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So was that It for the show? If so, very disappointing end.
cheapest GH3 I see there is $800, but if you can get it and a decent lens for $1200 then I'd go for it. That is a great deal on an awesome camera.
I think the Gh3 is closer to $1700 with a lens. Did you mean the G3? The GH3 or GH4 are great choices especially if looking to shoot video.
I was waiting for Don to tell them to fvck off after all of the conditions. He's been broken.
I saw the first and will record this season. If the next episodes are anywhere near as good, it will be a great season.
I was fat as a 9-15 year old, then was skinny. I'm now more athletic build and much more happy with overall appearance. This is especially so as I'm 43 and at an age where most men I see are totally letting themselves go. Appearance doesn't matter to women nearly as much as it does to men, but it is nice to look relatively better than most men in my town who are near my age. I remember being very upset and self conscious as a kid as people would say cruel things and I...
Finally got my S5. I went with a 2011, 9k miles and CPO to get the V8 and coupe body style. I'm lovin it so far. It has all sorts of nice stereo tech, but I keep it off most of the time to hear the incredible sounds the engine/exhaust make. Pure aural bliss.
Watched World War Z last night. I love the book and although the movie is nothing like it, I still enjoyed the movie.
They make a few lines of car systems - Audi uses them and they sound great.
I'd love RS5 but budget is $40-50k. I need a backseat for 2kids and want to be able to track it 1-2 times a year.
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