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Does anyone else have a corporate account and is not able to use the discount code?
Are the 3 for 229 dress shirt sales only temporary? I could have sworn they were still available a few days ago, but gone as of now. Someone with more BB knowledge, please educate me.
Just got mine this morning
Don't think so. Pretty sure it's just the first round of flannels (i.e. reindeer / trees, floral, etc)
[edit: working now, thanks]
I have it in Navy. It is indeed gorgeous
SNS herning starks? I live in NYC so in terms of usage I should be able to get a good number of wears in. Can't really decide on most versatile colors and still on the fence in terms of sizing because of inconsistency issues / different sizing of the newer versions.
Hm all right. I thought the newer versions were much shorter than the old ones. Debating whether or not to take a chance at it and see how I like it.
I am a 38 1/2-39" chest.
Might be a bit late to this, but does anyone have advice on the new S.N.S. Herning stark cardigan sizing? I'm usually a medium, but I did have to size up to a large for the RGT waxed supply jacket. Build is athletic 5'8 165. I'm thinking a medium should be okay, but again I'm not sure since I keep hearing of the sizing changes over the past 2 seasons. Also advice on color? (thinking black would be the most versatile for me since I own a lot of navy in my wardrobe already)
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