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And then she smells the inside of his shoes. Lol.The innocence of it all.Same in K-Town, after an unprotected (i.e. jackets, coats, etc, not stored in huge garbage sacks) KBBQ one feels like inventing the one-use-suiting.
One suit wardrobe? Would be enviable.
^^ Bottas gaining and then holding back sounds like (pre-race, maybe general) team order. Sth. like "you don't race your team buddie, but if you do it's "you break it, you pay it". And of course he wouldn't want to get on Hamil's bad side right from the start of the season. Then there is the likelihood of a clear #1/#2 ranking, and if it had been in reverse, Bottas might have had to give way... Shame Rosberg wasn't in that car in that race. Would have been fun, no doubt.
Oftentimes not seeing sth. is bliss.
Cheers! In more than one sense. "whisky-waxed-canvas" - lol.
Deets on cap, please.
Vettel putting in some fast ones and stretching the lead to 8 secs. At the same time Bottas closing in on Hamilton, who just got told to "stretch it out" = back to one-stop-strategy. This won't win him the race either way, possibly losing 2nd as well.
Vettel on course to win?
I wouldn't be too concerned.This is a VI from 2016, in various "stages". (I wear a 41 Inglese for a perfect, not bulky fit.)The material has a lot of stretch and bounce to it, is very soft.In essence, and Greg said something similar only a few days ago, between the fabric and the person taking the measurement, you'll never get the same result twice. And even at widest below, I didn't pull with any force, could have gone a lot further without effort.
Like the PS there. As the jacket is quite muted, the PS adds some life to the fit.
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