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I'm looking for a 1-2 year old Audi S5 (V8). I also considered many others in the same price range, power, speed and with a back seat. E63 AMG - great raw power, interior is nice, but I don't like the exterior much. Caddy CTS-V- great power, hate the interior, exterior looks too angular for me and the fit/finish and layout way below anything of Europe or Japan. M3= great for the track, but looks too much like other BMW 3 series. Interior was just okay IMO. Lexus ISF-...
I loved Zone One and World War Z. I'll have to check the trilogy. If you like the style of Z, check Robocalypse- it's written like Z but with robots and is being developed into a movie by S. Spielberg.
I disagree^. They live in suburbia. Everyone knows about the affair yesterday. The blonde had likely told her BFF, who told hers and so on until the rest of the neighborhood heard her screaming outside Pete's house. It's not the cheating, it's the indiscretion that ruined things- like Trudy said.
Another great night of Sterling funnies, but who was the 15 yo girl?
Earn your keep or better, don't complain, actually show up and do your work efficiently, don't make more work for those above you and treat all co-workers well.
I'm not reading any sxs of depression besides maybe poor self care. Seems like a large percent of your generation is sort of stuck in an extended adolescence and that sounds more fitting than a mood disorder.
Vail is the nicest looking town, but pretty expensive (my 1st choice), Breck was very crowded the days we spent there and the ski patrol did little to police the idiot kids who were pretty dangerous. My favorite for skiing was Keystone as it was not crowded, closely monitored by ski patrol, but its village was small.
Any experience with AMG?
Best thing I've read all day.I loved the book and am saddened to see it end up like this.
Very cool book. Didn't they have the riot gear earlier??
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