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Re Suitshop/PJ shirts. They're made in the Italy factory from both shops. Only difference is fabric availability, options and hand work. PJ obviously having the greater of all. I haven't bought a RTW business shirt since I went MTM with SS. Totally worth it 😃.
Anyone know where I can land some non black versions of these?   http://www.mrporter.com/en-au/mens/george_cleverley/george-leather-penny-loafers/479893   Probably looking at brown suede or brown calf. Has to be the epitome of penny loafer!
Re counter sunk toe plates. I get them on all my shoes now, totally worth it. However I wouldn't take my shoes back to Coombs last time I had to get a half sole they told me that they could re do the counter sunk plate after resole. All they did was nail the plate back on top of the sole.... Was a terrible job, when I said to them that I wasn't happy about it they just said that'll be $55. In future I'll be sending my shoes back to double monk for all maintenance. Might...
I have the brown, pretty versatile can be worn casual and formal easily. I would start with brown and venture on from there. For my money though I would just buy the brown and spend the rest on other shoes.I'm always a bit disappointed with herringbone ties. HC is the only Oz brand I would buy, if you're happy to branch out then my preference has got to be drakes and vanda.
Very nice, where did you snag these from?
Didn't spot the DBreast, looks smashing!!
 That jacket is pretty nice, is it linen?
WIWT - casual lounging & a few errands.
I have a pair of thinsulate lined dents & a pair of rabbit fur lined gloves I picked up in Florence. I've never worn the fur lined gloves in Australia as it's never cold enough.The dents are basically unlined, very tight fit. I always feel like I'm up to no good when wearing them. 😝
Been looking for an overcoat like the below for a while and pretty bummed I miss this at suit supply. Any thoughts on where i can find similar? I'd prefer to keep it under 1k. Will be in Italy at the end of the year, maybe I should wait?
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