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Looking for a Gustin button up, size Large in their "tall" fit. Should work out based on the measurement off their site but would like to find one for a bit cheaper to try on before I drop the money for a brand new one and not be able to return it.
Dat incotex doeAwesome haul!
If you've got slightly smaller feet and looking for staple shell boots these seem to be a fairly good buy.
I was referring to the 2002-2003 U.S. WRX. There is a similar color, but a bit brighter/bolder, called Blaze or "Sonic" Yellow.
Say what now??? In what capacity? Not a huge fan of the color (not a fan of "Sonic Yellow" either) but that interior and price are to die for.   Not sue if this is actually cool, or just seems cool because I'm dehydrated from a 10K relay and I can no longer hold my beer, but watching "When Harry Met Sally" and noticed I recently thrifted the jacket Billy Crystal is wearing the third time he meets Meg Ryan (book store scene). Stafford Harris Tweed. 
 Deetz??? Any Nintendo fans out there? Saw this neat bag at lunch today (this is just a photo I pulled off google). Passed on it but would pick it up if someone would actually want it, not sure if it has value.
Is it the same sale as online or are you thinking there might be better deals in store?
Etienne Aignes, Burberry, Cape Cod Neckwear  Current BB Chinos for me, US made Polo upland hunting pants  NWT Filson  NWT Gant  Brookford, Not exactly sure what to call this material   [[SPOILER]]  HSM Herringbone Full Length WoolActually found this a couple years ago and loved wearing it and always got compliments, but with weight loss it no longer fits   [[SPOILER]]  No idea is its worth anything, but cool old Anheuser Bush Blazer, assuming for a tour guide. [[SPOILER]]...
I understand "vanity sizing" but I think some companies just throw a dart at a tape measure to determine sizing. I typically wear a size 36 pant and I'm wearing a pair of 32s right now and they still honestly have some extra room in the waist. (bought them because they were cheap and are a nice material/weight for hiking/camping/when I don't give a fug at the office)
New Posts  All Forums: