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I could use a lay-away...
^ Look at them sox. Lol. (Happens to the best if not all of us.) As for, I see what you mean with poofy. How does the 48 fold when sitting down? If those behave better, with a more reasonable fold, they might be the better choice. I dunno...
@HORNS Thank you for the reminder! I have been meaning to get the discovery set, now done.
I suspect this is an indirect reply to my queries. One, not two up from TTS, for slim fit and mostly worn unzipped. Makes sense?
Need some help in how to size a cafe racer with minimal thin lining and only having chest measurement to go with (can't try IRL). I have two options, like a 2nd skin with about 2" between own and jacket's chest (1" for half measurement across), or is that too close and option B) 2" (then 2" space for half msmt.) were better? With a rigid canvas bomber the latter is definitely better for me. With a cafe racer leather I have the gut feeling it's the former? How do you size...
Big Q, also in view of lack of any meaningful experience, how would one size a cafe racer? Like a 2nd skin with maybe 2" between own and jacket's chest, or is that too close and 2" (then 4" extra all around) were better? With an Oliver Spencer canvas bomber the latter is definitely better, with a cafe leather I have the gut feeling it's the former?
I only realised recently that you don't refer to current Tam Dao. Is it much different? And how about Philosykos? Are the early editions worthwhile hunting?
^ HARHAR. 😉 (And I won't be the one saying it out aloud...)
.Called 'PP acceptable usage policy'.Would link but I get the Korean version when on my mobile.PS: Found. https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/ua/acceptableuse-fullFunny enough, 'spirits/alcohol' vanished in there. Was stated right after 'cigarettes/tobacco'.PPS: Now wonder if there are differences country to country?
^ The unexpected part (to me then) of the small print is that pp actually doesn't appreciate business around any spirits and tobacco. Cuba must have been the icing on the cake, but also probably the main trigger.
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