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I believe in them, but not the "one and only" part. I am with mine, but think I could find another if need be.
The 2 morons who took every 45 lb plate in the area, filled up the incline leg press (which they know I'm waiting for) and do 3 inch range of motion "presses" for 20 minutes. The gang of teens who just stand around talking about all the "chicks they're banging" without working out at all. Thank God for mp3 players. The fatties who appear to work their asses of for months but get fatter. The broken equipment that takes weeks to get fixed. The gigantic gym bags...
Say goodbye to life for a few years, then reap the rewards of the investment you've made. Don't worry too much about the debts you'll build as I took a job in an underserved area and got it all paid of by the NHSC . There are plenty of simialr options.
I've watched all epidoes so far and have liked it fairly well- hope it sticks around.
Everyone requires different amounts of sleep. The 8 hours is just an average. As you age, the quality of sleep diminishes so you generally need longer hours to get the same rested feeling you had on less sleep as a child. I now need 9 hours most nights or get sick easily and am just not as sharp as when fully rested. OP, Get what your body needs and don't worry about it. If your 180 was there even when rested, your Dr. might be right, otherwise ignore the...
Loved the book, but movie versions rarely compare.
If you're paying for a service, you should get what you want. They shouldn't care how you let them know what's desired if they value the business.
Quote: Originally Posted by verteqz It was June 15, and in two days I would be turning thirty. I was insecure about entering a new decade of my life and feared that my best years were now behind me. My daily routine included going to the gym for a workout before going to work. Every morning I would see my friend Nicholas at the gym. He was seventy-nine years old and in terrific shape. As I greeted Nicholas on this particular day, he noticed I wasn't...
I got the usual card and candy a few weeks ago and gave her roses last night. With the weather we're having, I wasn't taking chances.
Any styling changes to the previous model's trunk lid are a welcome improvement. I'd stay away from the turbo models they produce. My neighbor has been through a 335i and 535i (now has the 528) due to fuel pump problems every 4k miles with both i models. Even with the new single turbo, they have evidently not changed to problematic fuel pumps.
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