties:               The silk on this thing is amaze.         Garza Fina right?        
What the heck do I call this thing?   Cotton Casual Patch Pocket Lapel Military Safari Coat?    
   Thanks guys.  The serial number and Made in France being a bit wonky gave me pause.  Turns out there was fading and some staining that I hadn't seen at first though, unfortunately, so didn't take it.  
This is fake, right?
Kennebecs for $229 this week--$86 off. 
       Still don't know who they are or if anyone of the aforementioned caliber ever made for Perry Ellis, but here's the full scoop.  They didn't sell, but haven't been relisted either.  (Not mine.) 
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