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^ Certainly interesting read on your experience. Sprayed on Dior Homme Intense while shopping at the mall. That one has some projective sillage... It's summery warm here by now. I think this one is better suited for snowy winters warming up in front of an open fire place. Not bad, not sure it's a buy, though.
That's my next FB buy. Fully agree.
SOTE - Vintage Bandit (splash bottle, quite possibly from the 80s) That's what I imagine Marcello Mastroianni must have smelled like in La Dolce Vita, after a full barber treatment, before smoking again. I read he was quite the chain smoker and kind of embarrassed of his yellowed fingers. Bandit is not just cold smoke but warmer and more subtle with musky organic (civet and oakmoss) undertones. There is nothing synthetic about it. Rather quite a pleasant "mature" man's...
If you know both legs are equal, one is fine. Like DLJr, one of mine is shorter, as they usually measure the longer, I just say the other one x shorter. Really no use wasting time... (Next I will have the heels of the shorter leg raised a bit. Why? Hip issues unavoidable otherwise.)
^^ Don't confuse me. I finished the books 3 years ago (damn you grrm). Red fox is the sexed up, regularly open air hottie. And I don't care about her bed time routine in that regard. PS: But got it now. It's a close race between the Ms.
SOTN Chanel Bleu pH. Sorry, a vile concoction that tries too hard. Opening like chemical sweetish fruity, citrussy (?) milk going sour. Definitely not a fan.
^ you got the right of having gotten it right, of course. Crooked mouth is no match to the red fox.
As a newbie and current owner of 20+ 0.x ml pretty much useless (at least to me) dab samples, I can only wholeheartedly second this. If the intended application is spray, an atomizer sample is essential.
Cheers for that! Then I should by all means be fine with my 1 for the navy. I measured 58cm and based on your FB guess the 2 could be too loose and fall too low on me (over the ears, not a good look). Also suspecting there might be a little give in the material.
I take it size 1 is too small for you? May I ask what's your head's circumference measurement? (asking as I have one on the way, too, and took the recommended size, fully expect it to work, though.)
New Posts  All Forums: