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That sounds like a mis-size to me and agree with Murl, that should be a 52*. (*I suppose you mean you ordered a 48 as Eidos has EU sizing?)
This has me very worried. I have an NMWA MTO FJ on the way in 52L (188, 79k, chest 102). As I remember you are 191. Have I oversized by one or two sizes?
^ That certainly complicates matters. My wife is very thankful about the geographical distance to the inlaws (exception my dad) as well as own. 'Bit sad, I know. ("wee bairn", old English, are we?) PS: In other news, living high up in Itaewon-dong does wonders to my glutei maximi.
Lol. Just so, your parents are in Korea (Seoul?), you are in Washington, how do your parents harass your wife? Telcos, webcos, skype? Just switch it off, no?
^ Agreed. The caps look like coated with butter.
+1000Fully with you. And your sensible suggestion made me think I might have a tailor fit some little leather patches there.
 Check out the current sales prices, you might need to click on the respective trews to see these, some are below $300 right now.(here's to hoping this is not inadvertently adding someone to the already too busy size 50 bracket...)PS: For unfinished items (hems, sleeves, buttonholes) there is a tailoring credit, not always mentioned and mostly only visible at check-out. Trews $40, SCs $100, Suits $140, all deducted at check-out.
Have you done the full math on the Rotas, i.e. -10% / -$40 (tailoring credit)? Incredible VFM. Even more so on sale.
That's almost a jinx. About half a day before all this I was thinking I'm low on whites and bought the last white twill in 16 (Kyle is my witness), still 2 or 3 blue twills in stock then. Now all gone.Without checking I would bet there are max a handful of 16s left, and most of them pink.
And +1 for the rhubarb-crème dessert tie. Very nice. The SC is your beloved Hopsack Formosa, ain't it?
New Posts  All Forums: