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I loved Barcelona and Grenada. Madrid was fun in a "big city" sort of way with museums, great places to eat, etc. but I didn't think it was that romantic or pretty. It's an easy place to go as most speak English.
I've been on the "4 Hour Body" diet for 2 weeks with good results. My wife got the book and I thought it would be interesting to try since I'd still be able to eat as much as I wanted of certain foods and lose bodyfat. The gist of it is this- eat as much protein and vegetables as you want. You must cut out all things white such as made with flour, rice, sugar, milk and all fruit for 6/7 days then eat anything you want on the 7th day. You can have no alcohol besides 2...
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles American Psycho Workout 3x10 Murder Small Child in Zoo 1x20 Insert cheese into body of hooker 1x5 Superset: Insert ravenous rats to feast 2x5 Skullfuck decapitated head of aforementioned hooker 1x5 Feed stray cat to ATM 3x10 Murder security guard Cardio interlude: Dance to Huey Lewis and the News for 10 minutes Cooldown: 3x1 Murder colleague with axe Love it.
You may need a cablecard for the DVR to work if it's not from your cable provider.
Valentine One David Sedaris audiobooks
We usually do at least one with and without kids a year. We'd do more short trips without if I wasn't afraid of burning out the grandparents.
Loved Ender's Game and hated Speaker for then Dead. I think most people have one decent book in them, but few have many.
First 2 songs are good.
The best medical article I've ever found on creatine and other supplements- http://pediatrics.aappublications.or...ull/117/3/e577
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