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I can't believe I missed those, had no clue there was a deal. Looking great, @RogerP. You high-shined them already, haven't you? If you decided to part with them, please shoot me a pm. (seriously) @unipair guy Partly blaming you. I also check the site regularly but never seen them online? I don't suppose you have any UK9 left?
@gdl203 Hello Greg, I cannot access the site via my home wifi anymore for about 4 days now. By now I'm pretty sure your server is blocking my IP address. Could you please have that checked? PS: Only thing I haven't tried yet is re-booting my modem and router. That I shall attempt tomorrow.
I'm in awe. That is infinitely cool.Thanks for sharing!(Yeah, I give you a fee viewings you might have on me.PS: My brush with fame, I once shared an elevator with Goldie Hawn. We smiled and said Hi to each other. Came to pass in a 4S in Cairo...)
Can't speak about Panax, but the Lothiers are a narrow fit (US C, I would say) compared to Malkos (fit like D = standard), esp. ball/toe box area.
@thefoxtooth You haven't seen 'To Catch A Thief' but you dug out a Vertigo gif. Some redemption, after all. Love your fits, btw. Always a welcome distraction.
They didn't make the PL? Sincere comiserations to Sir Cleav. I know he had high hopes.
Thanks, Steel. Somehow sneaked herself in there. Thanks, TD. Actually those are the off-white slim straight denims. Big fan of the coarse, slubby weave. Wear these all year round.
Full NMWA gear today, GRP, BigJohn, Farnese, Butteros. (Had a great local dinner near Seoul Tower just then.) PS: Location shot with diner menu.
Is there a chance that 74945 last fits someone with a low instep? And would a narrow width order be possible as part of a EB GMTO?
Different note, embrace it!I feel so much better already. [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: