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And so the carousel keeps spinning... šŸ˜Meccariello. Beautiful shoes if you have the dollars.
And now, these....
Don't think I would blow $100 just to get flush taps. If you're ordering new shoes from DM though it's a no brainer. Tend to agree with iSurg though, if you're spending $1500 on a pair of shoes what's another $100 to protect the (sometimes) fastest wearing part of the shoe.
PSA - I ordered some Miserocchi loafers from two months ago and still have not received them. They originally advised I would have to wait 8 days for them to be made and that they would ship out directly to me. I've emailed them probably a dozen times now with only 2 replies both times were copied responses I'm assuming which said the shipment would be sent by end of week. Save your dollars.
Was around $20ish but for me it adds way more life than that.
I have flush taps on all my shoes via double monk Melbourne. Unfortunately resoling these shoes I've either had to get Coombs to hack it up which is ok but is nowhere near as nice as flush. Or you can send back to Melb and have DM do it, I believe it's about $25 shipping each way plus resole/taps.Doublemonk Sydney are apparently trying to convince an old cobbler to come back out of retirement to do just flush taps for them. But this remains to be seen.
I had no idea they did trousers. I have a few ties and scarves from berg which are excellent.Bought.
Well played, haven't used them myself but I've heard good things. MTM for less than any of the aforementioned OTR.
I forgot to mention epaulet. I have a pair of their Donegal pants which are nice.
Thanks for the advice re shoes. With regards to the ongoing Barbour debate, I have a commander which is awesome and which I would not part with. However I don't get much wear out of it. Typically weekends in deep winter and if I'm abroad. It is however a great lightweight jacket to pack if you want to stay warm and dry. On pants- - Howard yont flannel - MJ Bale for beaters - panta if you have the $$ - Incotex if you can find it on discount A friend of mine has the most...
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