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Back in my home town for a half marathon this morning and my mothers birthday/retirement dinner tonight. Stopped at an old high end men's store turn consignment store. They're getting out of menswear completely and had all men's stuff half off. Stuff I bought, all available Deadstock 80's Made in USA Jockey V Necks - Medium x5 Left another 15 of them at the store. Shoe Dust Bags Botegga Vannetta x1, Cole Hann x2, Allen Edmonds x6, Polo Ralph Lauren Made in Italy...
 Any chance its a large?
I just started watching that buckle a couple hours ago, thinking of bidding for the heck of it. But this guy needs to buy it much more than I do.
1. Nice, like the outfit2. Jelly of those glasses3. Not at all how I pictured you. I have no idea why, but I guess since I don't know where your avatar pic came from, I thought that you looked something like that.
Couple things found in earlier elephant bags   Anyone read (what I'm guessing is) German? Hard to open it up and take a pic at the same time.   Old set of fuses and bulb.       Only other pickup from tonight's auction. Couple ziplock bags FULL of old hotel/travel stickers from over Europe. Not sure of the value but I love these things.            
Went to the auction for one elephant bag and there ended up being two. The second one, that they didn't feature online, was in much better condition.
 "Some men hunt for sport, Others hunt for food, The only thing I'm hunting for, Is an outfit that looks good..."
  In an auction tomorrow, can anyone help a brotha with what the hide is? Looks rough but I've gotten some serious steals at this place before.   @SpooPoker
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