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I just moved countries. I guess I will never get "my" or any postcard... (sniff) But then Santa already dropped a great gift for me. Thanks a lot, kind gents at nmwa.
Anyone here having a Gray Anthony who could post a fit pic? Having a hard time sizing it, and I do have the measurements. Judging by them, I would be an M for chest and an L for sleeve length, unless the sleeves have some stretch in them when worn over a shirt, and don't pull up too much.
To this I just say: HA!(Me being the lucky one with the only NMWA in 50. Thanks again for the help, Greg and David.)
This one is from Jakarta to Seoul and a cbm is about $180 for origin (dismanteling/packing) and destination (unpacking/mounting) charges. Don't know the container cost as the company pays. Only know the others as I have to pay some myself.
It becomes worse when you know that there is 85% of my wardrobe plus the whole household in that 40ft container. I "saved" some Rotas, Inglese, Heschungs, AS, a Fox Flannel, but most is stuck in there. Fully insured, thankfully. But just imagine a years worth of kopping lost at sea. Shiver ...
Sorry, Murls, will have to wait a bit. Mine is in a container waiting to be shipped to Seoul next week, ETA mid December.
Thank you, Greg.Typical attention span of your average adult professional here. 5 lines max. Everything else is a luxury.
PS: Meaning tomorrow morning here. And I'm 11 hours ahead of you.
@gdl203 @conceptual 4est Gents, could you please urgently pm or email me your return address? Can't find on the site and need to send tomorrow.
^ Don't want to burst a bubble, from the pics it looks too trim on you in chest and waist. Are you wearing anything substantial underneath in those pics? If so it might still be fine, otherwise I'd try one size up, which might throw off shoulders and length.
New Posts  All Forums: