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@unbelragazzo Cheers for that, David! Both very helpful.
Thinking the same for the camel. How did you size (say in comparison to Rotas) and how is it working out?
Think we about the same size then (52 in Eidos jackets, 50 for FJs), and I took the SB with liner in XL. This on the back of intended use as layer over jacket/suit w/o liner or casually sweater with liner. XL also on account of shoulder measurement. Moscow I would have taken in L max.But, it's still on the way so can't share experience yet.
^ Funny enough, I share her dislike for POAL, much prefer MR, VE and OB. But my POAL experience is limited to hot weather wear, when it was just too cloying and sickeningly sweet to me.
Ditto! Congrats on the new job.
I have no direct experience but have heard that where I live at present the ladies actually rather "add more to it"...To display fertility and attractiveness, or something like that.If I say 'horses for courses' to that, don't take it the wrong way.(so much pun, wow...)
A can of worms. Nah, not really. But I bought some Martini Dry and Monkey 47. Lost an arm and a leg in the process.
@gdl203 Hello Greg, two Qs if I may. Rota size 50, Formosa 52 - which Camo pants size, 54? Four inches of stretch is probably too much to ask, right? This one was probably asked before, looking at Formosa jackets, the newer ones have narrower shoulder measurements. Just a matter of different person - different result,or real change in pattern? Cheers!
Good idea! Let's and to kick it off, 2nd half this or week after next are good.
Cheers! And ouch, that is pricey and almost worthy a postal order attempt. Ever done? I once had 4 liters of Apple Cider Vinegar shipped from US w/o a blip. Not quite the same, I guess...And yup, alive and kicking in Gangnam East Side.
New Posts  All Forums: