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On another note   Anyone in the Cincinnati area going to the David Coggins reading/discussion tomorrow?
Yeah, nice jacket but it was a touch big in the chest and I knew I realistically wouldn't wear it much.
 Only purchased one shirt from CT several years ago but may need to give it another shot. I do recall that they were great on returns, ordered a shirt that ended up being too big and they took it back and sent a new one for free (this was on a cheap clearance shirt) then they gave me a $20 gift certificate for my troubles.  Only pickup recently at a consignment shop, NWOT PRL rain jacket (still has paper covering the zipper and spare buttons/silica gel in the pocket). I...
Will be out in the San Francisco and Palo Alto/Standford area for a week in March. I know I'm going to stop by Suit Supply for a new navy suit, but if anyone has any other shopping/eating/thrifting recommendations let me know.   Thanks
 Thanks for pointing this out. Stopped by their store when I was in London in July and fell in love with the place, just couldn't justify the new price.
Yeah, basically the uglier the better. Also bigger sizes, I've come across a few mediums and they sell for a fraction that a XL/XXL/XXXL one will.
If you end up with them and they don't work, I can swing by your office to grab them, haha.
 Customer service reps and "How to tell fake..." preloaded in the Google search bar. Given the wide array of items that are bought and sold, and how incredibly detailed different genres and eras of those goods can be (even in high end fashion alone) , it is hard to imagine that they could hire the people with that range of knowledge, do it on the scale that they function, while charging a reasonable fee, and making it profitable.  I recently bought a bag for my wife Amazon...
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