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Anybody know the quality of vintage sergio valente suits?
Nope, I'm 5'9"!
Exactly. If the jacket was a normal length it wouldn't hang so much. The shoulders, chest, and waist are all spot on. It's the length that makes it bag.
Well if any exceptionally tall gentleman wants it, I'll sell it.
Yeah it definitely did not cost enough to warrant extensive alterations. If nothing can be done, I'll probably try to resell. I just wanted to get a prognosis before I do anything. I have no idea why it's so insanely long. It's over a inch longer than my long jackets.
I thrifted this Polo seersucker jacket. It's a medium, and my size is generally a medium in sportjackets (40 in. Chest) yet this is really long and has no shape to it and just hangs like a lab coat. Thoughts/advice/opinions?
I feel like I'm beginning to be disenchanted with clothing. I have an extreme passion for it, but for so long I had no expendable income for it. So I have this massive amount of knowledge beyond  my years from just reading and researching, but now that I can afford things nothing ever looks right. I still do not have a large disposable income (college student) so I buy almost everything off of eBay. I am building a wardrobe of long lasting, quality basics and am trying to...
If I have 18 inch shoulders, would a perfecto with 20 inch shoulders be too large?
You do have a valid point. I just didn't want to make a mistake and buy something that will go with nothing I wear. I've always wanted one, but I'm also not going to try and pull off a dark streetwear look because it's just not me. I never see too many people try to experiment with double riders.
Is that supposed to be good or bad? And to further add to my original point, is a double rider to biker-ish to be worn by a non biker?
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