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 I figure I'll get the shirt sleeve right first, buy a bunch of shirts with the same measurements, and then adjust the suit sleeve as necessary.
Can I get some general feedback on this MTM shirt? And in particular - are the sleeves too short?          
The Mora 2's look good initially but I don't think I can deal with the captoe crease issues that seems to be inherent with the model.
   I think that was me. Time to start swapping out for the 8 last haha! Edit: unfortunately it looks like the Caryle is the only good looking model in that last
 I should really unsubscribe from this thread... I want to get all 4 pairs.
 Haha you got me all excited to re-measure myself to see if I'd somehow grown. Still 5' 7" and a quarter :\
Greatly appreciate the honest feedback from both of you. I'll give the 36R a shot.    There's still the issue of the stomach area billowing out though. Is that an easy fix at the tailor? 
I'm 5'7" so a regular jacket makes my torso look really long compared to my legs. Unfortunately I don't have a full length mirror at home so I can't take a full body picture. The suit supply website recommended a short as well. I think the suit sleeves look short because my dress shirt sleeves are an inch long. What do you think?
I realize the dress shirt sleeves are a little long and am waiting for my MTM shirt to arrive. In the meantime, I would love to hear some feedback on the fit of this unaltered 36S Napoli. The shoulders feel great but the suit billows out frontwards below the waist. Is this an easy tailoring fix or do I need to pick another suit model / size? Do the suit sleeve lengths look ok unaltered?      
Any suggestions on which fabric color would be better for a consulting firm interview?   Antra Plain: Grey Faux-Uni:
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