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@gdl203 @conceptual 4est Gents, could you please check the whereabouts of my Merino coat? Got shipping confirmation on 5 Sep but it still hasn't arrived yet at "the other end"! Starting to get a bit nervous there. Merci beaucoup.
Robert Taylor inside a buffalo. Would need to check Imdb for title. And then of course Han Solo who put Luke S into one of those oversized fluffy cangaroos in TESB.
PS: If anyone here managed to buy a pair of EG Inverness UK9 in burgundy from EoM within the last say ~8 months, please let me know!
Count me in. Looks pretty cool that thing.
Haha. I noticed what you did there.
Depending on what size you need, why not this one? I'm 50 in Formosa, 52 Camoshita, and I would take this one in 54, if I wanted to wear heavy knits or a jacket underneath.I have 2 LBMs, sizing 1-2 sizes up is my experience.To all looking for coats, there are quite a few LBMs left, mostly 54/56, for a pittance. Don't let that stop you. Camel DB anyone?
Short update. Placed an order during the Sep/Oct sale last year, shortly before the EG - EoM relationship turned sour. Was in contact with Mark regularly, and because EG had not declined or refused the order, we decided to wait... In August this year we pulled the plug and I got my money back, within a day, no issues, no worries, whatsoever. Just a shame I did not get my Inverness at that great price.
You are way too polite. A simple 'Eff Off' should suffice.
And 'Winter IS coming!'Valar dohaeris.
Same here. (Blond and pale, any beige/tan/light brown shades on top look drab on me, make me look washed out.)And that's why I posted the heads-up for you.
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