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Haha, that would help A TON!
I need THAT job. Haha
dang, was wanting the 36s
Still for sale?
Man, had a cash sweater and unlined blazer I wanted to buy, had both in my size when I clicked on it and they then sold out by the time I hit Buy.   However, I was able to get 2 pairs of Chinos and a pair of Rag and Bone pants for around $50. Not bad at all
Well damn, one more place I need to check in order to not be paranoid about missing something haha. But really that vest is beautiful!
@Steve Kane Great looking haul! I was bummed when I couldn't make it thrifting when I was there last week. However, I did get some killer sushi from Nikkos!
Awesome finds all around lately! Between graduation/starting a new job/working on moving into a new apartment this week I haven't gotten to thrift/touch any of my previously thrifted items but every time I read this thread it gets me more and more motivated. Hopefully things will slow down soon and can get back to the fun!
Those are amazing. That's still one of my top goals....one day.
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