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How did you size these? :)
Regarding many of the sneakers. On the site they recommend sizing down one full size. On other sites there is no such recommendation. What are yours guys experience?...
Anybody knows how the knits/sweats fit this season? In particular this item:   :)
Wow! Is this available online somewhere? LaneCrawford don't sell Saint Laurent online.... :/
Knee rips on MrPorter now. From the measurements I would size down one.
Can someone please help me identify these shoes? :)  
Thanks a lot!
I noticed some guys buy the women's jeans. Any suggestions on how to size them compared to men's?
That Teddy jacket is too thick to be a spring/summer edition.
Hi!I got them from LVR. The pair I received was much less destroyed than on the picture. (knee rips were smaller, no rip under the right pocket, and in the back of the knee, no rips at all)
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