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Hey!   I'm thinking about buying a new balance. What do you think of these?       they look good with a pair of jeans or chinos?
anyone have a Clarks Jink? I'm looking for an alternative to Deser boots for summer. I will wear with jeans / chinos and shorts. For the summer and a casual style you advise Jink or Desert London?   Tanks.
Thank you for your feedback In fact for the summer and hot weather jink seems more appropriate to me, although they look a little strange, the desert london are nicer. If I could buy the two would be perfect, but I can only buy one: ( I try to go into a store putting the two to me to decide.
I also liked the second link, look good. I'll have to choose between those and the desert london, the crepe sole is not a problem for me.   only one thing, these shoes look good with shorts and a polo or t-shirt?
I honestly really like the desert london, but I think a very large sole to a shoe, has the same thickness of desert boots.   I wanted a thinner sole, you advise me some?
they are good for spring / summer? look good with shorts?   for a young man of 22 years are better for the jink or od desert london for casual style?    
anyone have these shoes?   Clarks Jink  
I have some desert boots for the winter and I love them. Now I want to buy a casual shoe for spring version, you guys advise clarks desert london?   [img]http://wellgosh.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/c/l/clarks-desert-london-cola-suede-2.jpg[/img]
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