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Just to dredge up an old subject...   Brown leather jackets work well  -   Anyway, been trying to avoid old SF until I buy a new bike, deposit made and waiting game begins. Back to saving for my next pair of Edward Greens and PJ :D
 That seems a bit harsh... There's fitting in and fitting in, whether denim shorts are nice or not is purely subjective. Are they appropriate to wear to the office? Probably not. Are you fitting in by complying with a dress code? Sure. FWIW I haven't owned a pair of denim shorts since I was 15 because I personally don't like them. Shorts in general are great when it's 40 degrees but 90% of the time I'll reach for a pair of chinos for casual wear.
 This place is responsible for my single worst experience with a company professionally or personally. The "head tailor" who is the man speaking at the beginning of the video is the most arrogant and smug arse hole I've ever had the misfortune of speaking to. Their store is also disgusting, dirty and has an unpleasant odour. They offer a 'bespoke' service 3 fittings+ for a fused suit and don't try and ask about the process or try having a meaningful discussion about the...
A few people have asked for fit pics of the BR pea coat. WIWT Much prefer to wear with the collar up.
 Yeh when I was talking to Remy he was saying he got one of the Cutler Bespoke shirts which made the PJ ones feel average. $800 for a shirt though... I don't think I could justify that even if I was minted.  I've not tried Chang so can't comment, buttons are amazing though :)
Wearing my PJ shirt today for the first time, and as Remy said it will wreck me for all other shirts. I'm going to need to replace all business shirts with PJ now!   If you haven't made the leap I can highly recommend it, it's not even that much more than a mid tier RTW shirt with alterations and it fits like a glove.   Some excellent looking kops there cox, I love that sweater but I love your DB even more.
Surely this does not preclude anyone from comparing the two though.
Straight from billy Reid. Was on the waiting list for ages. Mine is 100% wool but I believe the new ones have some nylon in them. I would still be happy with it though, great coat.That scarf... Looks great I might have to order myself one.Looks great, any comparison to PJ/SS?Commander is olive green quite dark and the pea coat is navy.
Picked up my new suit from Suit Shop yesterday and as promised here are some pics. It's a  Navy 3 piece in a Zegna S120 3 season fabric. In hindsight there are a few things I probably would have done differently but I guess that's just part of the journey.         Suit - Suit Shop Shirt - Hugo Boss Tie - Henry Carter Pocket Square - Vanda Shoes - Crockett & Jones   Vest that goes with it -     And here are my other purchases of late -   PJ Shirts,...
I have a Barbor Commander in Medium which is still too small. Bought it last year tried it on a bunch of times but it's just too small across the shoulders.   Would trade for Large or sell to anyone for reasonable price paid AU$950 which makes me slightly sick in hindsight.
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