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What does your bottle/packaging of Bandit look like? Mine is a splash bottle in a yellow two part slip case (a la Dior Privee). As for the scent and breast, that is a pretty far out association there. Like a Marlene Dietrich on testosterone treatment kind of connection. Smoky leather, the black kinky affair. Wonder what kind of experience spraying results in.
Takes three to play that game.LIDGE (aka L'Instant de Guerlain Extreme).Wonder if it's smells like plastic, grass, blood, tears, hot air and footballers' sweat.
Good for you! Also hoping I can join in soon, remotely from Honolulu...
Not an expert, really just guessing from the intro on BN.
Cheers. The use of 'Yamamoto' probably indicates the current edition. Or not using 'vintage', whatever.
That sounds promising. I have this on my trial list. Is your review for the current (2012+) or original (pre P&G) edition?
@Kyle - Holding the fort while Greg is frolicking in Firenze?
This one's easy, get a Merc or Audi or something Japanese.Maybe the car had a smart function, smelled it/you and thought you won't be driving me...And rightfully so.Could be wrong but I'm pretty sure it's 'impressed with sth'.
Moisturizing and refreshing are a conundrum IME. If you really need the former try Neutrogena Moisturizing Body Wash (white bottle, milky liquid).
You have black (not blue) suede shoes?
New Posts  All Forums: