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TJ Maxx findsJohn Varvatos Bowery jeansHave to be about 10 pairs still there, will proxy if anyone is interested.I have a size 34, saw sizes 32-38 there [[SPOILER]] T Tech by Tumi rain jacketSeveral others available for proxy [[SPOILER]] NWT PRL black bow tiesPicked up about 5 of theseNWT Canali, wool/silk [[SPOILER]]
GAAHHHHH, I've been looking high and low for a ottoman. I bought a chair at an auction but missing an ottoman. Awesome find. Post pics of the finished product!
Forgot Rue La La. Any idea when Zappos is moving? I know Amazon bought out that facility a while back but nothing has happened as of late. Maybe a wait time between property leases?
It's surprising all the things that have fulfillment centers/warehouses in the area. Gilt, Zappos (LOVE their outlet, I think most of my shoes come from here anymore), Amazon, and even American Giant (makers of the "Greatest Hoodie Ever", based in I believe San Fran) has their fulfillment center around this area. I know I'm missing more.
You ought to come back in the summer when GILT has their warehouse sale.
 I may have missed it in the story, but did you know what these were when you bought them? Obviously you knew they were worth the risk at $30 but did you have any idea they'd for that much/that quick?
Haha, crazy to see where things end up.
I sold those on eBay a while back, that exact pair. Did you buy them on eBay or thrift?
Huge shoutout to @Ace_Face and @tben for some great deals.     @SpooPoker, should have some stuff I've recently found coming your way on Monday.
New Posts  All Forums: