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If you go downtown to second avenue, you'll find a few that should meet all your needs. They had a horrible flood there about a year ago and I'm not sure which places are still under repairs. Link for shows-
Avoid the expensive tasting menus and you should be able to hit quite a few of the top places. I loved the choices we made, but we went over your limit with a "you only live once" attitude- Bouley Le Bernadin Nobu
What sort of food, prices, etc. are you wanting? There are lots of places with good live music (besides country), a life size Parthenon, museums, etc.
My daily quick and easy breakfast is 12 oz coffee with a packet of low sugar Quaker Oats bown sugar. Wait 60 seconds, add a peice of ice to cool it and drink it down.
We stayed at a great, private villa overlooking Dawn Beach on St. Maartin. It sat 100 yards from the Westin resort, has 2 pools with a great view and is 20 minutes from the gourmet restaurants of Gran Case.
I used something from Lowes. It was the same stuff that seals our tile floor.
link to the company offering track insurance at the events I attended-
I'd just start looking at the scca regional site for your area. I've done a few at 2 different tracks and they are the most fun I've had in years. There are always a wide variety of cars and drivers and we were classed by experience. Each was $200 and included an instructor. I never buy the track insurance, but have seen wrecks at all but 1 of the events attended. One was a Viper that sustained $35k in damages and the owner went to the hospital for 3 days with a...
Light tint rims and tires intake with a plenum spacer
Quote: Originally Posted by bbaquiran Our cat peed on my gym bag. Most of it was untouched except he left a pool of urine on my logbook. That's funny. Someone stole mine at the gym. I set it down for a minute and came back for it- gone. Why would anyone want MY logbook?
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