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 I found that EXACT coat at a consignment shop in Atlanta and the guy there said it was cashmere (he could have been bsing me to get me to buy it, but given the extent of this place I feel that he was likely correct). It fit super well also, I probably should have bought it.
Sending PM
 Wow and Wow, awesome finds!
Thank ya, was at first thinking women's but the name "Joe" on the tag made me think otherwise. But hey, it's 2014, if you name your daughter Joe who am I to judge.And Alas, no. It is women's, size 10.
Churchs - 10.5 Bought them new, wore a handful of times but they're too small Polo Rugby Oxford - XL fits closer to a large Vintage Lilly Orvis - 38 Brunelo Cucinelli - 32 Brooks Brothers - Loro Piana 120s -size 20?
Yikes is that a realistic price? I have almost the exact same shirt sitting at the bottom of some pile at my apartment, except its outdoors/fishing themed.
Blackwatch in my size? GAAHH that is an awesome jacket.
I lot of denim guys swear by freezing to get rid of smells, but that has more to do with bacteria. Who knows could help?
 Might be a tough flip on given the size, but I'd say yeah.  [[SPOILER]]
Looking for a dark green quilted vest.   Most likely need XL, but possibly a large depending on the measuements. Looking for something along the lines of the Barbour Lowerdale vest.   https://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/outerwear/Barbour/PRDOVR~08386/08386.jsp
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