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Quote: Originally Posted by venessian Law Enforcement High Speed Ground Transportation Units: A Contrast in Styles. Los Angeles, USA Bologna, Italia Sad follow up to that^.
Rich celebs stealing? No sympathy here.
I guess everyone will advise you from what they have been through. I think there are many "true loves" out there for everyone. The hard part is findiing them and not screwing it up once you do. I'm still with the one I started dating at 22. We stayed together on and off in a long distance sense as I finished medical school, got married and couldn't be happier. Many of my friends have really screwed things up for themselves along the way and some are very unhappily...
LED. How far from the screen will seating be?
Quote: Originally Posted by LawrenceMD I carry around an E copy of skeleton crew on my iphone and wife's ipad just in case if i want to read some awesome short stories. kings movies are garbage but he has some good writing and books. Skeleton Crew was the first King book I ever got a hold of. Salem's Lot adapted from Jerusalem's Lot is still about the scariest movie I've ever seen-> many childhood nightmares.
I don't live there, but am nearby and visit regularly. I like the west side of the city (Clayton or Chesterfiled areas). The dining is good, airport is big enough for a good selection of non-stop flights out and I take my car to the nearby Gateway Speedway for trackdays.
wear 2 condoms, pre-sex masturbation, desensetizing creams, alcohol and/ or ugly chicks.
I use the spray and it does seem to shorten the duration and lessen the severity of my colds.
Multiple times a day if I make any eye contact with them (in the South too).
Depending on your daily calorie burn, you are likely a bit high intaking 4k/day. You will gain alot of fat with your muscle gain that you'll need to drop later. I'm about your size and need about 3200-3500k/day for bulking read and follow the directions here-
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