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Definitely less structured.  I have 4 napoli's and 1 Sienna that I wore yesterday.  They are the same sizes and Sienna had a bit more room.
 I find the fabric quality to be higher than 2 of my Napolis, and around the same as the 3rd which seems to have used a higher quality than usual .  The lining is a bit more fancy and you have the other bells and whistles mentioned on the SS site.  But construction quality seems on par to me.  Does that help?
 Good luck!  FWIW, I started on a slimmer suit journey over the last year, and slimmer clothes in general.  Between losing 20 pounds and the desire for a slimmer fit, I went 2 suit sizes down in SS from 40 to 36.  At first, I found that slimmer clothes just felt weird - having all that contact!  But now I have gotten used to it and prefer it.  I have a fairly conservative job and am not in my 20s, so I am not talking tight like many of the SS models.  Just fitted.  I have...
 It is sort of not "grey" in a traditional way.  They call that pattern birdseye or sometimes nailhead.  Alternating white and charcoal.  The different shades of the colors and the subtleties of the patterns change the overall hue from a distance.  I was in one of the stores recently and they had at least three different versions of the fabric.  I really like these patterns.  They are pretty sharp. 
I am not seeing a chest issue, but maybe it was a feel issue.  I think the sleeves could be increased up to 3/4" at the cuff without doing it from the shoulder.  I am a 46 Napoli and have generally the same dimensions as you. 
 The faux uni is really a perfect shade of darker grey.  I just tried it on last weekend.  I ended up with the lighter plain one you linked to because I had other suits in that shade. There is also a navy version - napoli blue plain - with the Reda wool.  I got that too and is a great balance of conservative with a little something special (the texture).  Napoli and Sienna are my go to cuts for my more conservative work place.
Over the past month and a half I have had pretty full exposure to the SS experience and learned quite a bit.    Overall, I am very happy with my purchases, and was impressed by their customer service and business model.  Yes, there are some kinks to work out, but I think we are fortunate to have in this day and age such an intersection of price to quality/service.    I ended up with four suits (3 Napoli, 1 Sienna), two purchased in store and two from the outlet.  I was...
I can say after purchasing 4 and trying on another 10 that in Napoli and Sienna I am a 36 whereas I am a 38 in other suits -- Boss, Hart Shaffner, Peter Millar...
Thanks.  It does really fit you well.  Congrats!  I ordered one as well, but was right as the outlet closed, so waiting to see if it will go through.  I find it very helpful to see most of their suits in person or in "real" pictures to get a sense of the texture and colors.  Thanks again!
 Looks nice!  Is it this one? -- the one they added to the outlet maybe within the last few days? 
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