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How often do you wear your V-treads and how long have you had them?
I'm sure this has been asked before but how are the V-tread soles? Is it easy/cheap to replace by a cobbler when it gets worn out?   I'm assuming the sole underneath is still leather, but the V-tread is just a layer of additional rubber like a Topy?
8 and 5 last are about the same in length. 5 last is very slightly wider in the heel. They feel the same in the toe box. Would probably go with same size
I have a fairly large arch and I don't like the BB versions at all. The extra thickness of the poron jams my foot towards the top of the shoe if that makes sense...    Regular AE version feels much more roomy for me, height wise
How are people getting Daltons with the 2/250 sale? Aren't they a "current model" and not closeout?
Anyone able to PM me a list of 7.5D or 8D inventory? Much appreciated!
Hi all,   I understand that these threads come up frequently but how do these specific brands stack up against each other in each tier (assuming comparable prices)?   Lower Tier: Tie Bar ($15) vs. BB 346 (~$20 on sale) vs. Hickey ($25 at Nordstrom Rack)   Mid Tier: BB Mainline ($40-50 on sale) vs. Boss ($40 at Nordstrom Rack) vs. Ralph Lauren Purple Label (?) vs. Robert Talbott (?)   Mid-Upper Tier:  Zegna (?) vs. Canali ($60-80 at Nordstrom Rack)     Would...
Do a cold soak to get rid of the starch and it will slow down the wear.
I have a pair of PS and PNS - they are the same fabric. Would assume that the NS is same as well.
Looks really tacky... don't do it.
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