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Thank you very much. I can wholeheartedly repay the compliment. It has been a very joyful, pleasant and relaxing experience and I shall visit again shortly. Also helps that my wife's and my current favourite eatery is very close by. If you haven't yet, I'd suggest to pay the Melting Shop a visit. We ate until we were close to bursting at the seams.
Those are pretty, for sure. Shannon is on the list for the future. When I tried the black ones, it looked like I ideally take them (82 last) in D width. Which is funny as the 202 Alderleys fit me quite well in E, whereas general consensus seems to be that the 202 fits roomier than the 82. Ok, there is some room left for thick socks, which I like for the casual boots and purpose. In essence, does it makes sense if for me both could well be in D width, meaning there is no...
It's officially called picnic attack here. "What have you been doing? Not reading about it?" (phrase taken from a stupid Larry King commercial)
Lol. As for going no cuffs, did they make the trews look too "busy" (lack of better term) given the high visual interest provided by the donegal weave?
I don't know what I would do without this thread. Watching re-runs of Oprah probably...
I have seen the photographer at work. Funny enough, in a shop full of gents, she is the only lady. Not full-time though, I'd guess.
Bumped for #amazeball -ness.I should know, I bought a pair. Many sizes still available! Why is a bit beyond me.
Good reason. Lol. Your favourite SC, isn't it.Courious to see the result of your Eidos winner MTO (IIRC).
You're so pretty, Murls. Wonder why you cut off the face this time. Background lacking?
SkoAB should just pay you to do the outdoor shots. They look lovely. Wear in good health.
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