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 Completely agree.  Additionally, the Strand seems to have a longer toe box which is a more modern and my preferred look.
Would greatly appreciate some advice on what measurements to change with this MTM shirt. Most measurements are adjustable through the online ordering system (shoulder seam length, armhole diameter, bicep diameter, waist width, hip width, etc). I realize the bicep measurement is too small and will be changing that, but I don't think that accounts for all of the problems seen here. Thanks in advance.   Main issues: 1. Right shoulder bunching (both front and back) 2. Left...
I've heard you can price match at Nordstroms as well (haven't tried personally so YMMV)
Everyone in this thread probably owns these already but... walnut strands are $191 after coupon, before tax at Amazon right now.    Sign up for the 20% coupon: http://www.amazon.com/b?t=slickdeals&tag=slickdeals&ascsubtag=410d0e56020143bfbb5d3014206dba1a&node=8439053011   Ridiculous deal for first quality AEs
I prefer the AE full toe trees. I've ordered some from JAB and Woodlores on sale but found some sizing inconsistencies. Maybe it's because the JAB park ave fits slightly different than the AE park ave so the trees were adjusted as well?  Just my experience though - I think the general consensus on here is that they're all rebranded versions of the same thing. 
What's the consensus on AE belts here?   Looking for 3 simple and classic dress belts to match my (1) black park aves, (2) merlot mcallisters, and (3) walnut strands.   Any recommendations on specific models?
The uppers look brand new but they're probably seconds - there's a slight wrinkle in the leather in an area that my trousers will cover up.    Was just curious about the heel pattern, but I guess it's not as uncommon as I thought.    tifosi, when did you purchase your firsts?
Just picked up a pair of supposedly new McAllisters on ebay at a price I couldn't resist. They seem to have a different heel pattern than the pair I purchased from Shoebank (bottom pair) though. Any thoughts on the difference? Are they a really old run or have they been resoled?   
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