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https://www.facebook.com/BestofVines/videos/558825280951423/ You are welcome
Just sold my iPad so now have a Saddleback case I bought for it left. It is the one in the link in "Chestnut". Normal use but in great condition.   Open to just about anything.
Speaking of the denim contest...   There is a pair of these Rag and Bone raw selvedge jeans at a Nordstrom Rack near my place. Size 32. Original tags are gone and there is the "Altered or Refinished" tag in its place, but looking at them I think they were bought, worn once and returned, inseam still seems to be original.   Marked at $45, will proxy for a beer.   http://www.rag-bone.com/mens/standard-issue/fit-2-jean-M1223C401.html
Garage/Estate sale time!
Best day in a while for me, especially in this area Not Pictured:Vintage Ingraham Mantel ClockSet of Callaway x18 iron set (Minus 3 iron)Callaway Big Bertha 3 ironCouple RT and JAB Made in Italy Ties Levi 501xx selvedge, Big E, reproTagged 36x28 but hemmed to 36x29 [[SPOILER]]   NWT Deadtock Brioni Cannes Pants38R [[SPOILER]]  ISAIA Napoli 54/44 Drop 8 Grey Suit  [[SPOILER]]
Mine had at least one Versace tie on that table. Probably should have paid more attention but was on my way out of the store.
There we go
@Orgetorix Haha, now I see. Don't worry, those jeans are still there. EThrift I'm guessing Alden for BB Shell Loafers - Available 10.5 B Recent resole - unsure of why the sole are printed Made in Italy? Orvis Half Lined 3/2 Roll Blazer 22" p2p Brooks Brothers 1818 Blue Linen NA
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