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I found a ben sherman harrington jacket on sale, it is a good buy?   I not do the quality idea of them  
someone has ben sherman harrington jacket, size is true to size or one size larger?   Thanks.
  did good buy? levis continues to make quality jeans?
I bought yesterday a levis 511 commuter indigo, but I noticed that the fit gets me something strange in the thigh because the pants were made for cyclists, I'm thinking about changing it by a 511 skateboarding. The quality of the denim is the same? or commuter is superior? Anyone know?
Lyle and Scott Vintage products usually have good quality? I'm thinking of buying some jumpers in merino and cotton      
my new coat for the winter Penfield Stapleton, it is very hot, but a bit too bulky, I'm undecided whether I get it or I return ..  
for a casual look, is the best Jink or desert london?
eg?Asos knits are very bad? both merino lambswool like?
Anyone have sweats or cardigans merino wool ASOS? they have acceptable quality? speak it ..  
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