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Just got 3 tees today. These are incredible Mauro. Only problem is that my nipples sort of show through. Ah well, I'll embrace it haha.
Ah that llama print. Need so badly in my life.
Hey Mauro, I vaguely remember you talking about making polos (either on here(?) or on reddit). Will we see them anytime soon?
^ 16 counts as "a few"? haha. Great collection.
Beautiful, you rock it. I need this in my life. So sad that I was not able to pick it up months ago :(
^ Very nice!    On a side note, is there a newsletter dropping today or is it tomorrow?
He's on vacation right now. He will be back by Sunday I believe and will respond to emails / update the sizing charts.
That is incredible. Reminds me of the GBV x Hillside Floral Print. Beautiful. Can't wait for this.
Hey guys, just wore my Wolverine 1ks for the first time today and noticed some pretty large scratches developing on the tongue. Is this due to the back of the eyelets / speed hooks or is it something else?
Hey Mr Diba, saw your post on reddit. Have to say that I am absolutely amazed at your work. This right here is true beauty and craftsmanship.
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