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Get a good audiobook to break things up.
Looks like an incredible cast.
What he^ said plus Las Ramblas.
Favorite so far. He must have had help in blocking off traffic- ran ?? number of redlights.
The art museums are incredible.
I did laser at age 34 because I had such dense growth that I looked like I had 5 o'clock shadow right after shaving. It will take lots of sessions so the price is pretty good. Buy some good numbing gel, since it feels like someone popping your face repeatedly with a rubber band. The area around your mouth will hurt the most. You will look like you got a bad razor burn for a few days, so plan your socializing and work accordingly. This will decrease as you get...
Wow, that's disappointing. My G35 with 85k miles only costs me about $100-400/year and I use it at the track.
I've never regretted a vacation. Purchases on the other hand...
Yes, anyone can work as much or little as they choose unless you are a salaried employee. Then, you work whatever is agreed upon in your contract. Some of the women I trained with chose to split one full-time, salaried position at a mental health center. They each worked 16 hours a week, had no benefits (use their husbands'), and were paid hourly (around $80-100/hour). Another guy I trained with is now the medical director for three psyc hospitals and probably makes around...
I work 40hr/ week now after stopping all hospital and ER work. I only get called 1-2 times per year since most of the call is done by the doc running the psyc units.Malpractice started at about $900/year for me and goes up about $1k per year (mine is $9k with 11 years of working after residency/fellowship and no lawsuits yet).Most general psyc doc should average $170-200k right out of training and you could add at least $10k for each subspecialty added on. If you do...
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