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50 Formosa, 20" chest, 19" shoulders, have long arms, can wear the V (bit narrow in shoulder) but prefer the VI for more comfortable, leisure fit. As said before, the material is "unforgiving" insofar as it clings to the body's every shape.Cold v warm, good question, I would say an Inglese linen wears cooler, the GRP knit is airy but also warmer as such.
@MoosicPa Cool boot monks! Great catch.
If you are a 52L, one is on its way back. It didn't work for me, alas.
Reliving the Red Wedding, one of the best chapters in the whole book series. The way it was written matter-of-factly, one "seeing" the train wreck coming, was blood-curdling. I get goosebumps whenever I remember that part. That's why, I want to see some Frey blood spilled, lots of it! No sign of them whatsoever in the show, though, non-existent.
Agreed. After all the hype an end like Boromir's, now that would have been a proper way to go. This "Help meee" is almost as pathetic as Luke's "NOOOooooo..."
How about 'Team Everything'?
I lol'ed. 😁
Literally "pays off" when one reads all the way through to the end. I have the attention span of a five year old. What isn't said in an email (e.g.) in the first two lines is not worth reading. Or so... normally.(edit: my email exchanges with nmwa are clearly exceptions. so are awesome mto posts...)@Greg, clearly a shortfall of the mobile SF version, no signatures. But thanks!To add to Unbels question prior, would it be possible to place orders for fabrics only?
Ehm, what 'extra discount'?
@PatrickR It's gonna get hot here pretty soon but I don't mind waiting for fall. You got an XXL, I suppose? Btw, the OS Lambeth is lovely, isn't it.
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