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Finds from the long weekend - most is available Blue, Green, Red Needlepoint -32" to middle hole NWT 90s Jeff Gordon X Superman T-Shirt - XL  [[SPOILER]] Harris Tweed 40  Pringle, Handmade Polo, Handmade Trippy Polo Ehh, just noticed the pringle has a moth hole NOS US Made Wrangler 34x40, No Name Brown Wool Flannel 38 true waist, Armani Collezioni Flannel 34 (prob shouldn't have picked them, can't remember the good armani, these have some age)  US Made BB Navy Jacket -...
Beautiful pieces. How much were they marked for if you don't mind me asking? I'll have to start contributing, try to hit at least one or two auctions/flea markets a month. Couple of finds from the Nashville Flea Market yesterday.NOS Lakefield Union Made Shearling Lined Bomber, Schott Wings of Gold, Pendleton Blackwatch.  
 No experience, but ran across this a while ago http://halfsoles.com/how-to-glue-a-half-sole/
Gotta love flea markets Pendleton Blackwatch for self Pop Schott Wings of Gold NOS Lakefield (I'm guessing shearling) leather bomber 42, huge collar with double buckles, US Union Made
Nashville buds, in town for a couple days over the holidays. Would love any recommendations on areas/locations to hit. Thanks!
Sweet pattern if nothing else
assuming that is EU...... 
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