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^ Measure your best fitting stuff and compare with the sizing charts. Easy.
I'm waiting for a major reveal for those, like the 100,000th anniversary pair, coming with a special surprise.
Random rant, I need more denims like a hole in my head and then they came up with the organic brown and organic hemp mix charcoal... (all mine measure within the 0.5" tolerance. no complaints.)
^ Inglese and Rota. (We are so predictable...)
Hot damn! Could you possibly re-shoot this hereor here?
Playing with the nap. Not sure about the pants - chucks comb. F/w will be better in that regard. Olive O. Spencers and brown Rotas spring to mind.
Cheers. They are very comfortable indeed.
Jumped right to the top of favourite shoes. The suede is something else, almost feels alive. Edit: one more from the side.
I have a pair of UK8.5Es waiting for me at home. If those don't work, I might be in for a different size/width.
Might just have missed the word 'only' in there, and it becomes a positive statement for ITL craftsmanship?
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