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Might be wrong but feel you are still not in the same boat.Question as I understand: Could GG for RL be sized American, where a US D would be the equal of a UK E = normal width and size would be stated .5 up, UK9 -> US9.5. Would make sense to me, RL being American.
Merci beaucoup, kind Sir.
Good stuff, Kyle. Do you maybe remember me and that little small pending query plus all the stuff you still "owe" me? That would be great.
I guess that depends on where you put it (around). Each to their own.
I would literally swim in those. Narrow, low instep (aka flat foot syndrom) and just a UK9. Cool find!
It's either the angle or those are for some high volume paws. Yours?
Lol. One would think they realised that by now and made adjustments to accomodate for the shrinkage. Good thinking, though. I think my Rota count is at 10+. But thanks anyway.
I almost bought those but then went peccary. Didn't realise the taps were magnetic.
Would you have a fit pic, by any chance? Really curious to see how they look worn outside the lookbook.Same here, one size up for Cotton Rotas. Still weird that they have different measurements at Rota for Wool/Linen vs Cotton models.
If that really is yours, then Kudos to you. As for JS shoes, they cannot sell them in Indonesia as they import the leathers from outside and if marketed locally very heavy duties would be charged. So their model is export only with exception of outlet selling. I only made it to Bandung once, before I new about them, didn't really like it there, so never made it back.(Sorry again @Claghorn)Have you ever tried to import leather goods above ~1m Rupiah? 40% luxury tax on top...
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