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 It is quite massive irl. Didn't buy them, so can't provide a fit pic.However I have the low chelsea boot, and it's classic. Still to be found at:http://www.ssense.com/men/product/saint_laurent/black_leather_chelsea_boots/94579http://www.farfetch.com/fr/shopping/men/saint-laurent-chelsea-boot-item-10637226.aspx?storeid=9579&ffref=lp_7
Uh! That chain though, it's annoying on the jackets, I always have to tell people not to hang my jacket in that little chain as it's not durable...
Talking about the differences you guys have experienced between products from the official Saint Laurent boutiques and retailers. Is it sure that all items sold on farfetch are authentic? I've seen some Saint Laurent items there I've never seen on any other sites, nor in their boutiques.
There are two versions of that shirt. The one on farfetch is in cotton, yours is in silk, am I right?
I would say it's not large to size, but it's a bomber and can be worn slightly over :P However you can always e-mail ysl.com and ask if it's available in any of their stores, and I think they can ship it to you. Good luck!
I do :)
I also have several 15.5, and I think they are great. I think they are the jeans that look the best on me as I'm tall and thin :)
 I have these, but the high-top version. They don't run large
I wear a EU45 in their sneakers. However when in-store I tried on EU44.5 in the chelsea's since they didn't have 45. The fit is however very snug, but after just a few hours of wear, I find them very comfortable now. Shoes will stretch after some use, however never in length.  Oh, and by the way, I tried the harness boots in 45, and I imagined they would stretch to become a bit too loose. I ended up buying the EU44.5 chelsea :)
What a shame they didn't use their own tagged zippers, which are a lot nicer shaped with the bend.... This looks kinda cheap imo :/ sorry
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