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I think it's best not to post as often. Or not be involved.
Hey, glad I read this. Thought I'd give styleforum a second chance. You guys aren't that bad after all.
What are some jeans that a roomy in the thigh and have extreme taper?  I get the pear shape effect when I wear my skinnys. No I am not fat. Or should I just continue wearing them and save my money?
Does this keep you warm and did you size ip? I bought a parka from them and it doesnt really keep me very warm.
Also very nooby question lets say I wanted to buy sonething at the marketplace, All i need to use is my credit card and use a paypal account correct? I dont need to drop the money in my paypal account it cam be kept on the card while purchasing?
looking for some really sleek black boots. something like side zips maybe? On a budget. You can interpret budget however you like.
You don't understand the struggle.
Which brand do the fingerless gloves belong to?
I know a lot of people like using paypal. Just wondering, does anyone use google checkout here?
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