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FYI   Linda recently posted a ton of RLPL shirts in her store and almost no title mentions Purple Label. I'd be wary though on sizing, I'm trying to see if any would work from me but some of the measurements make no sense. I assume most of them are from the same person but things like the sleeve length vary tremendously between shirts. She has two shirts, both sized 16.5, one has a 42" chest and the other has a 50" according to the listing.
Also have this bomber sitting in my closet since last winter, US Made, Size 42, Deadstock Shearling. Kick ass piece I got off an old militaria collector in Nashville. Someone has to have something cool in my size (in profile) that they want to trade for it . http://www.ebay.com/itm/Deadstock-VTG-Lakeland-Leather-Shearling-B3-Bomber-Aviator-Jacket-42-Made-in-USA-/122029716264?ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT
Looking for a pair of Large Alden shoe trees and a pair of Crocket & Jones 11.5 D shoes tree if anyone has some they'd be willing to let loose of.   Also would like to pick up a pair of Ray Ban "New Wayfarers", preferably in black but not opposed to tortoise. After several years and many times of "losing" my last pair I think they are finally lost.   I've got ton of backlog I haven't listed yet so could probably work out a trade, or cash if nothing works out.
That opportunity went up in smoke
OMFGYOUHAVEPM Edit - Perfect use of a 500th post
Try starting a thread in the part of the forum that focuses on streetwear. Wouldn't expect many guys wearing Kiton suits to be able to discern the difference between a pair of *insert famous sneaker designer* from their father's white new balances.
Pretty recent, maybe last summer?
Spotted at NR. @SpooPoker you're an 8, right? #Purp   [[SPOILER]]
Follow Up I have a Versace jacket tagged at an Italian 56, which more or less translates to a 46 US. Which would you pick from the drop down? I'd assume 46 since I assume those numbers are meant to represent US sizing. Am I wrong?
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