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Canvas sneakers I would definitely go with superga. I picked up these two pairs for under $100, just ordered my usual dress shoe size.
I don't understand how follow your passion is bad advice. Person X loves technology and tinkering, so they decide to go into IT. Do they earn millions of dollars? No. Are they happy? Yes, they're doing something they love. Doesn't matter what the market is like if you're good at what you do you can always find a job or Adapt.
Interesting debate re education, in the circles I travel in there seems to be these extreme left and right views. There has got to be a balance. Anyway, my theory is find something you are passionate about.I like supergas for the $$.
Just cracked a bottle of benriach 15-year pedro-ximinez. Probably one of the greatest scotches I've ever had. Flavour like the glenmorangie Le Santa and the smoothness of a 21+ whisky.
I'd be in for that.
Thanks, I'll check it out =) I'd get on this NP split but I think I need to go and check it out at a TF boutique first. Was there still an AA split happening? If so I'll get on it.
What's the consensus on TF Oud Wood? Seems like a winter niff to me, didn't mind it at all though.   Being summer though where does one start? I've really just worn scents women have bought me in the past. My Mrs buys me a lot of Armani de GIO (her favourite). It's ok but very common and am pretty over it.   Also, anybody have any experience with Incotex pants? Search on SF seems to be pretty varied. I just picked up 2x from My Habit on deep discount.
Have hack saw, will travel.
Ralph Lauren Swarovski etc Frustrating but not much you can really do....
I tried, he wouldn't touch it because of the type of leather, apparently the machines they use would ruin the leather. Referred me to allens 😞
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