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Is that a vintage? I tried the current EdT once and it was rather disappointing in all aspects.
In Seoul using your blinker is a sign of weakness, or a show of too much concern for others. Also, when the sun sets and darkness falls you can be sure one in ten either switches their lights on too late or not at all (1 in 100). #imallforautolightson As is I feel like an alien (being the only one always using blinker, having my lights on rather earlier than too late...)
@Leaves Ok, I give you the benefit of auto-braking e.g. when coming up on the end of a hold-up, and the driver not taking immediate action. Or the radar/infrared thing in a sudden fog or in the dark, avoiding elks or wolves on a Swedish country road. But, I was twice in a situation of sudden wrongly upcoming traffic (aka full frontal) where I'm sure the robot would have attempted a stop with a resulting crash, whereas I made an evasive maneuver and passed safely before the...
^ You were at odds with Black Philip?
All in it seems to say "Take 5". (Having a coffee break as we speak...)
^ Wonder what would happen if someone dared to open a door whilst driving. Auto-self-destruct-mode activation? I do not look forward to one of those self-brakers, lane keepers, auto-parkers. Even the parking sensor, camera crap annoys me. I used to be able to precision parallel park a 5+ meters station waggon into a ~5.80 slot. Not anymore.
Don't have RRL to compare with. Monitaly I would describe as mid-rise. Only have one BigJ which is a slim-straight. Yes, on 1-2 vanity size there. Depends on how you want the fit, slimmer or more relaxed. I tend to the latter nowadays (as I have gained "a pound or two).
They stretch out. And TTS (at start) in this case really means the waistband is as per number, so 34=34, etc.I have a BigJohn offwhite M105D in 33 which works well. A 36 Monitaly is spaceous, a 34 could probably have worked, too, but could also make for a "I'm too old for this sh.." experience.
@GusW Thank you (and all the gents in before) for taking the time! Fully agree with you, despite being very "loose in weave", it will still come across as distinctly classic. Pairing with cords or heavy cottons twill (like Rotas), apart from woolens, will reap more congruent results. Another thought was that I couldn't come up with an occasion where that particular ensemble would make sense. Still like the idea of blue denims with it (during day time), and then the...
One to note, they are straight cut, quite roomy, and give a little (waist, seat), so if you are in between sizes (tts!), you might want to size down to the smaller.
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