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Went back to Gilt. A whole lot more outdoor gear, some recognizable names (Kavu, Pearl Izumi cycle jerseys for $30 @Fueco) and a lot I didn't recognize (Craghoppers, Cirq Down Jackets, numerous others) About half a dozen of these for $15 a pop if anyone wants one, think I saw mediums and larges https://www.eastdane.com/windblown-flannel-button-down-shirt/vp/v=1/1596034543.htm
That'd be me. Might be a bit short of a jacket but will definitely check it out. Thanks!
PM Comin your way  If you found any of the Masters Smathers and Branson gear or vintage Masters hats I'd repay in favors of the sensual kind
 That = Awesome As soon as I saw that I went to the bay to try to find one for myself........then saw the going prices.
Picked up a Subaru Forester after my Mercedes got totaled after our recent flooding. Was disappointed it didn't have factory roof rails, but got lucky with an ad on Craigslist. All NIB, Thule 460R Rapid Podium, 60" Aeroblade,Four pack lock cylinders, and Fit Kit (although not the proper one for my car). Got it all for less than the price of the Rapid Podiums alone. Along with finding the proper fit kit, I may switch out the 60" blades for 43".
What are the chances either of those are a 10.5?
sick bb italy tweed waistcoat Beautiful
Garage Sales look pretty lame this week. Gonna run about 6 miles before the stores start opening up, have another half marathon in October. I run through a pretty nice neighborhood near my apartment so might have to carry some cash just on the off chance.
  The man said FORMAL http://brooklyndenimco.com/collections/mens-sale-outerwear/products/lvc-bing-crosby-tuxedo
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