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^ Prime example of limited attention span. Glad it's not only me.
With temps currently being in the high 90s, I hear you. Looking much forward to Winter and rigorous bum freezing.
This got me all hibbledyjibbledy after having read up two weeks worth on here. Any news from A?
I had the same feeling on testing which is why I went for Cuir Cannage (totally different, I know) which to my dismay I haven't even opened yet.
^ Your thoughts on Leather Oud? SOTD Bigarade Concentree. Nicely refreshing in the heat.
@HORNS Misty weather - where are you located? Reason I'm asking is that Dior Vetiver can be ordered from Dior's French and GB website but with respective local shipping only.
Always a treat. The one twist to rule them all. "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled..."
Very good, thanks! Staying in Shibuya makes this an easy trip. I suppose this not selling beyond Japan also means she is not really limited by the IFRA regulations.
Cheers! (That's still too advanced for me. )Was more concerned about mine.Yours is from V= 1988 R= Oct as per Raiders.PS: Is the same batch code at the bottom of the bottle? PPS: Magnified pic and seems like it. So either it's authentic or a really well made fake (j/k, highly doubtful someone would bother).
On another note, going to Tokyo for a week. Could use some tips on where to buy parfums (like Yohji's, maybe limited to Japan market only scents, too, and which to "look" at). Same for Japanese makers glasses frames and sun glasses.
New Posts  All Forums: