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Not an expert but I have the same issue and when comparing measurements from other shirts that does not have this issue (other measurements are the same since they are used for taking measurements for my luxire shirts) the chest measurement halfway up the armhole differs quite a lot (1.5 inches, 15.5 instead of 17 on my luxire shirts). My thought for next order is to ask luxire to reduce this measurement by 1-1.5. As a reply to post above
Thanks, should have seen that since I have one shirt with NOBD2 myself (but looks nicer on your shirts:)!
Looking great, what collar is the three other shirts?
Sounds great!
Any idea when the kicker will be available?
Last time I compared my shoes on Alcudia to the ones on Rain the Alcudia was definitely the more pointy of the two. Have not compared to Inca though.
I'm in! Definitely need some motivation to keep me off.
For me it is the same. C&J 337 UK7.5 and Carmina Rain UK7.5 both fits me perfect.
Agree, on my foot they fit as good as C&J 337, just a bit shorter. Just back from Mallorca where I got three pairs on the Rain last. :-)
Well it might have been. I could button the 38 but the arms were a bit to long. The 36 I could not even button and that had the best fit in arms and shoulders.
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