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I have a pair of c&j tetburys in black calf I wear for work when it's raining all year around. I'm keen to pick up a pair of slightly less formal boots for the cooler months. Don't think I would get much more than 3-4 months wear though.
I tend to agree, while there's no debating they're obviously nice pants the overwhelming acceptance of Ambrosi's service is puzzling. If it were me I would've beyond livid.Furthermore, $1300 for pants which from what I can tell aren't technically bespoke. Seems like you're paying for a brand that's coveted by #menswear types.
Gents, I've been invited to the Newcastle University Law Ball next month and am at a loss as to what to wear. It's not really black tie, thankfully as I don't possess a black tie rig. I've looked through the last few years photos and have been pretty disgusted by the calibre of dress overall.   Thinking i'll wear a Navy three piece + black shoes + TBD tie + white linen pocket square.    Any suggestions/recommendations?   Maybe a black grenadine or grey cashmere tie?...
Grey PoW or navy windowpane or else go crazy and buy a black tie rig.
I have to agree with this. When I first started to look at suits seriously I looked at institchu, hiras, Montagio and germanicos. They're all rubbish especially once you work out its going to cost you about $900 for a suit in a decent fabric. You might as well go for something tried and tested - SuitShop, Oscar Hunt etc.Also FWIW Geoffrey Edelstens has his suits made by Germanicos. This is a pretty solid reason not to go down this route!The blog article mentioned earlier...
PSA -DoubleMonk opening a store in Sydney!
I think people, like most things, get hung up on the brands. If you're commissionjng something from a reputable place like PJ or Bijan you can probably not even think about the mill. I would focus more on the actual cloth specs and pattern as its really subjective. A S170 flannel from any of the big mills will be amazing and you probably won't be able to tell the difference anyway. On croc - I think it can be done well, however I can't get on board with this blue...
 Pretty sure this has already been answered... MJ Bale is certainly great ROI, however, once you have the basics I would definitely make the jump to something that is much better quality and or MTM.  Blue Line - Entry level, fused and made in China. Usually a Super 100Classic Line - Half Canvassed with some fusing, made in China. Usually a S100 or S110Collection - Half canvassed with better fabrics, usually S110 at minimum. Made in Japan. Over priced for what they are......
A gentleman got on the train @milsons point this morning wearing a light grey sc (looked like PJ) and crunchy knit brown tie. Looked fantastic and made me feel underdressed in my ghetto casuals for training. Respect if it was any of you guys.
I'm not really a fan of Tasmanian whisky. Especially the prices you pay for it. I'm more inclined to go Japanese over Tasmanian as a rule of thumb. I'd probably find out which whisky/regions he likes and then find something special from that region I.e. Islay - ardbeg gallileo. On the flip side I'm sure anything you buy will be enjoyed immensely, especially if consumed with friends 😃.
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