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I think people, like most things, get hung up on the brands. If you're commissionjng something from a reputable place like PJ or Bijan you can probably not even think about the mill. I would focus more on the actual cloth specs and pattern as its really subjective. A S170 flannel from any of the big mills will be amazing and you probably won't be able to tell the difference anyway. On croc - I think it can be done well, however I can't get on board with this blue...
 Pretty sure this has already been answered... MJ Bale is certainly great ROI, however, once you have the basics I would definitely make the jump to something that is much better quality and or MTM.  Blue Line - Entry level, fused and made in China. Usually a Super 100Classic Line - Half Canvassed with some fusing, made in China. Usually a S100 or S110Collection - Half canvassed with better fabrics, usually S110 at minimum. Made in Japan. Over priced for what they are......
A gentleman got on the train @milsons point this morning wearing a light grey sc (looked like PJ) and crunchy knit brown tie. Looked fantastic and made me feel underdressed in my ghetto casuals for training. Respect if it was any of you guys.
I'm not really a fan of Tasmanian whisky. Especially the prices you pay for it. I'm more inclined to go Japanese over Tasmanian as a rule of thumb. I'd probably find out which whisky/regions he likes and then find something special from that region I.e. Islay - ardbeg gallileo. On the flip side I'm sure anything you buy will be enjoyed immensely, especially if consumed with friends 😃.
If you need them immediately then you could do worse for the price. I would try to keep it as simple and classic as possible. Some people don't like derbies with suits but I don't think its a bad look. Especially when you're surrounded by guys wearing white aquilas. Brogues are more casual, the more the shoes has the more casual it is. Punch toe cap is one notch down from a straigbt cap toe. Full brogues in brown wouldn't be appropriate for a funeral for example however a...
Finally got my mirror shine game on! Also for those of you on the whisky trail, I received my whisky of the month yesterday - Nikka Miyagikyo sherry cask 12 yo. Absolutely beautiful whisky. I'm sure that house of cards + new whisky was the key to finally achieving that mirror shine 😃. On another note, finally bought some Bresciani socks. Must say they are better than anything I've owned, pricey though.
Re Suitshop/PJ shirts. They're made in the Italy factory from both shops. Only difference is fabric availability, options and hand work. PJ obviously having the greater of all. I haven't bought a RTW business shirt since I went MTM with SS. Totally worth it 😃.
Anyone know where I can land some non black versions of these?   http://www.mrporter.com/en-au/mens/george_cleverley/george-leather-penny-loafers/479893   Probably looking at brown suede or brown calf. Has to be the epitome of penny loafer!
Re counter sunk toe plates. I get them on all my shoes now, totally worth it. However I wouldn't take my shoes back to Coombs last time I had to get a half sole they told me that they could re do the counter sunk plate after resole. All they did was nail the plate back on top of the sole.... Was a terrible job, when I said to them that I wasn't happy about it they just said that'll be $55. In future I'll be sending my shoes back to double monk for all maintenance. Might...
I have the brown, pretty versatile can be worn casual and formal easily. I would start with brown and venture on from there. For my money though I would just buy the brown and spend the rest on other shoes.I'm always a bit disappointed with herringbone ties. HC is the only Oz brand I would buy, if you're happy to branch out then my preference has got to be drakes and vanda.
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