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I know the feeling. I drove by the GW about a half mile from me and saw the front of their store was completely empty and there was about 5 of those "PODS" storage moving containers around the side.
Sounds like the exact opposite order. He needed cash ASAP, so busted into someone's car, and now has a Kiton for sale. Haha That, and if you have that expensive of a blazer for sale, maybe you would put the name in the title. Like trying to sell a Ferrari with the title "Coupe - Red - $75000" But really though, I would have never seen this without you posting it, I don't think I've ever even bothered to search "Kiton" locally on CL.
Picked up 2 pairs of Oxxford pants couple weeks ago, same donor with exact same cut with each pair. Weird part was I found what I'm guessing to be a spare belt loop in back left pocket of the pants. From what I can tell neither pair are missing one. Any reason why these would be in there? Does oxxford supply spare loops with pants?
 BOING!!!!!      Was able to get this in the middle of a furlong deep pile of PRL and Banana Republic pleated pants and shorts.
Any particular kinds of shoes?
What's the size on those?And speaking of Nordstrom (rack that is), if anyone wants let me know, believe there were 2 larges when I was there today.
Thanks! @TheNeedMachine @futuremyth 
With all the militaria i've seen posted recently I wanted to snap a couple quick pics when I saw this. Curious if anyone knew if this was anything special? German slogan on sleeve, double stripe on both lapels. I think there was in total 3-4 jackets and 17 pair of pants.      
Grrr, my kingdom for larger prince alberts.
Can't remember if I said that but I am! hahaSent ya a pm
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