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Super! Thanks Foxxy
What's the word on Chester Mox wallets? I need to pick something up before I head to Europe in April. Are they worth the money?   I like the #53 Museum Calf Compact Bi-Fold Wallet but am a bit concerned it's a bit light on... Two slots and a slip for bills. Any other suggestions? I'm currently rocking a Zegna card case  which I've over stuffed but has served me well. Looking to go back to bi-fold/tri-fold.
Late reply I know but I would go for the following.- Hibiki 17- Nikka Taketsuru 21 is amazing- Yamazaki 15+ I find these to be quite sweet and prefer the nikkaThere's also a range of whisky from Suntory not exported. Worth trying to sample a few if you get the chance. Failing that grab a bottle of ardbeg supernova for cheap!!
Speaking of bags, im off to europe next year and need a soft bag for a week long stint in Egypt. Ill be leaving the rest of my gear in Greece. I want something i can just roll up and put in my other luggage when im not using it CR big enough? Or should i be looking st something else?
Try American crew pomade, no where near the hold of traditional greasy pomades abd sinoly washes straight out which is nice.
Here's one to get people going. Was in chatting about carmina with the guys in double monk the other day. Apparently they're dropping them as there isn't as much demand for them and the quality of C&J is much better which is at the same price point.
Yeah was just in there, sounds like it will mostly be staple brands. On the flip side their website is launching early next year....
I have a pair of c&j tetburys in black calf I wear for work when it's raining all year around. I'm keen to pick up a pair of slightly less formal boots for the cooler months. Don't think I would get much more than 3-4 months wear though.
I tend to agree, while there's no debating they're obviously nice pants the overwhelming acceptance of Ambrosi's service is puzzling. If it were me I would've beyond livid.Furthermore, $1300 for pants which from what I can tell aren't technically bespoke. Seems like you're paying for a brand that's coveted by #menswear types.
Gents, I've been invited to the Newcastle University Law Ball next month and am at a loss as to what to wear. It's not really black tie, thankfully as I don't possess a black tie rig. I've looked through the last few years photos and have been pretty disgusted by the calibre of dress overall.   Thinking i'll wear a Navy three piece + black shoes + TBD tie + white linen pocket square.    Any suggestions/recommendations?   Maybe a black grenadine or grey cashmere tie?...
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