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Just got mine this morning
Don't think so. Pretty sure it's just the first round of flannels (i.e. reindeer / trees, floral, etc)
[edit: working now, thanks]
I have it in Navy. It is indeed gorgeous
SNS herning starks? I live in NYC so in terms of usage I should be able to get a good number of wears in. Can't really decide on most versatile colors and still on the fence in terms of sizing because of inconsistency issues / different sizing of the newer versions.
Hm all right. I thought the newer versions were much shorter than the old ones. Debating whether or not to take a chance at it and see how I like it.
I am a 38 1/2-39" chest.
Might be a bit late to this, but does anyone have advice on the new S.N.S. Herning stark cardigan sizing? I'm usually a medium, but I did have to size up to a large for the RGT waxed supply jacket. Build is athletic 5'8 165. I'm thinking a medium should be okay, but again I'm not sure since I keep hearing of the sizing changes over the past 2 seasons. Also advice on color? (thinking black would be the most versatile for me since I own a lot of navy in my wardrobe already)
Should be end of this week. November 2nd if I recall correctly.
Hey Mauro, when will the bottom 2 flannels be released? In a later newsletter?
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