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Finally saw Limitless. I want some of those pills.
I love my Rockports., It's easy to find pairs that are dressy, more casual, some waterproof, and they come in various colors.
Just finished 1Q84 and started The Paris Wife.
Funny show. Sad part is this is now the mildest show on MTv.
I'll be standing on a balcony drinking and watching the carnage.
I took my kids to see it- pretty decent for a kid's show.
I'm considering building one of these kits once my 2 boys are a little older for a weekend and track car - as much power as you choose and very lightweight.
I have a set of Shure -not sure which ones but they are awesome.
6'2 190lb I'm finally to the size and definition I'm happy with.
I'm still waiting for the Otis zombie to stumble onto the farm he lived on.
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