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Looking sharp PR & Cox. Re Perfume - I thought they did a pretty good job capturing the book. Tis no mean feat to convey smells the way Suskind does, one of my favourites.
This is great Gerry.Fwiw aCnoc 16 is excellent.
 I'd be up for that, preferably on a Wednesday night as I'm usually in town. Another fine pick, I tend to lean towards anything Islay.
Sounds good, haven't been myself. Pretty impressed with what I've seen though. Probably will go with PJT due to geography. Hoping to get down to Melb in the next year though and check it out.
Don't mind the Yamazaki, hibiki 17 leaves it for dead though.My fav Scotch period, I don't seem to be able to keep it in th house what with my Mrs loving it too.Pics! I've decided I'm finally going to get a navy sports coat commissioned and am keen for any and all inspiration.
Do you even PS? In other news it's hot and am seriously considering the temptation of shorts, thongs & beer. Joined the whisky club last month and just took delivery of the first bottle anCoc 16yo. Looking forward to cracking it tonight. Anybody else been to the virtual tastings they run?
Briefcase envy! I've had my eye on that for some time.
I dont have a GMT but I do have a Seiko in two tone and for my money I would go the stainless steel. Just seems a bit more versatile and classic to me. Full disclosure I'm not really a gold person, I think that makes a diff.
Fixed. Is it really that inconceivable that the way you dress affects the way people treat you? While a simple pocket square is a minor detail if you put someone off its going to be 10 times harder to convince them if they already have a negative impression of you. As petty as that is that is the reality of "the real world".Thanks for the thesaurus fuelled war and peace.
How much per 30ml?
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