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Strat, black lining
Oxxford 46   [[SPOILER]]  Pendleton NA   [[SPOILER]]  Deadstock BF Goodridge Factory Puffer Vest   [[SPOILER]]  Orvis Signature XL  Zanella - I think all were tagged 38  Zegna - Same  Sammy, Vintage Orvis Tweed, JCrew  Dig the wingtip pattern  I think late 70s or 80s hardshell case 
I don't know, given the line for merchandise that I saw there on Snapchat, and that those shirts probably weren't cheap to begin with, I can't imagine it would have been worth the profit. Could be wrong
 Isn't that essentially what many people here do? Many operate a full business online but are willing to offer things they find to members on this forum first, often at a better price/deal?
The only jerk I've ever dealt with is the one older guy I've ran into maybe 3 time before. I usually see him with very simple/outdated items so part of me thinks he's just buying for himself, but he also is always carrying way to much for just himself. The problem is that he take EVERY SINGLE item he looks at off the hanger (no matter if it is a tshit, pair of pants, jacket, etc) and if he doesn't want it he just tosses it on top of the rack and moves to the next item....
Ha, yeah the tie was me. I had it listed before and got 0 attention so I didn't think much of it. Lesson learned.
Anyone have a navy suit (prefer solid, 46L Jacket, size 37/38 pants with at least 33" inseam) they could let go of? Might have a interview coming up and I've out shrunk my last suit.
Great, thanks! Fur "method" seemed like some odd wording
Hard to follow recent posts, haha ethrift - Polo Corn in a grey herringbone  True thrift - astrakhan? I know nothing about fur  [[SPOILER]]  On a similar note, is there a price at which you would/wouldn't buy fur? There was a (what I assume to be) a white fox fur coat that I passed up today. Looked to be in very nice condition, only 2 tags, one of which has the US Flag and the other said "Clean by fur coat method. Do not brush, press, or steam". Priced at $55. Wasn't sure...
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