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I watched it last night since we are between seasons of most shows. It wasn't nearly as bad as reviewed, but I doubt it will be added to my season pass on Tivo. It really had potential with a good cast, but just got silly at times when trying to be serious.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Bumping this: I'm trying to find some new phones to go with my Sansa Clip. I can't ever seem to get comfortable with phones that go in my ear, even just a little. I just tried two pairs of the Adidas/Sennheiser sport phones and neither of them were comfortable. The hard plastic ear bud that just sat in the ear was very uncomfortable. Any new suggestions for outside the ear phones or something that's extremely...
Responses to antidepressants are completely different for ebery individual trying them. Get off of this forum and actually ask your Dr. any questions you have about it. If he/she can't answer them for you then find another Dr. who can. There are many different ones on the market which have different mechanisms of action. This can allow you to get better w/o problematic side effects. It is trial and error until you find the right one for you.
better place to research is
Yep^. I have a 3 and 6 yo and work with kids= sick about once/month. Nothing severe, just mainly colds.
Awww...where's your sense of adventure? She sounds a bit kinky. Who knows what sort of interesting things she could've introduced you to?
Watched Micmacs last night- you'll love it if you liked Amelie.
We only watch our own.
I'm glad to see him try something new.
"Wilzig began voice lessons as a teenager, but was discouraged by his father, who wanted his son to have a more successful career. He has a particular love for comic books "” especially Captain Marvel, Superman, and Batman." This explains a lot.
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