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I have a pair of thinsulate lined dents & a pair of rabbit fur lined gloves I picked up in Florence. I've never worn the fur lined gloves in Australia as it's never cold enough.The dents are basically unlined, very tight fit. I always feel like I'm up to no good when wearing them. ūüėĚ
Been looking for an overcoat like the below for a while and pretty bummed I miss this at suit supply. Any thoughts on where i can find similar? I'd prefer to keep it under 1k. Will be in Italy at the end of the year, maybe I should wait?
Double monk, about $50 IIRC worth it for me though as I tear through toes otherwise. Their cobbler does excellent work.
White suits me way more than off white. I was forced into wearing an off white shirt as a groomsmen to a mates wedding. It made me look like I was wearing a dirty shirt. #noloveJust pick them up from superga.co.uk when on sale which is pretty frequent. Can be had delivered for under $50.At the risk of lowering the exclusivity of Oud Wood, everyone should get on this it's amazing.
 Agreed, I like the idea of having a collection that covers any scenario though. If you're going in for the minimalist list then sure but this is really just so I have all bases covered so I can then go and buy other shoes on whim which I don't really see as being necessary i.e. G&G St James in Vintage Cherry. Thought about the Carmina Penny in a dark brown suede but I think I'll start with the strings. That's not to say I won't pick up a pair after =P No black cap toes =(...
Nice little haul there... I always wanted to buy one of those sphere ice molds but I'm not sure I would use it.   Lagavulin is always amazing, just finished a bottle last night with the Mrs after digging out a 2008 Bin 138 Penfolds from the cellar. Vivino app looks pretty interesting, we are always randomly picking wines wondering if it will be good, will need to check it out :).   In other news, I've been putting together my 7 shoe wardrobe -...
Canvas sneakers I would definitely go with superga. I picked up these two pairs for under $100, just ordered my usual dress shoe size.
I don't understand how follow your passion is bad advice. Person X loves technology and tinkering, so they decide to go into IT. Do they earn millions of dollars? No. Are they happy? Yes, they're doing something they love. Doesn't matter what the market is like if you're good at what you do you can always find a job or Adapt.
Interesting debate re education, in the circles I travel in there seems to be these extreme left and right views. There has got to be a balance. Anyway, my theory is find something you are passionate about.I like supergas for the $$.
Just cracked a bottle of benriach 15-year pedro-ximinez. Probably one of the greatest scotches I've ever had. Flavour like the glenmorangie Le Santa and the smoothness of a 21+ whisky.
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