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He may be Alpha, but he isn't 18 anymore. If he's doing coke, he'll be dead soon at his age- stroke or heart attack. Looks like he's already having some type of trouble.
Anyone know if the S5 and S4's have the same carbon build-up issues as the RS4's?
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube "at home" and "chemical peel" just don't seem like phrases that should be in the same sentence. Sort of like do-it-yourself nuclear power. I know it seems unwise. I've tried prescription retin-A and hydroquinone creams already. If they helped, it is so slow and gradual that I can't really tell a difference. I've ordered a Glycolic acid solution to try out.
Quote: Originally Posted by willpower DermaRoller Have you tried that ^? Seems painful and likely to lead to multiple sites of infection.
I'm considering ordering one of the available online kits to attempt improving my uneven dark places on my face from a youth spent in the sun w/o sunscreen. They don't seem as strong as the dermatologist administered ones, have less of a recovery time and are much cheaper. Anyone try something like this?
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo I tried a pair of Shure once (the $100 ones way back when they first came out). Uncomfortable. They now come with 3 sizes of foam and 3 of silicone interchangable buds. I can only use the foam ones.
Wonderful. Now I have a second horoscope to ignore.
I watched it and felt it had a very slow build, but finished great. I'll keep watching for now.
Picasso Museum plus all from above^. That's my favorite Spanish city. Have fun.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lone Wolf Bill Murray is The Man. Everything I've ever read about him indicates that he does exactly what he wants to do and for the entertainment of only one person - himself. The most recent article I read said that nobody has his phone number. He's got an 800 number for people to leave messages and if he wants to talk to them, he calls them back. What a great way to be able to live your life. There's an outake at the...
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