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I'm still waiting for the Otis zombie to stumble onto the farm he lived on.
The S5 is sex on wheels, but get ready to deal with carbon build up.
I use Isopure brand since it contains pure protein, no carbs, sugar.
Check www.cabelas.com
Cancelled mine.
I'd cut out any rice, oats, bread, alcohol, and up the raw veggies- carrots, broccoli, spinach. You'll cut down calories, have lower glycemic index foods instead and feel very full still. Your diet already looks pretty clean. This helped me cut down 10 lbs of fat in 2 months.
I think that guy works out at my gym- annoying as fvck. He's bigger than me, so I just ignore it.Crab lady sounds hilarious. Are you j/k about her?
Loved Cryptonomicon and also his^ Baroque Series. If you want something comical, read almost anything by David Sedaris. Me talk Pretty One Day is my favorite so far.
I'm looking at the E63 as my next car. Crazy power, adjustable suspension, and relatively affordable at $40-50k when 1 year old (used). Seems like a great daily car that I plan to track a few times per year.
Hot wing dip with Tostitos.
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