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Awww...where's your sense of adventure? She sounds a bit kinky. Who knows what sort of interesting things she could've introduced you to?
Watched Micmacs last night- you'll love it if you liked Amelie.
We only watch our own.
I'm glad to see him try something new.
"Wilzig began voice lessons as a teenager, but was discouraged by his father, who wanted his son to have a more successful career. He has a particular love for comic books "” especially Captain Marvel, Superman, and Batman." This explains a lot.
Quote: Originally Posted by TGPlastic College was fucking awesome. I lived like I was a viking having just come ashore. I read some good books and didn't sweat the grades. In my spare time --which was most of the time-- I learned to make pots, appreciate jazz, wine, and cigars. Plus I rowed club crew and became president of the sailing club. And then I came in LAST PLACE in my graduating class! That's right: dead fucking last. Do you know how...
We made a mix in college that tasted great and would knock you on your a$$. Ingredients- Everclear 750ml Sprite -3 two-liters Malibu Rum 750ml Kool aid mix- make a couple of gallons of fruit punch and some green colored flavor for Christmas or just add food coloring to another flavor. We just mixed it all together in a large cooler with ice. Sorry, I think this is the right amount of each and you may need to double or triple it for more people.
I've gotten the flu shot every year (provided free at work) and never gotten it since I was a kid. My entire family got it this year and I was fine. First time I ever knew the shots were working and absolutely worth it.
Quote: Originally Posted by EMY Mine is coming tomorrow. So you have a PS3 and you don't play any games on it? Must be for the kids then. I got it last year to watch Blu-rays on and in anticipation of GT5. It's in my Bedroom and NO KIDS ALLOWED (but me)!
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