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Sounds great!
Any idea when the kicker will be available?
Last time I compared my shoes on Alcudia to the ones on Rain the Alcudia was definitely the more pointy of the two. Have not compared to Inca though.
I'm in! Definitely need some motivation to keep me off.
For me it is the same. C&J 337 UK7.5 and Carmina Rain UK7.5 both fits me perfect.
Agree, on my foot they fit as good as C&J 337, just a bit shorter. Just back from Mallorca where I got three pairs on the Rain last. :-)
Well it might have been. I could button the 38 but the arms were a bit to long. The 36 I could not even button and that had the best fit in arms and shoulders.
Copenhagen was also to tight in the waist for me (tried both 36 and 38, and I am normally between 36 and 38), both were sent back. Pity since I really liked the fit over the shoulders.
Thanks - found your post that says it measures 17 over the shoulders which seems quite reasonable. However, the waist measurements was not in your post but if you say it wasn't to slim in the waist I will give the 36 and 38 a go and keep the one that fits best.
I was just about to pull the trigger for a Copenhagen sportcoat but then I noticed the sizing table that for a EU46 (US36) the waist measures 80cm (31.5in) which is much slimmer than any of the slim fit sportcoats I have. The EU48 says 84cm waist (that I also think is really slim) but then the chest starts to get big. To feel comfortable in waist I guess I would end up in sz EU50 or even 52 but then everything else will be way off. I am not athletic built but definitely...
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